The Magic Kingdom Theme Park at Disney World

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    Disney's Magic Kingdom: World's Top Vacation Destination

    Characters in front of Cinderella Castle during Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire show
    ••• Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire is the latest show performed on the grandest Magic Kingdom stage. Ryan Wendler, Photographer/The Walt Disney Company

    The Magic Kingdom, the first of four theme parks that comprise Walt Disney World Resort is indeed a place of "magic." Since opening October 1, 1971, it has become one of the world's top vacation destinations and the measure of family entertainment worldwide.

    The Magic Kingdom is a happy place for the young-at-heart. It's where families can laugh and play together and make memories that will last a lifetime.

    Step through the turnstiles and it's like you've entered a storybook filled with Disney characters ready to whisk you away to a world of fantasy and adventure. Classic attractions including Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and it's a small world continue to amaze, while entertainment and nightly fireworks continue to dazzle.

    Of course, there are plenty of photo opportunities at meet-and-greets throughout the park with a variety of Disney characters, plus parades that include Disney characters and live performers.

    First, let's answer some of the...MORE most frequently asked questions:

    What Is the Best Time to Visit the Magic Kingdom?

    When planning your Disney World vacation, it is important to consider the time of the year and your family's schedules. However, once you arrive, selecting which day to visit which park can be quite overwhelming, but not with our tips on the best time to visit the Magic Kingdom.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Disney has rolled out new seasonal demand-based ticketing. Single day, one park tickets are priced according to the season, theme park and day of the week.

    Of course, the best value is still multi-day tickets whether you purchase them with or without the Park Hopper option. Check Disney's website for the current ticket prices.

    How Do I Get To and Around the Magic Kingdom

    There are several ways of getting to the Magic Kingdom, but once you arrive there are only a couple of ways to get from land to land — the Walt Disney World Railroad and the horse-drawn trolley down main street to Cinderella's Castle.

    Guests staying at one of Disney World's resorts may take advantage of Extra Magic Hours, where you can enjoy select rides and attractions either in the morning or evening. Check theme park schedules once you arrive at Disney World for specific days and times.

    Below you can find what to expect as you visit each "land" within the Magic Kingdom, including attractions, rides, and places to grab a quick lunch or snack or relax with a full-service meal. Plus, there are expert tips on how to get the most from your visit.

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    Main Street, U.S.A.

    The Magic Kingdom decorated for Halloween.
    ••• The Magic Kingdom gets a fall makeover just in time for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. The Walt Disney Company

    Main Street, U.S.A. was inspired by Walt Disney's childhood in Marceline, Missouri. This re-creation of a bustling thoroughfare in early 20th century America, complete with horse-drawn trolley and vintage barbershop is the gateway to the Magic Kingdom's other "lands."

    Walt Disney also was a train enthusiast. The Walt Disney World Railroad's vintage steam engine-drawn rail cars leave the station at the front of the theme park to stops in Frontierland and Fantasyland. This is a great way to see the park and to save some steps getting to your favorite attractions and rides.

    If you prefer, leisurely stroll along Main Street while you shop for magical souvenirs, grab a snack or stop by Town Square Theater to meet-and-greet Mickey Mouse or Tinkerbell.

    Main Street, U.S.A. Restaurants

    • Casey's Corner: quick service, American cuisine
    • The Crystal Palace: table service and character dining, American cuisine
    • Main Street Bakery: quick service, American cuisine
    • Palace Ice Cream...MORE Parlor: quick service, American cuisine
    • The Plaza Restaurant: table service, American cuisine
    • Tony's Town Square Restaurant: table service, American and Italian cuisine


    • Those wishing to rent a wheelchair or ECV can find them just inside the park entrance under the train station.
    • Is this your first visit to the Magic Kingdom or are you celebrating your birthday? Let everyone know by stopping by City Hall or seeing a cast member for a complimentary celebration button.
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    Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirate Tutorial at Magic Kingdom
    ••• Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirate Tutorial at Magic Kingdom. JeffChristiansen/Flickr

    Adventureland was born out of Disney's true-life adventure films that documented exotic lands of jungles and wild animals.

    Adventureland Attractions and Rides

    • Enchanted Tiki Room puts a humorous spin on Disney's first attraction to feature the three-dimensional storytelling of Audio-Animatronics.
    • Magic Carpets of Aladdin takes you on a magic carpet ride that you control.
    • A Pirate's Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas will have you helping Captain Jack to find the five treasures hidden around Adventureland.
    • Pirates League will have you dressed up like a pirate in no time at all.

    • Pirates of the Caribbean: Set sail on a swashbuckling journey with special effects and life-like animatronic pirates.

    • Swiss Family Robinson Tree House can be explored at your own pace.

    • The Jungle Cruise is a tongue-in-cheek trek down the world's most famous rivers aboard a jungle boat.

    Adventureland Restaurants

    • Aloha Isle: quick service, American cuisine
    • Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen: table...MORE Service, multiple cuisines
    • Sunshine Tree Terrace: quick service, American cuisine
    • Tortuga Tavern: quick service, American cuisine


    • Adventureland is the only place you'll get to see the characters Aladdin and Jasmine.
    • Need to cool off on a hot day? Pirates of the Caribbean gets you out of the sun, into the shade and the cool hits you the minute you step into its queue.
    • Need a cool-me-off snack? Stop by Aloha Isle for the delicious Dole Whip. The soft-serve is the most amazing dessert in the park.
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    ••• Guests enjoy a wild ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The Walt Disney Company

    : Frontierland brings to life the tall tales of the Wild West in their prairie outpost where cowboys and miners roam.

    Frontierland Attractions and Rides

    • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad* takes you on a wild ride through an unstable mine aboard a runaway train.
    • Country Bear Jamboree rounds up the humor (and a few hillbilly singing bears) for an unforgettable show.
    • Frontierland Shootin' Arcade has you taking aim at over 100 targets in this western-themed arcade.
    • Splash Mountain* takes you on roller-coaster adventure aboard a hollowed-out log. Watch out for that last drop... you may get wet!
    • Tom Sawyer Island travel by log raft to the island where discoveries await.
    • Walt Disney World Railroad allows you to climb aboard or disembark here.

    Frontierland Restaurants

    • Golden Oak Outpost: quick service, American cuisine
    • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe: quick Service, Mexican cuisine
    • Westward Ho: quick service, American cuisine


    • Long line alert for all of the attractions and rides in this land. Use...MORE Fastpass+ on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain. Visit the Country Bear Jamboree while others are lining up for the parade.
    • You will get wet to varying degrees when riding Splash Mountain. It is best to ride when the sun is shining to dry off quickly and avoid a chill.
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    Liberty Square

    Spirit playing an organ at the Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion attraction.
    ••• Spirits play in the Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion. © The Walt Disney Company

    Liberty Square honors the country's early heritage in a step-back-in-time to colonial America setting.

    Liberty Square Attractions

    • Haunted Mansion lets the spirits out to play in some of the most unusual ways.
    • Liberty Square Riverboat lets you set sail on a steam-powered paddler wheeler for a scenic adventure.
    • The Hall of Presidents salutes the United States' presidents, both past, and present in a moving tribute given by audio-animatronic likenesses.

    Liberty Square Restaurants

    • Columbia Harbour House: quick service, American cuisine
    • The Diamond Horseshoe: table service, American cuisine
    • Liberty Square Market: quick service, American cuisine
    • Liberty Tree Tavern: table service, American cuisine
    • Sleepy Hollow: quick service, American cuisine


    • The Hall of Presidents is a great place to sit down and cool off on a hot day.
    • The Haunted Mansion's interactive queue makes waiting in line more fun than ever, but small children may find the dark, loud and spooky ride a little disturbing.
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    ••• Disney's Magic Kingdom guests now get to fly faster with two Dumbo rides when using FastPass+. © The Walt Disney Company - Ali Nasser, Photographer

    Fantasyland brings fairytales to life in a whimsical land of castles, princesses, and flying elephants.

    Fantasyland Attractions and Rides

    • Casey Jr. Spash 'n' Soak Station play area for kids.
    • Cinderella Castle
    • Dumbo the Flying Elephant now has two rides and an interactive queue!
    • Enchanted Tales with Belle is storytelling at its best.
    • "it's a small world" will dare to ride without singing the tune the rest of the day.
    • Mad Tea Party will have you spinning around in circles.
    • Mickey's PhilharMagic is an indoor 3-D movie that literally brings the characters to life in front of you.
    • Peter Pan's Flight proves you can fly. This is a slow ride but includes some small drops.
    • Prince Charming Regal Carrousel takes you around and around aboard regal steeds.
    • Princess Fairytale Hall is where you can meet and greet your favorite princesses and get their autograph as well as photos.
    • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is full of small drops and curves for kids through adults.
    • The Barnstormer is a...MORE start for kids that think they're ready for a coaster ride.
    • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is a dark, but gentle ride reliving some of Pooh's adventures.
    • Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid takes you on a journey of how Muriel found love... and legs.
    • Walt Disney World Railroad stops in Fantasyland for you to climb aboard or disembark.

    Fantasyland Restaurants

    • Be Our Guest Restaurant: quick Service lunch/table service dinner - American and French
    • Cheshire Cafe: quick service, American cuisine
    • Cinderella's Royal Table: fine dining, American cuisine
    • The Friar's Nook: quick service, American cuisine
    • Gaston's Tavern: quick service, American cuisine
    • Pinocchio Village Haus: quick service, American cuisine
    • Prince Eric's Village Market: quick service, American cuisine
    • Storybook Treats: quick service, American cuisine


    • Due to its enormous size and number of attractions and rides, plan to spend more time in Fantasyland than any other land.
    • Since wait times can run into hours, use Fastpass+ for Princess Fairytale Hall.
    • Need to get out of the heat? Head to the Dumbo ride. You are given a pager upon entering the interactive queue and while you wait your turn you can sit in air-conditioned comfort on the stadium-style bleachers or explore all the circus-themed play experiences.


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    Family with small children enjoying Astro Orbiter with Space Mountain in the background.
    ••• Small children will have a "blast" on Disney's Astro Orbiter in Tomorrowland. © The Walt Disney Company

    Tomorrowland looks into the future with rocket ships and alien intruders.

    Tomorrowland Attractions and Rides

    • Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin is an interactive ride where you shoot your space cannon at a constellation of “Z” insignias.
    • Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor is a "monstrously" hilarious stage show.
    • Space Mountain will have you buckling up for this trip through the galaxy.
    • Stitch's Great Escape! Prepare for a close encounter of the mischievous kind with a Stitch on the run.
    • Tomorrowland Transportation Authority PeopleMover is a slow moving ride that gives you a glimpse into several Tomorrowland attractions.
    • Tomorrowland Speedway will drive you all the way to fun.
    • Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress is an interesting look into advances over the last century.

    Tomorrowland Restaurants

    • Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies: quick Service, sweet treats, and drinks
    • Cool Ship: quick service - Mickey-shaped pretzels and drinks
    • The Lunching Pad: quick service, American cuisine
    • Tomorro...MOREwland Terrace Restaurant: quick Service, American cuisine