Map of Phoenix Area (Maricopa County)

Get an idea of where to stay in the Valley of the Sun

25 Cities and Towns in Maricopa County
Judy Hedding

Are you planning a trip to the Phoenix area and need a place to stay? Then check out this map of Maricopa County, Arizona, which shows the location of most of the cities and towns comprising Greater Phoenix. Although the U.S. Census defines Greater Phoenix (also nicknamed Valley of the Sun) as including Pinal County, when most people refer to "the Phoenix area," they usually mean the cities and towns that are adjacent in Maricopa County, the most populous county in the state.

The purpose of this map is to simply provide visual assistance when you are looking for a hotel or motel in the Greater Phoenix area. So, for instance, if you are visiting relatives in Surprise in the northwest part of town, you'll note by looking at the map that staying in Chandler in the southeast part of town might not be the most convenient choice. (Note: The boundaries on this map are not precise and this map is not drawn to scale.) For assistance with determining distances between various cities and towns, check the tables of driving times and distances for the Phoenix area.


Hotels and Resorts in Greater Phoenix

Now that you have an idea of what part of town would be the best place for your stay, check out these lists of recommended hotels and resorts. You'll find motels, hotels, and luxury accommodations near the light rail, airport, stadiums, convention center, Arizona State University, museums, resorts, and more areas of interest in the Greater Phoenix area.

But Where's Sun City? 

What? You say you want to know why the map doesn't include places such as Sun City or Ahwatukee? That's because they are neither cities nor towns. A community that doesn't appear on the map might be a county island, an urban village, or even a master-planned community. It may indeed have a significant population or geographical area, but it is not incorporated into a city or town at this time.

How to View the Map

To get a closer look at the map, simply zoom in on your web browser. If you are using a PC, the keyboard command is "Ctrl +" (the Ctrl key and the plus sign). On a Mac, it's "Command+."