March in Las Vegas: Weather in Las Vegas

Average Temperatures in Las Vegas During March

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Las Vegas wakes up from its winter doldrums as the sun rises on March. The temperatures start rising during the day and before you know it the pools are dotted with those people who have been dying to put on a swimsuit. You'll see plenty of people in town for the huge March Madness parties as the NCAA Basketball tournament will dominate the menus of most of the casual bars and restaurants. March in Las Vegas is perfect for day time walks under the bright sunshine but be aware that it does get cool during the evenings.

Late march brings spring break to Las Vegas so you might see a lot of young people in the pools pretending not to be cold. The sun feels warm but the air is still crisp in March so in essence it is the perfect time to work on your tan but not your breast stroke. 

March is the perfect time to visit Las Vegas. It really does not get much better than spring in Las Vegas.

Average Temperatures in March in Las Vegas

  • Average High Temperature in March in Las Vegas: 69 F. (20.5)
  • Average Low Temperature in March in Las Vegas: 44 (6.6)
  • Average Rainfall in March in Las Vegas: .42”
  • Average Humidity in March in Las Vegas: 22%

Walking Weather in March in Las Vegas?

Spring is all about the bright sunshine and the crisp air on the Las Vegas strip. Go ahead, put in about 3 miles up and down the strip and then have a fabulous lunch at a spot like Spago, Enoteca Otto or Mon Ami Gabi where you can people watch and have a few drinks. Dinner on the patio at LAGO Las Vegas or beside the water at Costa Di Mare at Bellagio is perfect this time of the year.

Pool Season in March in Las Vegas?
Do you feel it in the air? That is pool season about to begin and March is the time when the pools start dusting off the lounge chairs and the hot bods start hitting the gym in order to shed some clothing. Late March is when the pools start opening and the temps are a little better for pool sitting. You might need a little more alcohol by the pool in March just to keep you warm when the winds pick up. Work on your color because by the end pf the month pool season will be at full throttle.

Golf Conditions in March in Las Vegas?
Oh yeah, this is when you live for golf. Twilight at a Las Vegas golf course in March is my idea of bliss. Golf in Las Vegas is better than being a kid in a candy store.  These days if you don't want to spend the entire day on the golf course you can go to TopGolf Las Vegas and still hit a few balls in the nice weather.

Do you need real time weather? Check this list of resources for Las Vegas weather right at this moment.

Perfect attractions in March in Las Vegas:
Walking along the Las Vegas strip in the middle of the day. See all of it without being too cold or too hot. Golf is always a good as is an outdoor lunch at The Park Las Vegas.

Possible day trips in March in Las Vegas: Stay in town, the weather is just right to do almost anything you want. Why leave?

Something you should know about March in Las Vegas:
March Madness brings in a ton of people and then Spring Break packs them in a bit more.

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