Mamma Mia the Sequel

Will there be a "Mamma Mia 2"?

Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia the Movie
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With Mamma Mia the Movie breaking box-office records and even beating out sales of the Titanic DVD, it's not surprising that the producers are already thinking of a sequel. And Meryl Streep has already expressed the idea that she wouldn't mind returning in a "Grand Mamma Mia".

But Benny Andersson denies that he's already working on a sequel to "Mamma Mia the Movie" - though he's not closing the door on it, either.

While nothing is final yet, there's one thing about which everyone agrees. There are plenty of ABBA songs left to fuel a second installment... and limitless directions for the plot.

The end of Mamma Mia the Movie left its characters divided in half - some staying in Greece, others supposedly returning "home", some embarking on a world-wide journey, some married and some still at least technically free, providing for plenty of material to back up songs of heartbreak, reconciliation, joy, love, and, if they want it to take a more serious turn, even politics. (Will they "hear the guns" up close?)

At this point, much about the Mamma Mia sequel is speculation, but with the original Mamma Mia the Movie! grossing over half a billion dollars worldwide, excluding DVD sales, if they truly subscribe to the philosophy that the "Winner Takes It All", they'd be foolish not to produce a sequel.

In February 2010, cast members Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Dominic Cooper and various production execs, at various times, seemed to indicate that another movie is in the works, but Pierce Brosnan has publicly doubted it. Benny Andersson has at times indicated he would prefer that there is not a sequel... but those rights appear to have been included in the deal for the first movie. Does his attitude reflect reality or contract re-negotiations?

But fans are still hoping - and the film grossed over half a billion dollars.

Speculation and Updates on a Mamma Mia Sequel

In January 2012, movie industry mag "Variety" in an article "Every Tuner's a Miracle" on the difficulties facing movie musicals pointedly reminded readers that Universal has the rights to a Mamma Mia sequel, which grossed over 600 million dollars worldwide. A story in Broadway World seems to say that Mamma Mia 2 is at least "in development" now.

Since Mamma Mia director Phyllida Lloyd is enjoying another success directing Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady", we might be edging closer to that sequel to Mamma Mia once again. And Amanda Seyfriend would be ready for the vocals if her character were included - she's tuning up for her just-announced role in the big-budget musical "Les Miserables".

But it is true that a "sequel" is in the works for the Broadway musical version of Mamma Mia! - which could be a good stimulus for a sequel to the movie as well. The movie itself was based on the play - which is still running around the world.

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