Maine's 10 Most Haunted Inns and Hotels

Are You Brave Enough to Sleep with Spooks?

Maine has many haunted inns and hotels, where unexplained occurrences are attributed to late sea captains and other ghosts who have departed this world only partially! If you're a believer... head to Maine. These inns and hotels are intriguing places to stay even if you don't experience any spine-tingling encounters.

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    Captain Fairfield Inn Maine
    A historic inn with nine guestrooms, the Captain Fairfield in Kennebunkport, Maine, reportedly has one permanent guest. Photo by Rare Brick. Courtesy of Lark Hotels.

    This Federal mansion turned inn in Kennebunkport, Maine, was built in 1813 for Captain James Fairfield. He liked it so much, he may have never left!

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    Captain Lindsey House
    I didn't bump into any ghosts during my stay at the Captain Lindsey House in Maine, but you might!. © 2006 Kim Knox Beckius

    Looking for a haunted inn in Rockland, Maine? Captain Lindsey is still hanging around the Captain Lindsey House, along with 35 other spirits, according to what he told “spiritologists” on their visit to the inn.

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    LimeRock Inn
    Do former Rockland residents still haunt their doctor's former home?. © 2006 Kim Knox Beckius

    When paranormal experts visited the LimeRock Inn in Rockland, Maine, they felt the presence of many people in the front parlor--vestiges of the patients that once sat in the parlor waiting room when the inn was the home and office of Dr. Lawry, the local physician.

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    Tides Beach Club
    This chic, beachside inn is a place you'll want to haunt. © 2016 Kim Knox Beckius

    The former Tides Inn By-The-Sea in Kennebunkport, Maine, was built as an inn in 1899, and original owner Emma Foss was rumored to still haunt the place and let the former owners know if she didn't like changes they'd made. In 2011, the property was renovated and reopened as the Tides Beach Club. Has the ghost stuck around? Check in and see for yourself.

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    Formerly the residence of wealthy shipbuilder Nathaniel Lord, this Kennebunkport, Maine, inn is said to be home to a female ghost--perhaps the captain's wife--whose perfume you may smell, even though she's nowhere to be found.

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    Who you gonna call? Well, when strange things started happening at this Bethel, Maine, inn that was once a retired 19th-century sea captain's home, the owners called in a paranormal investigator. The outcome? The Chapman Inn is now the only inn in western Maine that is officially "Certified Haunted." If you see a black cat disappear through a wall, I want to hear about it!

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    This former tavern and coach stop in Bar Harbor, Maine, is home to Abbe, a spirited little girl who loves music. Strange noises, flickering lights and fleeting reflections may be signs of Abbe... or another spirit. Who knows?

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    At this Greenville, Maine, inn, one former guest reported an encounter with a lovely young female ghost. If you run into her, do be kind, as according to the guest's story, she's a sweet spook.

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    This hotel in Holden, Maine, is said to have a haunted room--Room 8--where all sorts of mysterious shenanigans take place, such as shadows on the wall and voices outside the door even when nobody's there.

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    This Poland, Maine, lodging property has long been the setting for mysterious sightings. Do you see the lady in white in this picture? Recently listed on the National Register of Historic Sites, the resort has extensive amenities no ghost would want to be without including an 18-hole Donald Ross golf course and free daily movies.