Made in Vancouver: Where to Shop for Local Products in Vancouver, BC

Where to Find Local Fashion, Art, Food, & More in Vancouver, BC

When traveling to a new city, it's nice to shop for (or just see) locally-made products: the art, fashion, and home products that can't be found anywhere else because they are unique to that city, that place. Bringing home a decorative object unique to a location can provide loving memories in addition to a lovely object to decorate your home with.

In this ​Guide to Shopping for Local Products in Vancouver, you'll find a list of "where to shop for local products" for your next trip to Vancouver. Which isn't to say that this piece isn't for locals, too: Shopping local is a great way to support local businesses and decrease our carbon footprint. 

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    granville island
    radiobread/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

    Granville Island is one of the top places to shop for local products in Vancouver because it houses a large variety of local wares all in one place. You can park on-site and just stroll through the Public Market and then all around the shops. Not everything on Granville Island is locally-made, but a lot is; it's home to a large number of artists' studios and galleries. (In particular, check out the shops in the Net Loft and along Railspur Alley.)

    What you'll find that's 'Made in Vancouver'

    • Arts and crafts, including B.C. First Nations art
    • Jewelry
    • Home decor and decorations
    • Fashion (mostly women's)
    • Food 
    • Artisan sake (at Artisan Sake Maker)
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    Steam Clock Gastown, Vancouver
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    Vancouver's historic Gastown neighborhood--located just east of Downtown--is another hot spot for finding products 'Made in Vancouver.' More cutting-edge than the mall fashion of Robson Street, Gastown is a mix of local, Canadian, and international shops. It's also one of the few places in town that caters to men as much as women when it comes to fashion. It is more expensive than Main Street (see below).

    What you'll find that's 'Made in Vancouver'

    • Fashion (women's and men's)
    • Home decor
    • Arts, including B.C. First Nations art
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    Twigg and Hottie
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    Main Street is a great place to shop for local fashion; it's less expensive than Gastown and includes several shops where the fashion is either made in Vancouver, designed in Vancouver or is (at least) independent Canadian fashion.​

    What you'll find that's 'Made in Vancouver'

    • Fashion (mostly women's, but some men's)
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    Vancouver Portobello West 2009
    Stefania Savluc/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0

    Some of the best places to find local products in Vancouver are craft and art markets, which pop up at various times throughout the year. These include Portobello West, Vancouver's most famous art, and artisan market, held about four times a year, and Vancouver Christmas Markets, held November - December.

    Art galleries throughout Vancouver promote local artists as well as B.C. First Nations artists. 

    What you'll find that's 'Made in Vancouver'

    • Arts, crafts, artisan works
    • Jewelry
    • B.C. First Nations Art