Mako Coaster Coming to SeaWorld Orlando in 2016

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    A Hypercoaster with Jaws

    SeaWorld Entertainment

    June 2015

    There are many wonderful roller coasters in Florida, representing a wide variety of types -- with one glaring exception. Ride fans craving an airtime-filled hypercoaster have been out of luck. As luck would have it, however, SeaWorld Orlando will fill the gap in 2016 when it unleashes Mako. The tall and fast shark-themed ride will feature lots of swoops and dives as well as loads of airtime.

    Coaster Stats

    • Type of coaster: Hypercoaster
    • Height: 200 feet
    • First drop: 200 feet
    • Top speed: 73 mph
    • Track length: 4760 ft.
    • Minimum height: 54 inches
    • Ride manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard

    See the Ride

    • Animated Teaser Video of Mako

    Hypercoaster Hype

    Like most hypercoasters, Mako will be built for speed and negative-G-filled, out-of-your-seat, weightless moments. Unlike SeaWorld's other major coasters, Kraken and Manta, the new ride will not include any inversions. That may make it more accessible for visitors that find loops, corkscrews, and other upside-down thrills too intimidating.

    Then again, the coaster will soar to a lofty 200 feet (which will, at least temporarily, make it tied as one of Florida's two tallest coasters). And it will reach a bone-rattling 73 mph (which will secure it a spot as Florida's speediest coaster demon). If those stats aren't intimidating enough, the nine airtime hills promised by the ride desingers -- which most coaster fans will greet with giddy excitement -- may be enough to give visitors on the line a serious case of the willies.

    Speaking of ride designers, Bolliger & Mabillard, the Swiss-based coaster master that will be bringing Mako to life, has an enviable, um, track record -- especially for its portfolio of hypercoasters. More often than not, B&M nails it with glorious top-10 rides such as Diamondback at Kings Island and Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. (Occasionally, it comes up short, such as the oddly airtime-deficient Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America.) Anticipation will therefore be high for the new ride. Will it rank among the top roller coasters in Florida (and perhaps beyond)? It's quite possible -- probable, even.

    Mako will be located in the park's "Sharks Realm," which will include the existing Shark Encounter, an exhibit with a clear, underwater viewing tunnel through which visitors can see real sharks, and Sharks Underwater Grill, a full-service restaurant that offers table-side views of the fearsome creatures.

    A new surround-sound system will treat passengers aboard Mako, as well as guests visiting the entire realm, to a shark-inspired soundtrack. The queue for the ride will include a shipwreck theme and simulate an underwriter reef setting.

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    Dive into the Water

    SeaWorld Entertainment

    The new Mako hypercoaster coming to SeaWorld Orlando in 2016 will make passengers feel as if they are sharks, swooping and diving at predatory speeds. As with the park's other coasters, it will include lovely landscaping and themeing. One of the coaster's dives will send riders careening towards the water.

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    Head Underwater to Meet Your Mako

    SeaWorld Entertainment

    The themed Sharks Realm area, including the entrance to Mako, will simulate an underwater reef. Passengers will enter the ride's queue by passing through an ominous shipwreck.

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    Florida's Longest Roller Coaster

    SeaWorld Entertainment

    When it opens, Mako will lay claim to the titles of Florida's fastest and longest roller coasters. (It will also be tied for the state's tallest.) At 4,760 feet, or nearly a mile, of track, the thrill machine should offer a satisfyingly long ride.

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    Sharks to Get Their Own Realm

    SeaWorld Entertainment

    Mako will be part of SeaWorld's seven-acre Sharks Realm. In addition to the coaster, the area will include the existing Shark Encounter attraction and the Sharks Underwater Grill restaurant.