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One of the reasons I moved to the Midwest was to have the chance to explore. I grew up on Long Island in New York. It would take two hours to get to the next state. When I began coming to the Midwest frequently as a tennis writer, I just loved the idea of living someplace where you could visit a half dozen states within a few hours. I’ve been exploring those states and more since I moved to Central Illinois.

My father believed travel was a necessity and one of the things we frequently did when I was a kid was cross-country trips by car. I drove through and made stops in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas on the way to California, and visited North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan on the way back.

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In my years as a tennis journalist, I traveled all over the country, but when I settled into the Midwest I became a full time travel writer. I ran College And Junior Tennis Magazine online and in print, and wrote about tennis for USTA Magazine, SMASH, Tennis Recruiting, Tennis Magazine,, Inside Tennis, and Tennis Week

I started writing about travel in 2008 and my work has been in many on and offline publications, including The Daily Meal, Yahoo!, Girls Getaway, Travel Hoppers, EHow, USA Today, and Michigan Avenue, Los Angeles Confidential, Gotham, Air Tran, and Midwest Living Magazines. I have also been on the air since 2014 as the Travel Expert for CI Living, a lifestyle program on the CBS affiliate in Central Illinois. 


 I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Long Island University, CW Post. 
While in college, I worked for the Pioneer, as a features writer, features editor, and then as the managing editor. I also covered entertainment for the now defunct New York's Nightlife Magazine, where I was able to interview musical stars such as the Beach Boys and Pat Benatar. 

Marcia Frost

The Midwest offers an array of experiences, from five star hotels in big cities to camping grounds next to waterfalls. Wineries and brewery trails are as popular as hiking trails, and you’ll never run out of great places to live in the Midwest. This is why I fell in love with the area and put down roots here. I find endless things to write about in this region. 

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