Madrid to Valencia by Train, Bus, Car and Flights

How to Get from the capital to Spain's third largest city

The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia
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Madrid - Spain's biggest city - and Valencia (the third largest) are among Spain's most popular destinations. Valencia has the added appeal of being the closest beach city to Madrid - perfect for escaping the intense heat of summer in the capital.

The high-speed train AVE train means you can even visit Valencia as a ​​day trip from Madrid.

What's the Best Way to Get from Madrid to Valencia?

The high-speed train is by far the best way to get from Madrid to Valencia.

However, I highly recommend a stop in Cuenca along the way.

Madrid to Valencia by Train and Bus

The train from Madrid to Valencia takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes and costs about 80 euros. This journey uses the new, high-speed AVE train network.

Buses from Madrid to Valencia take four hours and cost about 25 euros - a fair bit cheaper than the train though a lot slower. 

Trains from Madrid to Valencia depart from Atocha train station. Buses from Madrid to Valencia depart from Mendez Alvaro bus station. Valencia's train station is in the center of town, while the bus station is on the outskirts. However, it might be the case that your accommodation will be closer to the bus station than the train station.

Madrid to Valencia by Car

Take the A-3 freeway to travel from Madrid to Valencia by car. The 355km journey takes 3h30. Consider a slight detour Cuenca to break up the long journey. Aranjuez is also worth a stop.


Flights from Madrid to Valencia

There are regular flights from Madrid to Valencia and they can be very cheap if booked in advance.