9 Hotels That Are Two-in-One Destinations

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Wouldn't it be amazing to experience two completely different vacations rolled into one? Then everyone in your party would be happy and you'd get two serious adventures on the same airline ticket.

Certain hotel brands let guests do just this. They offer vacation experiences over and above your hotel stay. The luxury hotel brands featured here also own yachts, river cruise ships, safari lodges, and more—and guests who book into these properties have an option to plan an additional adventure. Your vacation bucket list just got a whole lot more realistic.

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Four Seasons Private Jet Itineraries

Private jet for Four Seasons hotel guests
Four Seasons

Luxury travelers rely on Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts for impeccable hotel design and service. For fans who will stay only at a Four Seasons property, the brand has its own private jet that takes guests on elite adventures around the world. And the accommodations are always a Four Seasons hotel or resort.

Since 2015, Four Seasons has owned its own jet, which transports loyalists on luxe adventures around the world. Naturally, in each destination, participants stay in a fabulous Four Seasons hotel or resort. The jet is an adventure in and of itself. It's a sleek navy-and silver Boeing 757-200ER, with purring Rolls Royce engines. This model or jet is usually configured with 233 seats, but the Four Seasons jet carries only 52 passengers. Several of those seats are taken by Four Seasons staffers who accompany Private Jet passengers throughout their itinerary, including a concierge, guest assistant, luggage master, a chef and a doctor.

The Four Seasons Private Jet Experience is not exactly a weekend getaway. Past itineraries have included the three-week Culinary Discoveries, touching down in Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Chiang Mai, Mumbai, Florence, Lisbon, Copenhagen, and Paris. The International Intrigue, over 23 days long, spotlighted bucket list adventures like bioluminescent night diving in the Maldives and a balloon safari over the Serengeti and a dinner in Yves Saint Laurent's private garden in Marrakesh. At each stop, passengers get to bunk in an exquisite Four Seasons hotel or resort. What's coming up? Pure fantasy is in store for 2018 private jet itineraries 

Everything a luxury traveler could want or need is included. Like all the best things in life, Four Seasons Jet Adventures don't come cheap; fares begin at $135,000 per person.

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Intercontinental Hotels Tahiti and Paul Gauguin Cruise

Tropical icon: Bali Hai on Mo'orea in Tahiti French Polynesia
PG Cruises

In French Polynesia—the bucket-list destination also known as Tahiti—over half the visitors are newlywed couples on their honeymoons. It's that secluded and romantic.

But Tahiti is vast, with 100-plus islands flung over a portion of the South Pacific the size of the US east of the Mississippi. Tahiti vacation planning presents a logistical dilemma. Do you want to camp out on just one island, in a swim-out overwater bungalow at a fabulous resort under a jungle-carpeted extinct volcano? Or would you want to check numerous islands, traveling Tahiti on a small luxury yacht? 

InterContinental Hotels of Tahiti don't force you to to make this choice. They let you do both, providing French Polynesia visitors with a do-it-all Tahiti immersion. This amazing vacation combines InterContinental's four spectacular Tahiti resorts (plus The Brando, a boutique resort once owned by Marlon Brando), in any combination, with an unforgettable cruise on the Paul Gauguin small luxury cruise ship. 

You can customize your Tahiti adventure with a hotel stay (or two) before and/or after the Paul Gauguin cruise, or as overnighters while you're on the cruise.

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Omni Resorts and Golf

Omni Homestead Gold Resort in Virginia
Omni Hotels & Resorts

Omni Hotels & Resorts is headquartered in Dallas, and all but two of its 50-odd properties are in the States. Omni knows what American vacationers want: a complete luxury resort experience including fabulous golf. 

Omni Golf’s collection of 12 golf resorts coast-to-coast feature a total of 25 exceptional and varied golf courses designed by the greatest golf architects. As an example: Fazio Canyons at Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa has been ranked #1 golf course in all of Texas.

Omni Golf resorts are located in some of the country’s most beautiful destinations, from Southern California and Arizona's high desert to the scenic Atlantic coast of Florida and the Carolinas, to dignified, ​historic resorts in Virginia and New Hampshire.

A stay in an Omni Golf resort is just as much fun for everyone in the family. Every resort offers challenges for golfers at all levels of play, including kids and teens. Non-golfers can count on diversions like swimming, horseback riding and tennis and spa. Every Omni Golf resort prides itself on luxurious accommodation, top-notch dining superior service, on and off the course.

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Soneva Resorts and Soneva in Aqua Cruise

Luxury yacht in the Maldives, Soneva in Aqua
Soneva Resorts

Soneva Resorts's three tropical properties are a go-to for luxury travelers seeking an idyllic island vacation. These boutique resorts—two in the Maldives and one in Thailand—are romantic yet very family-friendly, with an all-inclusive policy that lets you relax and enjoy everything Soneva has to offer.

Nowadays this includes Soneva in Aqua, a 63-foot sailing yacht. Soneva in Aqua's two deluxe cabins accommodate four adults and two (lucky) children. The ship is decked out with "this is the life" amenities like a sundeck with daybeds and a Jacuzzi, a bar, spa deck, a library lounge and Wi-Fi. Onboard crew included a captain, chef, butler and upon request, a dive master, masseur and even an astronomer.

Soneva in Aqua is berthed at Soneva Fushi resort in the Maldives and costs roughly the same as a two-bedroom villa at the resort. It is very easy to book land-and-sea vacations combining the yacht and the resort.

Some guests go further and book a Soneva in Aqua cruise to transport themselves from  Soneva Fushi to the brand's other Maldives resort, Soneva Jani. This fabulous adventure is called the Sonu and Eva Must-Do Maldivian Discovery, named after the couple who own Soneva.

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Belmond Hotels and Orient-Express Trains

Luxury Belmond train through Southeast Asia

Belmond Hotels used to be called Orient-Express Hotels, as in the legendary trains of Agatha Christie fame. Name change and all, the company still runs luxury train journeys: eight of them, in Asia, South America and Europe. These fabled railroad adventures include the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express through Europe and the Hiram Bingham in Peru.

Everywhere a Belmond Train Journey takes you, there are luxurious Belmond Hotels to savor, and Belmond staff will help you plan your rail-and-resort vacation. In Venice, Belmond Hotel Cipriani is a legend of its own. And Belmond Sanctuary Lodge in Peru, where many Hiram Bingham train passengers spend a night or two, offers the world's only resort hot tub with a view of Machu Picchu.

The Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express travels between Singapore and Bangkok, traversing the rainforested countryside of Malaysia and Thailand. The two-night journey comes complete with lavish meals, butler service, and private land tours along the way. And a short flight from Bangkok brings you to one of Thailand's best resorts, Belmond Napasai on the lovely island of Koh Samui. It's the perfect Southeast Asia vacation.

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Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Willow Stream Spas

Fairmont Hotels

Fairmont hotels are a favorite of luxury travelers who like grand accommodations and they're the most famous, most distinguished and most centrally located hotel in town. There's a lot more to love about Fairmont, including its world-class Willow Stream Spas, the Fairmont brand's signature spa name. 

Nineteen of Fairmont's global properties host a Willow Stream Spa. Spa aficionados who stay at these hotels have a great destination spa at their beck and call—without checking themselves into the usual destination spa, set in the wilderness, with not much on offer but fitness and wellness programs. Fairmont's Willow Stream Spa hotels offer a destination spa in a destination location. What Willow Stream Spas have in common is their commitment to local culture and native healing ingredients. Because the spas reflect their surroundings, they bring an intense local experience to the guest.

A Willow Stream Spa is found in the Fairmont hotel or resort in Sonoma (California) and Maui (Hawaii) in the U.S.; Banff Springs, Vancouver,and Victoria in Canada; Montreux, Switzerland; Manila, the Philippines; Beijing and Yangcheng Lake, China; Zimbali, South Africa; Singapore; Bermuda;and Dubai. 

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Ritz-Carlton Hotels and Ritz-Carlton Yachts

Onboard bar on the Ritz-Carlton yacht
The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton is America's most famous and beloved luxury hotel brand, renowned for its uniquely personal Ritz-Carlton hotel service. The brand's flag flies over 100 hotels and resorts worldwide plus a dozen more partner hotels.

Ritz-Carlton hotels provide complete luxury vacations in one place. But soon the brand will be on the move, gliding over the silver seas. The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is set to launch in the fourth quarter of 2019, with the first of three sleek yacht-style ships. each ship will accommodate 298 passengers in 149 suites, all with private balcony, and two duplex penthouse suites.

Shipboard seductions will include a restaurant overseen by three Michelin-star chef Sven Elverfeld; a signature Ritz-Carlton Spa; a wine bar; a variety of entertainment. Customized itineraries will emphasize local culture. And best of all, it will be easy to coordinate a cruise on a Ritz-Carton yacht with a stay at a Ritz-Carlton hotel or resort.

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