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Greece - A Basic Map of Greece

Map Of Greece
Lonely Planet/Getty Images

When traveling by car in Greece, a good rule of thumb in gauging map distances is to calculate that you'll be traveling about 35 miles per hour on average. The exception is when you are traveling on the major highways in Greece, such as the National Road between Athens and Thessaloniki, and the National Road along the north coast of the island of Crete. On those roads, you will probably be able to average 50 miles per hour.

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Blank Outline Map of Greece

This basic map of Greece allows you to add only what you need. Students will find this outline map of Greece handy for school projects and reports.

When using this map, be aware that it only shows Greece. Based on maps like these, some people believe that Greece itself is an island, but this is not the case. Although not shown on this outline map, Greece is attached to the European mainland all along its northern border with Albania and F.Y.R.O.M (the acronym for "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", which is at the heart of an ongoing name dispute with Greece, as Greece believes that only Greece should be able to use the name "Macedonia", the homeland of Alexander the Great and his father, Philip of Macedon).

Here are many more Old Maps of Greece showing Greece and the Greek islands. You can also buy maps of Greece online. Compare airfares to Greece here: Find Greek Airfares