Luxor Las Vegas Restaurants: The Complete Guide

When you need to eat at luxor las vegas

If you are staying at Luxor Las Vegas you'll want to find a few places to eat so naturally we have them all here in one easy spot to narrow your focus. You must try the wild boar at Tender and a little Tequila is always a good idea at Tacos and Tequila. Nearby, Mandalay Bay has quite a few options for bars and restaurants and Excalibur has a convenient food court for a quick budget friendly meal.


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    Tender Steakhouse in Luxor Casino
    ••• Tender Steakhouse in Luxor Casino

    To put Tender in the typical steakhouse category in Las Vegas would be short sided. It also would be a shame since the kitchen has been focusing on bringing a different version of the overdone beef concept to Las Vegas for quite some time now. Tender Steakhouse at Luxor Las Vegas is like a tiny jewel among a vast collection of gemstones. You could go there for a typical steakhouse meal but realistically there are better steakhouses on the strip. However, do not dismiss Tender that easily. What they do and they do well is the alternative meats in the protein world. Go there and try the Bison Osso Buco or the Lamb Shank or the venison or the wild boar or the…you get the point? Try a tasting or split something if you are just feeling a bit adventurous. The charcuterie that features game meats is a clever way to introduce your palate to some foreign flavors.  The steaks are fine but not much in the way of a significant aging program and any menu that features Black Angus can be suspect....MORE Look for prime cuts of beef when paying top dollar for your dinner.



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    Public House
    ••• Public House

    If you need a central location to watch a lot of sports and have some decent food while being served endless amounts of beer you’ll find it at Public House at Luxor Las Vegas. This fancy sports bar focuses on good food to go along with an above average beer selection in a setting that is perfect for a long day of watching sports. A bonus at Luxor Las Vegas is the ability to be in a sports bar but not have to settle for an overpriced bar menu. From the salads to the wraps to the braised short ribs and pulled pork the kitchen treats you like someone who not only enjoys sports but enjoys good food to go along with your game watching.

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    Rice and Company

    Rice and Company Luxor
    ••• Rice and Company Luxor

    As if we needed another ambiguous menu to catch all Asian cuisine under one roof, Rice and Company seem to attempt a catch all of all flavors. They have the requisite sushi menu as well as a culture clash of Chinese and Japanese favorites. It’s not incredibly inventive but is solid enough for a visit if you really had no other choice. If you are pressed for time or really would rather not leave the resort you can find what you are looking for. This is not a restaurant you would go out of your way for but if you stopped in you could easily find something that would be both well prepared and satisfying to your budget and palate.

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    Tacos and Tequila

    Tacos and Tequila
    ••• Tacos and Tequila

    It’s the type of Mexican food that features nachos on the menu so that might make you question the authenticity, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid it. Try the bar at lunchtime and you’ll get a great deal and a selection of some decent Tequila. I can’t figure out why they don’t offer tacos on their lunch special menu or even on their happy hour offerings but nonetheless, the options are still worthy of a cheap meal. The place is called Tacos and Tequila, go figure. What you should consider is their chicken burrito and make sure to share it with someone. It’s huge and well worth the price especially when you share it. Also, order a few soft tacos of carnitas and al pastor, while they are not as cheap as your local taco truck they do pack enough flavor to help you realize that that the markup is simply a product of being in Las Vegas.  Make sure to order a margarita and please don’t let them blend it. If you are feeling adventurous ask for something with some mezcal as the added...MORE smokiness of the spirit ramps up your taste buds for the salsa in your tacos.


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    Backstage Deli

    Backstage Deli
    ••• Backstage Deli

    This is your late night stop for an ample portion of pastrami on rye that will not only satisfy you but probably impress you. When you consider that this meal is eaten at 4 am you can understand why you’ll get excited about a deli after a nightclub. More time s than I can count I have stopped by this deli and expected to be let down but each time they seem to add some magic dust of good flavor and comfort food happiness to my order and I leave satisfied. Is it the greatest deli on the planet? No, but it is good for what you need when you want a quick sandwich or a casual breakfast that does not cost you a fortune.

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    Pyramid Cafe

    Pyramid Cafe
    ••• Pyramid Cafe

    Café style food and an option for breakfast.  Not much here except for a casual spot to start your day. They offer breakfast and lunch but close early in the afternoon.



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    Luxor More Buffet
    ••• Buffet at Luxor Las Vegas.

    This is a typical buffet in Las Vegas but no one is really breaking down doors to visit. This is a good option if you are traveling with young children as kids under 4 eat free.



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    RM Seafood Octopus
    ••• Sensational Octopus at RM Seafood Las Vegas. Zeke Quezada

    The Luxor Las Vegas is connected to Mandalay Bay Resort via a corridor and shopping complex called Mandalay Place. There are a few reasonably priced restaurants and a couple of convenient casual choices for food in that the corridor.  Slice of Vegas offers Italian food and pizza by the slice as well as happy hour specials. Next door Hussong’s Cantina is a casual Mexican restaurant with authentic menu food for a good price. Burger Bar is home to a huge beer list and gourmet burgers. A little further into the complex RiRa Irish Pub with comfortable drinking food and entertainment. RM Seafood and Rx Boiler Room are a bit more upscale and focus on sustainable seafood and craft cocktails respectively.