Explore Australia Like an Expert With These Travel Maps

Woman Looking at a Map of Australia

Ingetje Tadros/Getty Images

Whenever you head to a new destination, one of the first things to do is pick up a good guidebook and spend time reviewing maps of the country. Maps also make terrific travel souvenirs.

You can find maps of the continent of Australia or more detailed maps of the territories (New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Australian Capital Territory (ACT)) as well as major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Canberra).​

Maps of Australia for Navigation

Getting around Australia is simple but time-consuming.

Road trips are easy, as everyone speaks English, signs are in English, and the roads aren't too busy once you leave the cities. Driving in Australia is a challenge at first since the wheel and your lane are on the "wrong" side of the road. On the other hand, if you're a backpacking student driver, you'll find you're actually welcomed.

For navigating Australia, the Google Maps app and a local SIM card are all you really need. You can cache the entire map of Australia to use offline for when you don't have a signal, and navigation will still work when you're out of range. 

Australia Maps in Guidebooks

If you love to plan your trip using maps and a guidebook, the following ones are some of the best for planning a trip to Australia: 

  • Fodor's Essential Australia (2016): This guidebook has several dozen maps of the country and city, which is super-helpful for planning your trip route, and it's one of the more detailed guides available, too. It's full-color, so you can actually see what the destinations look like while deciding whether you want to visit. The only downside is that the maps don't properly render when using a Kindle, so this is best as a hard copy. 
  • Lonely Planet Australia (2015): Lonely Planet's Australia guidebook comes with a whopping 190 maps, including a pull-out map of Sydney, which makes it a great option if you're keen to start poring over a potential route. The maps do render correctly on Kindle with this guidebook, but they're still tough to see and use when viewing them on a screen, so we do recommend the paperback version of this as well.

Decorative Maps of Australia 

  • Watercolor Map of Australia: This 8x10 watercolor map of Australia is vibrant, clean, and would look great in a modern apartment. 
  • Turquoise Watercolor Map of Australia: This landscape map of Australia is blue and green and painted in a watercolor style. It would look fantastic with a black frame as illustrated in the photo. 
  • Text Map of Australia: Of all the decorative maps of Australia, this one is bold, bright, and offers an unusual take on a traditional map. The map is made up of text and displays the name of every state in the country. 

Edited and updated by Lauren Juliff