12 Ways to Have a Luxe Insta-Getaway in Mexico City

Mexico City is a vibrant, cultural hub where the best of Mexican life merges with the world's best cuisine and art, creating an international environment where luxury hotels and experiences thrive. During a visit to the city, you can fill your days gallivanting from restaurants to art exhibits, in-between jaunts to plentiful markets and in-home cooking schools. But no matter where you go in Mexico City, a photo opportunity is always soon to follow, as this city is bright and bursting with color and inspiration at every turn. ​

In the guide below, learn how you can photograph your perfect luxe, Instagram getaway during your next visit to this sultry capital. 

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    Sip Chic at Fifty Mils Inside Four Seasons Hotel Mexico


    Located in the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Mexico, Fifty Mils bar is all you could ever desire in a swanky cocktail setting. As one of the best bars in all of Mexico City, the lounge offers an inviting, international mix of travels and locals alike, creating a relaxed ambiance where you can rest amidst plush couches and armchairs - perfect mingling with friends. The bar's star is resident mixologist Mica Rousseau. Hailing from France and having trained in Portugal, Rousseau's international background can be tasted in each of his ​delectable cocktails. Often making playful twists on classic drinks, order any of his creations off the menu. For the more daring, give Rousseau a few different ingredients you love, and the expert mixologist is sure to craft a custom cocktail just for you. 

    Photographer's Tip: In order to document a mixologist crafting a drink at Fifty Mils bar, make sure you're fast to snap the photo, eliminating any drag in a movement that may occur while the mixologist is shaking or mixing the drink. 

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    Order the Billy The Kid Cocktail at Fifty Mils Inside Four Seasons Hotel Mexico


    At Fifty Mils, you can expect a list of 10 traditional cocktails paired with 10 innovative, eclectic cocktails - there's something for every taste palate. Of Mica Rousseau's cocktail creations, the Billy The Kid evokes a sense of the Wild West in the heart of Mexico City. Served in an old-school pewter cup on a plank where bourbon and rum have been aged, Rousseau blends bourbon, vodka, caramel tea, corn flakes, saffron, and homemade cinnamon syrup, creating one of the house favorites. 

    Photographer's Tip: Whatever you order, make sure to get elevated for the best photo. This vantage point allows you to see what's within the cocktail - you can see the ice crystallization and the garnish perfectly. ​

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    Order Breakfast in Bed at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico


    There's no better way to indulge in vacation bliss than by ordering room service. You don't have to change out of your pajamas or get dressed for the day just yet, as the team at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico will serve up a feast for kings - straight to your room. Choose from a selection of fresh fruit juices, cereals, pastries, and a steamy hot pot of coffee. For a heartier breakfast, order one of the many egg-based creations, such as machaca scrambled eggs with flour tortillas or a traditional eggs benedict with Canadian ham or smoked salmon.

    Photographer's Tip: When photographing your breakfast, make sure to get an overhead angle so you can capture all of the variety of foods that make up your dish. But the key to this shot is in the editing. In order to edit out the majority of lines on the white tablecloth, increase the brightness and contrast, which will eliminate the majority of wrinkles in the placemat. 

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    Take a Pastry for the Road at Pan Dulce


    If you prefer to immediately hit the Mexico City streets to explore all the city has to offer, then skip breakfast in bed in lieu of a sweet snack for the road. Stop by Pan Dulce in the lobby of Four Seasons Hotel Mexico, where the perfect luxurious confection awaits. At the hotel's exclusive bakery, you'll find a wide array of both Mexican and French classic treats inspired by La Pâtisserie des Rêves in Paris. With your latte and croissant in hand, you're free to explore the vibrant life in Mexico City. 

    Photographer's Tip: This bakery is too photogenic to only capture the confections, but you can approach your photo in one of two ways. Either focus on the space or get a zoomed shot of your pastry. Either option is sure to capture the mood perfectly. 

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    Wander the halls of Four Seasons Hotel Mexico


    As of March 2016, Four Seasons Hotel Mexico underwent an extensive renovation, completely redesigning the guest rooms and guest experiences in honor of the hotel's 20th-anniversary celebration. The end product is a fresher, fancier, and more sophisticated property, effortlessly evoking the gorgeous design appeal of both Four Seasons and the cultural hub of Mexico City. French-based avant-garde designers Gilles & Boissier added contemporary enhancements to the hotel, creating a traditional hacienda-style ambiance with a timeless sophistication. Of the property's most stunning features are the elegant hallways that seem to drift on forever. Enjoy strolling the black-and-white tiled floors as a clean, modern color palate surrounds, effortlessly matching the ambiance of this vibrant and modern landmark.

    Photographer's Tip: For this photo opportunity, you'll need a buddy to help you out. Take a stroll down the gorgeous hallway, making sure to walk very slowly with each stride. Opt to turn your back or walk straight forward - either way, the beautiful architecture is sure to complement your style. 


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    Enjoy the Open-Air Lobby at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico


    Capturing the best of Mexican-style hacienda life, the lobby outdoor spaces at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico truly transport you to the convivial atmosphere of this destination that has enamored travelers to this locale for years. In a series of interconnected, multifunctional spaces, the property's layout encourages communal interactions in a more intimate and welcoming environment. By creating these newly-imagined gathering places, guests are able to chat freely amidst a thoughtful design of warm lounge areas, communal-style seating and work areas, and a library section with fireplaces reminiscent of a home-style hacienda. Of the spaces, the inner courtyard is the best. Set with a garden area where a central fountain flows, there's a quiet, firepit seating area named "Our Little Secret," perfect for the hotel's famous tequila tastings. 

    Photographer's Tip: In order to capture "Our Little Secret" while it's illuminated, opt to shoot this photo in the early evening hours. Just as the sun begins to dip, the light in the courtyard will allow you to capture both the ambiance of the plush white couches, as well as the glowing garden sign.

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    Explore Mercado de Medellín with the Casa Jacaranda Founders


    Chef's Jorge and Beto are the owners and founders of Casa Jacaranda, a restaurant and cooking school which takes place in the couple's home in Mexico City's Roma Norte district. When you book a day of cooking with the couple, they will personally take you on a food tour of the city to collect ingredients. During this fascinating discovery of Mexican culture, you can experience one of Mexico City's oldest and most revered markets, Mercado de Medellín. Here, you can select the best Central and South American ingredients, perfect for cooking up traditional Mexican fare.  

    Photographer's Tip: Visiting Mercado de Medellín is a sensory experience, so try not to be too distracted with photography while you're exploring this locale. Instead, pick a motif to discover, such as a particular color or an interesting font. Keeping an open mind, you can explore the market with a new set of eyes, only photographing the theme you've chosen when it presents itself before you.

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    Cook Traditional Mexican Fare at a Chef's Home in Roma Norte


    After selecting an array of ingredients from Mercado de Medellín, Jorge and Beto will guide you to their home in Mexico City's Roma Norte district. In a home reminiscent of Pablo Neruda's La Chascona in Santiago, Jorge and Beto cook within an idyllic Mexican retreat, where it's easy to picture the likes of Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and crew in a setting so sweet. The home operates in a similar style as the Buenos Aires closed-door restaurant circuit, and the design aesthetic, coupled with the curated food experience, the culture of the market and anecdotes from cooking with Jorge and Beto, are an experience to remember. 

    Photographer's Tip: Photography Casa Jacaranda is all about the details. Whether choosing to focus on the big-picture dining area (like I did) or focusing in on a particular painting, enjoy the setting and photograph what calls to you. Maybe it's a piece of art or a particular recipe you're cooking; no matter, your focal point of choice is sure to make a beautiful image.

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    Feast on Tamales and Sip Palmoas


    After learning traditional recipes from Jorge and Beto, feast on your creations in the afternoon. Sip on a Paloma cocktail with fresh grapefruit and Mexico City's famous Mezcal, all while enjoying a feast of chalupas, salsas, and Jorge and Beto's celebrated tamales. All the recipes have been in the couple's respective families for years, making this day a true celebration of Mexico's cultural heritage. 

    Photographer's Tip: Set up your aerial food shot however you please, taking special note of the color mix as you style. Is there a particular sauce with a hue that overwhelms the image? Or does the pop of color work perfectly with the other food items in the shot? This is your chance to food style just like the pros, so feel free to mix and match a variety of dishes, drinks, and utensils in this composition for a photo that's truly yours.

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    Soak in Chaya B&B's Luxurious Tub


    To round out your stay in Mexico City, move to the Chaya B&B, overlooking the gorgeous Alameda Park. Home to the most luxurious bathtub in all of Mexico City, this creative design retreat will impress you with its location, nestled atop a building full of the city's best shops, restaurants, art galleries, and more, completely encompassing the spirit of the youthful downtown district. Enjoy an open-air, outdoor setting: Hammocks are strung from post to post and a series of ornamental light hangings create quite the soothing atmosphere at sundown. 

    Photographer's Tip: With the help of a friend, dive into the tub at Chaya B&B. Wrap yourself in one of the hotel's plush robes, and position yourself whichever way you like. You can lay down and throw your arms and legs in the air for a fun, quirky image, or you can hang yourself over the side for a portrait-style shot. Whatever you choose, stay true to your personality and have fun with it!

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    Scope Out Palacio de Bellas Artes near Alameda Park


    Just down the street from Chaya B&B is Palacio de Bellas Artes, home to art and murals by Mexico City's most revered artists. Encased in a marble palace with imperial concert halls, the hall hosts art exhibits year round, as well as seasonal opera and symphony performances. 

    Photographer's Tip: Across the street from Palacio de Bellas Artes is a Sears building - yes, that Sears, the official, worldwide outfitter of home appliances. Although it may seem crazy at first, go to the top of the Sears building to a small coffee shop. After ordering a ​specialty drink go to the shop's outdoor terrace, where this view of the Palacio de Bellas Artes awaits. 


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    Take the Ultimate Early-Morning Instagram Shot at Chaya B&B


    Before departing Mexico City, take a moment to simply bask in the amenities at Chaya B&B. The hotel outfits each guest with buenos dias (good morning) slippers, perfect for an early-morning aerial shot of you, your slippers, and your coffee - bonus points if the image includes a cactus!