Best of Disney's Magic Kingdom for Tweens and Teens

Disney Magic Kingdom

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While the Magic Kingdom is deservedly famous for attractions that appeal to young children, Disney World's original theme park delivers plenty of fun for older kids. 

Got teens? Put these experiences at the top of your to-do list along with exploring Hollywood StudiosEpcot, and Animal Kingdom.

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Blast off into Outer Space

Space Mountain ride at Disney
Walt Disney Parks

Disney World's first and most legendary roller coaster, Space Mountain, has carried millions of guests since it opened in 1975. Once aboard the spaceship, you hurl through the darkness of outer space, dodging asteroids and planets, and taking plenty of surprise drops and corkscrew turns. Waiting in line is also fun, thanks to a queue area with video games.

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Prepare for Splashdown

Disney World Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain
Walt Disney Parks

The second of Magic Kingdom's trio of "mountain" coasters is Splash Mountain, an old-style flume log ride that starts off innocently enough as you glide through Brer Rabbit's cute animatronic-populated world and hum along to a Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah soundtrack. But wait for it. The big payoff comes at the end when the flume takes a five-story plunge with a giant splashdown. Want to get wet? Sit up front.

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Hop Aboard a Runaway Train

Magic Kingdom Big Thunder Mountain
Walt Disney Parks

Rounding out the big three, Big Thunder Mountain brings you to the Old West, where you're on a runaway train barreling down the side of a mountain on a rickety track. Though not quite as thrilling as Space Mountain, this ride delivers lots of sudden dips and sharp turns.

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Snack Like a Manly Man

Magic Kingdom Gastons Tavern
Walt Disney Parks

Looking for a satisfying snack to hold you over 'til your next meal? Head to Gaston's Tavern, which serves (among other items) roasted pork shanks and LeFou's Brew, a tasty non-alcoholic drink (frozen apple juice with toasted marshmallow atop passion fruit-mango foam). Afterward, have fun taking selfies in the courtyard with the manly man himself, but think twice before challenging him to a push-up contest.

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Get Thrilled and Chilled

Disney World Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion
Walt Disney Parks

Boo-yah! Everyone knows teens love a good ghost story, and the iconic dark ride The Haunted Mansion is a cult classic. As you take a spin on the "doom buggy" through an enormous retirement home for ghosts, clever special effects and a ghoulish cast of characters will make your spine tingle and hair stand on end.

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