Map of the Best of Baden Wurttemberg

baden-wurttemberg Map
Baden-Wurttemberg Map showing the locations of interesting travel destinations in southwest Germany. James Martin, Europe Travel

Baden Wurttemberg is the German State occupying the southwest corner of Germany. As you can see from the map, Baden Wurttemberg borders on the Alsace region of France, Switzerland, Austria, and the German states of Hessen and Bavaria.

Best Cities to Visit in Baden-Wurttemberg

Heidelberg is a university town with a romantic castle on a hill where you'll find a pharmacy museum and the world's largest wine barrel, plus a cafe where you can grab a beer or a bite to eat. The university dates from 1712 and has a Student's prison. There's also some find shopping along the Hauptstraߥ. (Pictures of Heidelberg)

Heilbron and Schwabisch Hall are stops along Germany's Castle Road as it passes through Baden-Wurttemberg.

Rothenburg is just outside Baden-Wurttemberg in Bavaria, but is included because it's one of Germany's most enchanting medieval villages when it's not overrun by tourists.

Karlsruhe, the "gateway to the Black Forest" to the south is an interesting city to visit. The train station is a hub for transportation in the area. See the Palace (Schloss Karlsruhe) and the interesting open air zoo.

Baden-Baden is a place to relax and take the waters in a spa of your choice. Even if you don't choose the spa option, it's a nice town to relax in with its many restaurants and service oriented hotels. (If you don't know what the spa experience is like, see: Caracalla Terme: What to Expect at the Baths.

Stuttgart was the residence of the counts of Wurttemberg in the 15th century, but rapid modernization after WWI and restoration after WWII made it a technological and economic giant in Germany. Stuttgart now offers the famous Porsche and Mercedes-Benz museums, more spas, art galleries and cafes.

Ulm is a town on the left bank of the Danube river, where the rivers Blau and Iller join it. It was settled in the early Neolithic and the town was first mentioned in documents dating to 854, so Ulm has a long history. Ulm Minster has the world's highest church steeple, the town hall was built in 1370 and has an astronomical clock dating from 1520, and the fisherman's quarter on the River Blau features lots of picturesque eye candy for the tourist.

Freiburg is a wine town in the Black Forest, founded in 1120. It's full name is Freiburg im Breisgau. "Old Synagogue Square" is one of the more important squares; there was a Synagogue here until it was destroyed in 1938's Night of the Broken Glass. the Münsterplatz is the city's biggest square, and there's a huge farmers market daily here except Sundays.

Lake Constance and the cities that surround it offer a fine vacation land full of surprises. The walled village of Wangen (see: Wangen Pictures) makes an interesting place to explore a bit away from the lake, as does exploring the towers of pleasant Ravensburg.