How to Get from Malaga (and Granada) to Almeria

Which is the better city to travel from

Castillo Del Marques De Los Velez in Almeria
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Details of how to get from Malaga to Almeria by various forms of transport.

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How Best to Get to Almeria

Most trips to Malaga include a trip to Granada. Transport from Granada to Almeria is quicker and cheaper than from Malaga.

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How to Get to Almeria by Bus and Train

From Malaga Tickets cost about between nine and 25 euros and takes between three and five hours. 

There are no direct trains from Malaga to Almeria.

From Granada Tickets cost from five to 20 euros, with journey times from two to four hours.

Trains take just over two hours and cost about 20 euros. Usually the bus will be better, though if your hotel is close to the train station that might be a better option for you.

Traveling by Car

The 200km drive from Malaga to Almeria takes about three hours, traveling along the A-7 and N340. Consider a stop in Motril.

Driving from Granada to Almeria takes under two hours, traveling  mainly on the A-92. 

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Flights from Malaga and Granada to Almeria

There are no flights.
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