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    Amazing Luxury Rentals from HomeAway: Modern Dazzler in Cape Town, South Africa


    When You Know a Villa Is Better for Your Vacation than a Luxury Hotel

    Quite a few luxury travelers -- maybe you -- prefer luxury villas to luxury hotels.
    • For good reasons: more privacy, more space, and a more customized experience than a hotel suite
    • See the pros and cons of private villa vacations vs. luxury hotel stays is the Web's leading vacation-villa rental company. Its most upscale villas are available through its Luxury Rentals from HomeAway collection.
    • These comprise less than 1% of HomeAway's one million listings
    • They are the kind of villa you seek when life is good, and you want to share it with your friends, your family, your entourage

    This slideshow is dedicated to pull-out-the-stops villas ready to rent from Luxury Rentals from HomeAway. Here's our first, pictured on this page. Enjoy the ride!

    The Spa House in Cape Town

    • Setting: Overlooking Hout Bay near Cape Town at the very tip of Africa
    • Size: Three bedrooms, three bathrooms
    • Style: Ultramodern, glass, water
    • Vibe: You're living in a masterpiece as cool as the cape trade winds wafting through
    • Wow factors: Spectacular views, full staff, on-site golf and tennis
    • Unique feature: Winner of significant architectural and design awards
    • Rate: from $1,300 nightly
    • Smitten? More photos, info, reviews here
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    What a Private Party: Koh Samui Villa from Luxury Rentals from HomeAway


    Koh Samui Island, Thailand

    • Setting: Hillside in the village of Bophut moments fro the beach
    • Size: Four-bedroom, four-bathroom villa
    • Style: Contemporary, with lots of glass and swooping Thai lines
    • Vibe: Secluded yet social
    • Wow factor: Infinity pool with swim-up bar. chef-cooked daily breakfast
    • Rate: From $770 per night 
    • Must stay here? Details, reviews, more pics here
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    Aspen, Colorado Ski Chateau through Luxury Rentals from HomeAway


    Aspen Chateau in the Colorado Rockies

    • Setting: Three acres in West Aspen near the Tiehack ski lift at Buttermilk Mountain
    • Size: Six-bedroom, six full baths, five half baths; nearly 10,000 square feet
    • Look: Modern stone chateau
    • Vibe: Rocky Mountain High Style
    • Wow factors: Theater, spa, billiards room, sauna, wine cellar, multiple fireplaces, patios, fire pits
    • Unique feature: In-house disco
    • Rate: from $2000 per night 
    • Sold? More info, pictures, reviews here
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    Nandana, Exquisite Bahamas Villa, through Luxury Rentals from HomeAway


    Nandana on Grand Bahama Island

    • Settting: A private beach on West End of Grand Bahama
    • Size: Five bedrooms, six full baths, five half baths; nearly 10,000 square feet
    • Style: A true villa with private wings surrounding the pool abd facing the beach
    • Vibe: Serene Bali meets the posh Caribbean
    • Wow factors: Chauffeur, jet skis, ATVs, and an estate manager for arranging anything
    • Unique feature: 120-foot infinity pool
    • Rate: from $11,500 per night 
    • Adore it? More info, pics, and reviews here
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    Modern Masterpiece on the Aegean, through Luxury Rentals from HomeAway


    Villa Hermes in Crete on the Aegean Sea

    • Setting: Nestled atop a rocky hillside atop private beach
    • Size: Three to four bedrooms, four bathrooms
    • Style: Contemporary architectural masterpiece
    • Vibe: Just you and the timeless waters of the Aegean sea
    • Wow factors: Extreme privacy: no one but your companions can see you or the villa
    • Unique feature: Design achieves "no boundaries" between home, nature, and sea
    • Rate: from $3,850 weekly
    • Done deal? Learn more and see it here
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    A California Castle in Serene Sonoma, through Luxury Rentals from HomeAway


    Villa Montebella in Glen Ellen, Sonoma in California Wine Country

    • Setting: 22-acre hilltop estate and vineyard in California Wine Country
    • Size: Three bedrooms, four bathrooms
    • Style: Italian Rivera villa with California unpretentiousness
    • Vibe: You always wanted your own winery? This is it
    • Unique feature: The estate produces its own wine
    • Wow factor: The wine cellar
    • Rate: from $3,850 weekly
    • Must-have? More info, photos, reviews here
    • Why Sonoma? Guest Author Eric Weiss's reasons he prefers Sonoma to Napa
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    A Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Hawaii, through Luxury Rentals from HomeAway


    Frank Lloyd Wright's Only Home Design in Hawaii

    • Setting: On a quiet bluff on northern Oahu, near the beach
    • Size: Three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms
    • Style: Frank Lloyd Wright: Prairie Deco, soaring, timeless
    • Vibe: Respectful. No pets, babies, or smoking (but the dining table seats 10)
    • Wow: This home is scrupulously preserved as the 20th-century masterpiece it is
    • Unique feature: Filled with the Wright's original furnishings
    • Rate: from $795 nightly
    • The Wright stuff? Background pics, reviews here
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    A London Townhouse through Luxury Rentals from HomeAway


    In Royal London, an Elegant Double Townhouse

    • Setting: In southwest London, 20 minutes by tube from Oxford Street and the West End; across the street from a park; five minutes' walk from shops and restaurants
    • Size: Seven bedrooms and vast living spaces indoors and out
    • Style: Victorian outside, seductively modern inside
    • Vibe: Bridal white (and is tapped for many destination weddings)
    • Wow factors: Catering kitchen with two stoves and table for 12; master suite has a room-sized dressing room and a 20-foot bathroom with walk-in stone shower
    • Unique feature: Utterly secluded garden patio
    • Rate: From $1,200 nightly
    • Intrigued? More photos, info, reviews here
    • Why London? Luxury Travel's reasons to adore London
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    Temple-like Villa Kudus on Bali, from Luxury Rentals from HomeAway


    Tropical Tranquility: Villa Kudus on Bali

    • Setting: Canggu in southern Bali, midway from the airport to artsy Ubud
    • Size:  Five bedrooms
    • Style: Private pavilions arranged around reflecting and swimming pools
    • Vibe: Indoor-outdoor living, with Balinese grace
    • Wow factors: You are near everything good on Bali
    • Unique feature: Utterly secluded garden patio
    • Rate: from $850 nightly
    • Want it? Details photos, and reviews here
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    Chalet Les Anges in the Swiss Alps, through Luxury Rentals from HomeAway


    Chalet Les Anges in Zermatt, Switzerland: Alpine Perfection

    • Setting: Picture-perfect Alps aerie
    • Size: Seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms
    • Style: The pinnacle of Swiss chalets
    • Vibe: The Swiss Alps: snowlight, stupendous views, fireplaces
    • Wow factors: Hammam spa, black marble plunge pool, huge fully urnished terrace, balconies everywhere overlooking the Matterhorn
    • Unique feature: Awarded “Best Chalet in the World” by Condé Nast Traveler
    • Rate: $8,500 nightly
    • Love it? See more here
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    Mediterranean Mod, through Luxury Rentals from HomeAway


    Mediterranean Moderne on Mallorca, Spain

    • Setting: Mediterranean-view in a quiet corner of Port Andratx on the island of Mallorca
    • Size: Six bedrooms, six bathrooms, over 10,000 square feet
    • Style: Sun-splashed, white-washed, stone-walled
    • Vibe: "Now I get the Mediterranean lifestyle"
    • Wow factors: Full gym, lap-swimmable pool, bar with fireplace and wine cellar
    • Unique feature: Indoor and outdoor kitchens
    • Rate: From $15,000 per week
    • Love it? More info, images, reviews here 
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    English Estate on Barbados, via Luxury Rentals from HomeAway


    Illusion: Plantation Style Manor Home on Elegant Barbados

    • Setting: Within a private community on the gentle western coast of Barbados, a refined Caribbean isle
    • Size: Five bedrooms, six bathrooms
    • Style: English manor home with tropical touches
    • Vibe: Regal and glamorous (you'll want to dress for dinner and drink Champagne)
    • Wow factors: Ski room, white baby-grand piano, milady's dressing room, soigné patio (shown)
    • Unique feature: What's your mood? A private-chef meal or restaurant in the surrounding Sugar Hill community?
    • Rate: From $2,150 nightly
    • Is it "you"? More pics, info, and reviews here
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    Oceanfront Splendor in Rio de Janeiro, through Luxury Rentals by HomeAway


    "Le Magnifique" in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    • Setting: In Rio's neighborhood of Joa, behind gates right on the beach
    • Size: Five bedrooms, eight bathrooms
    • Style: Contemporary Carioca luxury (flowering vines cover the villa's outer walls)
    • Vibe: "What more could I possibly want?"
    • Wow factors: Gym, theater, coastal views (yes, that's Sugar Loaf in the distance); dawn over the South Atlantic
    • Unique feature: Your very own Rio guide
    • Rate: from $5.000 nightly
    • Crave it? More photos, info, and reviews here