Major Carnival Mas Bands in Trinidad and Tobago

Who to play Carnival Mas and J'Ouvert with in 2017

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2010
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Visitors and Trini natives alike are welcome to join one of the many Carnival "Mas Bands" that provide costumes, security, food and drinks during j'ouvert, Children's Carnival, Carnival Monday, and Carnival Tuesday in Trinidad and Tobago each year.

Many visitors choose to "play mas" with one of the large, all-inclusive bands, like Tribe, Kaotic or Harts. Here are some of the main Mas Bands you can contact for more information.

Don't forget to plan early: some bands start taking reservations beginning in August!

J'ouvert Bands

Carnival and Kid's Carnival Bands

For more information, visit Trinidad's National Carnival Band Association.

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