Maine’s Thrilling Theme Parks and Water Parks

Find Roller Coasters, Water Slides, and Other Rides in the State

Palace Playland Maine Crop Duster ride

Palace Playland

Maine has the nickname, "Vacationland." The lovely New England state has plenty to offer, including loads of lobster, Acadia National Park, and Moosehead Lake. Visitors to Maine (as well as its residents) who might be looking for a side of thrills to accompany their lobster rolls can find amusement parks and water parks, which are listed below.

Before we get to the parks that are operating, let's take a look at a place that has evolved through the years, Old Orchard Beach. Located on Maine’s coast, the destination has followed the path of many seaside amusement areas. Instead of a single owner, which is the model followed by most modern theme parks, the amusement areas of yore were typically a collection of rides and concessions operated by different vendors. At one time, Old Orchard Beach boasted a few individually operated wooden roller coasters, including the U.S. Scenic Railway, which dates back to 1902, and the circa-1917 Jack Rabbit.

Like most seaside parks, Old Orchard Beach's popularity waned. Its wooden coasters are long gone. Unlike the fate met by nearly all other oceanfront amusement areas, however, some rides remain, mostly at the beach's Palace Playland (listed below). Old Orchard's pier still offers midway games, food joints, and other diversions. And, of course, the beach itself beckons.

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Aquaboggan Waterpark

Wave pool at Aquaboggan in Maine

Outdoor water park

Aquaboggan is a decent-sized water park. It offers a nice lineup of slides and rides including speed slides, a halfpipe slide, a mat slide, a unique "Aquasaucer" climbing attraction, and a wave pool. The park also has mini-golf and bumper boats.

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Funtown Splashtown U.S.A.

Excalibur coaster at Funtown USA Maine
Funtown USA

Outdoor amusement park and water park

Maine's biggest amusement park, Funtown USA features a great collection of rides including the acclaimed Excalibur wooden coaster, a Wild Mouse coaster, antique cars, a carousel, and kiddie rides.

The adjacent Splashtown USA is also the state's largest water park. Its attractions include a body slide with a launch capsule, speed slides, a family raft ride, a funnel ride, and an interactive water play center. Visitors can purchase tickets for entry to one park or discounted combo passes which allow admission to both Funtown and Splashtown.

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Palace Playland

Electra Wheel at Palace Playland Maine
Palace Playland

Old Orchard Beach
Amusement Park

There used to be many seaside amusement parks along the New England coast. Now, only Palace Playland remains (although York’s Wild Kingdom, listed below, could be considered a seaside park as well). Among the rides at the classic park are a swinging pirate ship, a drop tower ride, and the Electra Wheel, which lights up the pier and beach with its flashy lights. New for 2018 is Sea Viper, a steel coaster.

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Seacoast Adventure

Seacoast Adventure water park in Miane
Seacoast Adventure

Outdoor water park and other attractions

Seacoast Adventure doesn't offer a full-featured water park. It's really more of a water playground with a few attractions, including a water play center and a couple of water slides. Seacoast also features the unique Hill Slides Tubin' ride, mini-golf, go-karts, a Sky Swing bungee-like ride, zip lines, and ropes course. In the winter, the park offers snow tubing.

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Wild Acadia

Wild Acadia in Maine
Wild Acadia

Outdoor water slides and other attractions 

Wild Acadia is a small family entertainment center. It offers a few water slides as well as zip lines, a ropes course, go-karts, trampoline, climbing wall, and mini-golf.

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Wonder Mountain Fun Park

Go-karts at Wonder Mountain Fun Park in Maine.
Wonder Mountain Fun Park

Outdoor family entertainment center

Wonder Mountain is a small family entertainment center. it offers go-karts, mini-golf, a maze, and an arcade.

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York's Wild Kingdom

York's Wild Kingdom Maine
York's Wild Kingdom

York Beach
Amusement park and zoo

York's Wild Kingdom is more of a zoo than an amusement park. It  includes lion, monkey, butterfly, tiger, ostrich, and other animal exhibits. The amusement park area includes a Wild Mouse coaster, Ferris wheel, carousel, and a number of spinning rides. The park also offers mini-golf, and batting cages. Ticket options include zoo-only and zoo and ride passes. York's Wild Kingdom is located at York Beach, which also offers an arcade, ice cream shops, and other waterfront attractions.