Where to Get Mac and Cheese in Toronto

great places to get your fill of mac and cheese

Image courtesy Bobbie Sue's via Instagram

Anyone who craves comfort food will likely have mac and cheese near the top of their must-eat list, especially during the cold winter months. If you’re wondering where to get a delicious plate of the Canadian classic in Toronto, here are six places to get your mac and cheese fix in the city.

Bobbie Sue’s

Bobby Sue’s is Toronto’s first spot dedicated solely to the gooey, cheesy favorite. The people that brought the city Hawkerbar and Poutini’s House of Poutine have turned their attention to mac and cheese and opened up a popular take-out spot for the comfort food favorite. Starting with cavatappi pasta then topped with classic béchamel sauce, the noodles are then topped with a variety of cheeses depending on the type of mac you’re getting. This could be anything from classic mac and cheese to the green trees mac featuring broccoli and chili, to the carbonara mac topped with pancetta, grand Padano and an egg yolk.

Thompson Diner

The mac and cheese at 24-hour Thompson Diner is one of the more decadent versions in the city. Their double mac and cheese with truffle oil comes loaded with punchy asiago and melty mozzarella, the truffle oil giving everything an especially rich quality. If that’s not quite enough for you, you can add goat cheese or bacon for a few bucks extra.

Good Fork

This friendly spot in Bloor West Village is a popular brunch spot but it’s not just their creative takes on breakfast classics that make it worth visiting. Good Fork’s mac and cheese is a menu highlight and sees the classic elbow pasta smothered in a saucy blend of béchamel, gouda, fontina, and cheddar all topped with lemon and thyme crumbs. If you’re really hungry you can add smoked chicken or a vegetable.

The Gabardine

This perpetually packed spot in Toronto’s financial district is well known for their famous mac and cheese, which has (justifiably) become a signature dish on the menu. This version sees a blend of mozzarella, cheddar, chèvre, and Parmesan come together under a tarragon-scented breadcrumb crust.

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