Machu Picchu Entrance Fees

 Chris VR / TripSavvy

As of May 2015, Machu Picchu entrance fees for foreign visitors* are as follows:

  • Machu Picchu (standard ticket): S/.128 nuevos soles (approx. US$41)
  • Machu Picchu and Site Museum: S/.150 (approx. US$47.50)
  • Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu: S/.152 (approx. US$48)
  • Machu Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain: S/.142 (approx. US$45)

The standard ticket gives you access to the main site of Machu Picchu. If you want to visit the site museum or climb up either Huayna Picchu or “Machu Picchu Mountain,” you’ll need to pay a little extra.

The prices listed above are taken from the official government website for Machu Picchu, The website also lets you check the number of tickets available for any given date.

*Residents of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia are entitled to significantly lower Machu Picchu entrance fees.

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