Luxury Fishing Lodges and Resorts in Canada

Just Because You Want to Go Fishing Doesn't Mean You Have to Rough It

••• King Pacific Lodge, British Columbia. Photo © King Pacific Lodge

The following fishing resorts represent some of the best and most luxurious fishing vacation spots that Canada has to offer.

1. King Pacific Lodge

Luxurious lodge with rainforest, ocean and waterfall views. King Pacific Lodge, Princess Royal Island, BC, is known for Coho and pink salmon saltwater fly fishing as well as its ecologically responsible approach to tourism. In addition to offsetting the carbon emissions of all lodge operations and employee travel, lodge owners aim to offset guests' air travel to and from the lodge for a truly carbon-neutral vacation.

Call (604) 987-5452, or visit the King Pacific Lodge website.

2. April Point Resort & Spa

Experience fishing adventure and relaxation at this island retreat. Chinook and Chum fishing in the Campbell River, Quadra Island, BC. The lodge features a Japanese-inspired spa and sushi bar.

Call 1-800-663-7090, or visit the April Point website.

3. Nimmo Bay

Star Trek's Captain Kirk himself (Canadian actor William Shatner) has called this Mackenzie Sound, BC, retreat "the best fishing lodge in the world." A-star helicopters take visitors to remote locations. Spa treatments also available.

Call 1-800-837-HELI, or visit the Nimmo Bay website.

4. La Seigneurie du Triton

Sprawling lakeside grounds in northern Quebec offer hunting and fishing for work getaways or pure pleasure. The resort has a history dating back to the 1800s and has hosted prime ministers and other dignitaries.

Call Toll-free: 1 877 393-0557, or visit the La Seigneurie du Triton website.

5. Camp Bonaventure

Located on the shores of Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula, Camp Bonaventure specializes in sight fishing for Atlantic salmon on some of the world's clearest rivers and wing shooting for grouse and woodcock with professionally trained English pointers.

Call +1-418-534-3678, or visit the Camp Bonaventure website.

6. Lac Moreau and Outfitter

This resort in the UNESCO recognized world heritage site of Charlevoix, Quebec, has an abundance of speckled trout in its more than 32 sparkling lakes covering more than 80 sq kilometers. Have the resort's chef cook up your catch at the end of the day!

Call 1-888-7-MOREAU, or visit the Lac Moreau and Outfitter website.

7. Post Hotel & Spa, Lake Louise

Perched at 1500 meters amidst the glory of Banff National Park, this Alpine-style lodge will arrange for fly- and lake fishing adventures for visitors in the summer and of course access to some of the world's greatest skiing in the winter. Fish species caught include steelhead, cutthroat, trophy brook trout, rainbows and browns.

Call 1-800-661-1586, or visit the Post Hotel & Spa website.

8. Gangler's North Seal River Lodge

With a maximum of 24 guests at any given time and 24 lakes in which to fish, fishermen will have to say they like the odds at the North Seal River Lodge. Personalized service and intimate surroundings are key to the lodge's philosophy. Set on the shores of Egenolf Lake in northern Manitoba, this fishing resort offers guests the chance to catch a northern pike, lake trout, walleye, and arctic grayling.

Call 1-866-515-6343 within North America or +1-352-637-2244 internationally, or visit the North Seal River Lodge website.

9. Lake Obabika Lodge

Lake Obabika Lodge is a family-operated fishing lodge on a pristine lake in northern Ontario. Species caught include northern pike, small-mouth bass and speckled trout and can be served up by the chef for dinner. Cap your dinner off with something from the lodge's outstanding selection of fine cigars, single malt scotches and wines.

Visit Lake Obabika Lodge website.

10. Totem Resorts

Three lodges comprise the Totem Resorts: Wiley Lodge, Totem Lodge and Yellow Bird Lodge & Chalet. Totem Resorts prides itself on its 5-star rating and attributes this high standing to constant upgrades, new equipment, expansions and personalized service. In the name of conservation, Totem offers discounts to guests who purchase a conservation fishing license or take no fish home (catch and release).

Guides are on hand to help guests catch the big one and prepare a shore lunch for you.

Phone: 807-226-5275, Toll-free: 1-800-66-TOTEM, or visit the Totem Resorts website.

11. Fairmont Kenauk at Le Chateau Montebello

Located between Ottawa and Montreal, Fairmont Kenauk at Le Chateau Montebello is one of North America's largest and longest-established private fish and game reserves, boasting more than 70 lakes within its borders.

Call 1-800-257-7544 within North America or +1-506-863-6310 internationally, or visit Fairmont Kenauk at Le Chateau Montebello website.

12. Strawberry Hill Resort

Located on the Lower Humber River on Newfoundland's West Coast, Strawberry Hill Resort guests have included Governor Lord Alexander, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. The resort is particularly famous for the run of "big" salmon that lie beneath the water surface in late July through mid-fall.

Call 1-877-434-0066, or visit the Strawberry Hill Resort website.