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  • Ohio University

  • Marah Eakin has worked in entertainment media for over 12 years. She lives in Pasadena, California with her husband and rowdy twin toddlers.
  • Marah spent over a decade on staff at The A.V. Club before branching out into the freelance world, writing for publications like Vulture, The Ringer, Input, Uproxx, Kindling, USA Today, and Parents.
  • Marah is well-versed in everything from children's literature to The Price Is Right. She's also an avid traveler, both with kids and without. 


A longtime journalist and media denizen, Marah has been active in the journalism space for about a decade. She spent over a decade with The A.V. Club and has written for publications like Vulture, The Strategist, The Ringer, Input, Uproxx, LitHub, Kindling, USA Today, The Playlist, Parents, and VinePair. She loves food, drink, and travel, and has been all over the world with her husband. She's a consummate bargain traveler, meaning she'll always hope on a $200 airfare to Eastern Europe, just because she's never been there before.

Prior to her journalism life, Marah was a publicist for record labels and artists. 

Marah is a one-time Jeopardy! champion and is a proud member of both the Critics Choice Association and the L.A. Press Club.


Marah holds a Bachelor of Science in magazine journalism from Ohio University, as well as a master's degree in cultural studies in education, with a focus on children's media.

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