Malaysia Airlines' New Flight Pass Will Let You See More of Asia for Less

Extend your trip and visit several countries without breaking the bank

Ho Chi Minh

Mongkol Chuewong / Getty Images

Thinking of finally making that bucket list Asia trip happen this year? Thanks to Malaysia Airlines, it may be the perfect opportunity to extend that dream trip and see more than just one country—without breaking the bank.

The airline just announced the launch of its first flight pass, named the MHflypass, allowing passengers to fly to multiple cities within Asia at an average price of just $110 a trip. The pass will enable you to book up to three round trips, or six one-way flights, at a set price. Three levels of passes are available, the most basic of which starts at $337 for three round trips or six one-way flights.

Eligible flights on the two lower-level plans fly out of Kuala Lumpur. The highest level pass, clocking in at $607, allows travelers to fly out of a more comprehensive selection of destinations, including Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, Phuket, Jakarta, and Singapore. The eligible destinations vary with each pass level, with smaller cities only available on the highest level pass.

The pass also grants travelers priority services like baggage allowance, snacks and drinks on board, and access to several airport lounges—including some top-quality options in Changi Airport—as part of the airline's membership in the Oneworld Alliance.

The announcement arrives shortly after the announcement of AirAsia's flight pass earlier this year. The SUPER+ Pass, available to purchase until April, grants unlimited domestic and international flights beginning at $150. Flights on AirAsia, a budget airline, do not include baggage allowance, food, beverages, or lounges.

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