How to Make Disneyland Restaurant Reservations

Steakhouse 55 restaurant Disneyland
••• Consider making a Disneyland dining reservation at Steakhouse 55, located inside the Disneyland Hotel, for one of the resort's signature restaurants. Disney

There are plenty of quick-service restaurants at Disneyland, and you could just show up and hope for the best when it's time to grab a bite during your visit. But there are some fabulous places to dine throughout the resort, and you'll probably want to try at least one table service meal.

The problem is, there are gazillions of other Disneyland visitors who also want to nab a table at the more popular eateries.

So, you'll want to make restaurant reservations well in advance. Here's how.

  • Online: To book a table, go to Disneyland's official site, click on a restaurant that accepts reservations, and enter your info in the "Check Availability" box on the restaurant's page. As with all other ways to make advance plans, online dining requests can only be made up to 60 days ahead of your visit.

    Disney will send you an email confirmation. You can also check your confirmation by going to the "My Reservations" section of your online Disney profile. If you do not have a Disney account you can create one at the Disneyland site.
  • Telephone: (714) 781-3463 [(714) 781-DINE]
    Call up to 60 days (2 months) in advance -- the sooner the better, especially during busy seasons. Note that when you make a reservation by phone, Disney will NOT send you an email confirmation, nor would you find the confirmation in the My Reservations section of your Disney account.
  • On property: If you are staying at one of Disneyland's hotels, you could make advance reservations with the concierge. If you are visiting the resort, you could try walking up to a restaurant that accepts reservations on the day you want to dine. Last-minute cancellations do occur, and even the busiest eateries may be able to accommodate you (although it is unlikely, especially at the more sought-after places and/or during peak seasons).

    Some Tips and Things to Know

    • You can only request reservations at certain table-service restaurants. You are on your own at quick-service eateries and lounges. To find out which locations you could book in advance, go to Disneyland's official restaurant page and click on "Reservations Accepted."
    • Note that you will need a credit card to make a dining reservation. Note also that your card will be charged a fee if you do not cancel the reservation.
    • Consider exploring some of the wonderful restaurants available outside of the parks at the hotels and Downtown Disney. You might want to scoot out of the parks during the lunch-hour rush and seek an alternate place to dine.
    • Be persistent. If you have your heart (stomach?) set on a particular restaurant, but a reservation isn't available, wait a few days and check back. You may be successful later, because cancellations may make additional tables available.
    • Particularly during high-demand days, try booking during quieter times, such as a late lunch or an early or late dinner.
    • You can make dining reservations for the restaurants in the Downtown Disney district using the online and telephone methods listed above. (Except for the Rainforest Cafe, which does not accept phone reservations.)