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Honey Glazed Sweet and Salty Snack Mix using Made in Oklahoma Coalition food products.

Made in Oklahoma Coalition 

Originally formed in 2000, the Made in Oklahoma (MIO) Coalition is a consortium of food manufacturers operating in Oklahoma. The group's primary focus is the marketing and sales of local products, and the membership includes a number of longtime Oklahoma companies, from manufacturers to distributors. Throughout the year, a number of MIO promotions take place, including an annual recipe contest and monthly highlighted recipes, both focused on utilizing MIO products.


Often, Oklahomans are surprised to learn that many of the products they have purchased for years are actually produced locally. Others choose to buy MIO brands in order to support local companies and their employees. A larger list of MIO products is available below, but some of the more popular names include dairy products from Hiland Dairy Company, Billy Goat Ice Cream, and Braum's Ice Cream Shop & Burger Restaurant and meats such as Bar-S hot dogs and O'Steen Meat Specialties. Griffin Foods Company, which is the maker of a number of sauces and condiments, is an Oklahoma company, as is Shawnee Milling Company, which produces popular baking mixes.

Where to Buy

MIO products are available in many Oklahoma City area grocery stores, including:


Not only can you find MIO products for your personal use in area grocery stores, but a number of popular Oklahoma City area restaurants make use of these products in their menu offerings. The list includes such eateries as Bricktown Brewery, Cattlemen's Steakhouse, Earl's Rib Palace, Ingrid's Kitchen, Jimmy's Egg Restaurant, Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler, Pearl's Crabtown, La Baguette Bistro, and many more.

Annual Recipe Contest and Recipes

Each year, typically in late winter/early spring, the MIO Coalition presents a recipe contest open to junior high and high school students. The recipes can be any type of food item, but they must utilize at least three MIO Coalition products.

In addition, the MIO Coalition highlights recipes each month as well as produces a recipe database where you can search through desired food dishes.

Made in Oklahoma Companies

Here is a list of popular MIO Coalition companies:

  • AdvancePierre Foods
  • Andrews Honey Bees
  • Bar-S
  • Billy Goat Ice Cream Company
  • Canadian River Winery
  • Chef's Requested Foods
  • Clements Foods Company
  • COOP Ale Works
  • Cusack Meats
  • Daddy Hinkle's
  • deVine Natural Artesian Water
  • Field's Pies
  • Griffin Foods Company
  • Head Country Food Products
  • Hiland Dairy Company
  • J&M Farms
  • Ken's Bakery
  • KiZE Concepts
  • La Baguette, Inc.
  • Lopez Foods, Inc.
  • Mountain View Meat Company
  • My Bigmama's Kitchen
  • National Steak and Poultry
  • O'Steen Meat Specialties
  • OK Foods, Inc.
  • Ozarka Water
  • Ralph's Packing Company
  • Schwab & Company
  • Scissortail Farms
  • Shawnee Milling Company
  • Southern Okie
  • Suan's Foods
  • The Bama Companies, Inc.
  • Total Beverage Company, LLC
  • Value Added Products
  • Van's Pig Stands
  • Vinyard Fruit & Vegetable Company
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