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Boston-based Magellan Jets is a private plane and jet charter service that was founded in Boston by aviation insiders Joshua Hebert and Anthony Tivnan in 2009. Magellan jets are regularly featured in the media. Robert Jerjavec, star of ABC's Shark Tank, frequently recommends Magellan on-air and privately. Read all about private planes and what it's like to fly on private jets

Magellan's point of difference is its very high degree of personalization to each client's needs. Together, the client and Magellan Private Aviation Consultants staff choose the best options to serve the client's travel needs for both business and leisure travel.

Magellan Jets Membership Plans

Magellan membership is flexible and service-oriented. The company offers a vast array of aircraft and amenity options, and more, to clients. Anong Magellan's plans: Build-A-Card Program that ensures aircraft access to clients and 1 Hour Jet Cards, which private flying to close-by destinations easy.

Magellan clients include high-profile or high-net-worth individuals and their families. Magellan is also a go-to service for groups such as pro sports teams and entertainers on tour with their musicians and entourage.

Magellan Jets is to commercial airlines what limousines are to buses: private, faster, and more service-oriented. Clients can charter Magellan Jets on mere hours notice for long hauls, short hops, and consecutive hops from one city to another.

Magellan Jets' is respected throughout the field for its notable commitment to aviation safety standards. The company goes above and beyond FAA minimum requirements, with a 42-point checklist on every flight, and flight audits available to clients.

Magellan is among the 5% of plane charter brokers who are "Wyvern Authorized Brokers." Wyvern is the leading third-party aviation safety firm, and Magellan makes use of Wyvern’s extensive data on individual plane and pilot safety records.

Because Magellan is an exceptionally well-connected "insider" private aviation company. its network has access to a vast range of aircraft. Magellan usually has exclusive deals on many of the best jets at the best prices, from four-seater prop planes to large-capacity airliners for corporate, team, or "cast and crew" travel.

Over 5,000 airports are within Magellan's global network. The majority of airports are private, such as Teterboro in New Jersey. (Private airports are generally less busy, and allow for faster takeoff and landing.)

The luxury level of Magellan Jets typically outshines even First Class commercial travel. The ratio of crew to passengers is about 1:2, with unceasing service from attendants.

Magellan passengers choose in advance from a vast menu of inflight amenities. Seating is guaranteed deluxe, and potential comforts cover beds, lounges, cinema screens, gourmet dining, showers, inflight business center, and more. (Magellan even offers a Wifi Jet Card for clients who need to stay connected in the air.)

Every aspect of your flight, even your flight path, is customizable. You want to swoop over the Grand Canyon on your way to Vegas or LA, or touch down in Aspen to pick up your in-laws? Run it by your Magellan booking specialist and/or your pilot.

Magellan Jets reserves a special place in their hearts—and the skies—for beloved “paw-sengers.” Kennels or cages are not required as is the case with pets on commercial flights. Furry flyers can expect treats, toys, blankets, and even gift bags bound to make tails wags (and owners beam).

Find Out More About Magellan Jets on the  Magellan Jets website; on Facebook; on Twitter (@MagellanJets). Or call 877.550.JETS to learn more about how you can upgrade to flying private by becoming a Magellan client.

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