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    Make a Gift and a Memory at Make Meaning

    Adults enjoy Make Meaning
    ••• Adults enjoy Make Meaning, too. © 2012 Judy Hedding

    Make Meaning is an entertainment destination. You might be familiar with different types of artistic or creative stores where you go to create or paint a piece of pottery. Make Meaning takes this concept about six steps further. It's a place where people from ages toddler through seniors can select a fun and creative project to make and keep. The seven project categories from which you choose are cake decorating, soap, glass, jewelry, paper, ceramics and candles. Within each category are innumerable permutations and combinations of ingredients, parts, toys, textures and shapes that allow every person to create their signature masterpiece. Make something for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

    Make Meaning started in New York City, and Scottsdale is the third location for the company, with others around the country in the planning stages.

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    Who Should Consider Going to Make Meaning?

    A first visit to Make Meaning in Scottsdale
    ••• A first visit to Make Meaning in Scottsdale. © 2012 Judy Hedding

    Don't be frightened. Come in! It doesn't matter if you are a professional artist or if you can't tell an easel from a mural, you can still come to Make Meaning and find your inner Jackson Pollock -- even of you don't know who he is!

    Being a more analytical/technical person than I am a creative person the idea of Make Meaning is intimidating at first. So many choices! But here is the good news: as soon as you walk in the door a team member will help you figure out how it works and what you might want to do. Will you be decorating a cake today, making a set of glass coasters, designing your special scented soap, creating a pair of unique picture frames, designing a candle creation, making a coffee mug or making a bracelet with matching earrings? Those are just a few of the options open to you. With the exception of glass and ceramic items*, you can walk away with your creation when it is completed. Glass and ceramics require special finishing, and may be picked up four...MORE days later.

    I watched the young girl and her grandmother pictured above come in for the first time, learn how it all works and decide on their project within about 10 minutes. The staffer will help you with any decisions you might need to make along the way, and will set you up. There are plenty of trained team members to provide ideas, inspiration, assistance and positive reinforcement, should you need it.

    *These items may be picked up four days after your visit. On a subsequent visit, early in the day on a Wednesday with an out-of-town guest, I was told that our items would be ready for pickup on Sunday. They were not. Beware of depending on the four-day turnaround if you are on a travel schedule.

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    What Else Happens at Make Meaning?

    Attend special classes at Make Meaning, Scottsdale
    ••• Attend special classes. © Make Meaning

    Make meaning should definitely be on your short list of places to consider having a party. Of course, birthday parties are the most popular. The party can be organized around any of the seven crafts -- soap making, glass creations, cake decorating, jewelry making, ceramics, paper creations, candle making -- along with a bonus activity if you choose to do that. Private parties include a birthday cake, pizza, juice, water, paper goods, staff setup, staff cleanup, crew support for activities, and a complimentary day pass for each guest to use at a future visit. Extras, like balloon artists, party favors, and additional menu items may be arranged at additional cost.

    While birthday parties are popular, the opportunities for other types of parties are obvious! How about a baby shower party, a wedding shower party, a graduation party or a family reunion party? Are you responsible for planning a corporate outing our office party? This may be the place. There are suitable activities at Make...MORE Meaning for all age groups.

    Aside from parties, Make Meaning also offers specialty classes. Some are geared to kids, some to adults (think date night or holiday gifts). Even if the class activity is suitable for all age groups, there are separate sessions for kids and adults.

    Of course, you don't have to sign up for a special party or a class to enjoy a day out with the grandchildren, a quiet creative time with Mom or Dad, or an evening out with friends.

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    Location, Hours, Cost

    What a Party at Make Meaning
    ••• What a Party at Make Meaning!. © Make Meaning

    Make Meaning has one location in Arizona, at Scottsdale Quarter in North Scottsdale.

    How to Find Arizona's Make Meaning

    15257 N. Scottsdale Rd.
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254

    Here is a map to Scottsdale Quarter. The North Parking Lot is closest to Make Meaning.



    How Much it Costs

    Make Meaning is a membership based business, and charges a sitting fee for non-members. Anyone who intends to visit at least three times in a one year period, or attend once and take one class in a year's time, will find a membership is the best bet. A family membership for five people is an even better deal and makes a great gift for a family you know and love! Then you pay for the activity that you choose. Members may also take advantage of other discounts throughout the year. Activities have quite a large range of price, but there are many in the $25 range. You can make basic items or add and embellish. Charges are prominently displayed at the various activity...MORE stations. Classes typically range from $30 to $50 per person.

    When is Make Meaning Open?

    The Scottsdale location is open seven days per week at 10 a.m. It is open until 8 or 9 p.m. and even later on Friday and Saturday nights.

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    All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.