Guide to Magic Shows in Las Vegas

If you are a ​fan of magicians and highly produced magic shows Las Vegas is your Mecca. Up and down the strip there are plenty of talented sleight of hand artists. If you are ready to be dazzled, baffled and entertained they are all performing on the Las Vegas strip.

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    Penn and Teller

    Magic with a bite, you should enjoy crude humor and a fun atmosphere if you decide to buy tickets to Penn and Teller. I like the show but I have had plenty of conversations with people who just do not get it. This is a very entertaining show that is worth the admission price.

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    Piff The Magic Dragon

    You probably know him from Americas Got Talent but be warned that his Vegas show is not made for regular TV. This show is much better but requires a bit more maturity as well—this show is for ages 18 and up. Not for kids, but definitely for anyone who loves to laugh.


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    Magician Matt Franco
    Denise Trucello

    If you saw Matt Franco on television you have a reasonably good idea of what he does. When you see him in person you are impressed by his ability to do some great tricks in front of your eyes. When you sit through an entire show you realize that not only is this guy talented but he is funny and original. Magic plus originality make him a sure bet in Las Vegas.


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    Mac King Comedy Magic Show

    The best afternoon show in Las Vegas. Worth the money for good, clean fun. You will have a great time and be entertained at the same time.

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    David Copperfiled at MGM Grand Las Vegas

    It seems like magic in Las Vegas is synonymous with David Copperfield and it should be as he is not only among the most established magicians in town he is also among the very best. He performs nightly at the MGM Grand Resort Las Vegas.


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    Criss Angel
    Gabe Ginsberg / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    Chris Angel is doing his show with a Cirque Du Soliel angle at the Luxor. If you are a fan of his work you should thoroughly enjoy this show. I can't say I am impressed mainly because for my taste he takes himself way too seriously. However, some Las Vegas visitors truly love his act.

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    Luminous signs and Planet Hollywood casino and hotel.
    Max Paoli / Getty Images

    The mixture of comedy, magic, and mental manipulation keeps the audience on their toes, wondering if they'll be the subject of McCambridge's next trick. Is "mentalism" for real? By the end of the evening, you may just be convinced.

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    Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Opens At Flamingo
    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    Nathan Burton does a good job of entertaining and the truth is you probably cannot find another magician on the strip that gives you as much for the price of a ticket. This show is a good deal and you most likely will be entertained.

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