The Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Where Can You Watch Mac King?:

Mac King performs at Harrah's Las Vegas. The show room is on the third floor.

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show:

What you get with Mac King is a magic show that is right for all audiences, he's funny, he's peculiar and he doe his thing unlike anyone else on the Las Vegas strip. His slight of hand is impressive and some of the tricks he does are not found anywhere else in Las Vegas.

He will not be making an elephant disappear or blasting off the major pyrotechnics along with some sensual dancers, instead he'll entertain you with some good humor and fun interaction.


Part of the 100 Days of Fun This Summer in Las Vegas


Ticket Information The Mac King Comedy Magic Show:

Tickets are $34.95 plus tax.
call 1-800-392-9002 ext. 5222 to book by phone.

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Show Times for The Mac King Comedy Magic Show:


  • Tuesday-Saturday at 1pm and 3pm
  • Dark Sunday & Monday


Why You Should See Mac King in Las Vegas:

You'll be tempted to see plenty of shows in Las Vegas and you will be discouraged by the prices for plenty of them. Mac King will make you laugh, dazzle you and entertain you for possibly the best price in town. This is possibly the best afternoon show in Las Vegas as well as one of the best magic shows on the strip.

His act is infectious. His humor is simple and almost a throwback to the times when entertainers had only their talent to keep you in the room. Do not expect the giant production where you are dazzled with lights and the music keep the energy up. Mac King does it all himself and he does it well!