Stretch Out and Enjoy Your Next Long-Haul With Lufthansa's New 'Sleeper Row'

If you snooze, you...

Lufthansa Plane Returns From Airline's Longest-Ever Flight
Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

Ever wish you could just know you were going to get a dedicated row to yourself on a long-haul flight? You know, instead of just waiting, hoping, and watching like a hawk for an empty row as other passengers board the plane. Yeah, we see you—because we’re looking, too. If you’re not flying in a premium class, having a row to yourself to stretch out is pretty much the next best thing to a lie-flat.

Until now.

Lufthansa announced that starting Aug. 2, 2021, economy passengers on long-haul flights lasting at least 11 hours will now have the option to opt-in for an actually reasonably-priced new perk called the Sleeper Row.

If you’re wondering why you should shell out for the extra seats when you can just take the gamble and maybe get them for free, Lufthansa is one step ahead of you. Booking a Sleeper Row will not only snag you a guaranteed three- or four-seat row (depending on what kind of plane you’re on), you’ll also get your own pillow, blanket, special seat belt, and—wait for it—mattress topper that, according to the airline, is "of business-class quality."

But, wait, there’s more! Sleeper Row bookings, which can only be made the day of your flight at the gate or check-in, also come with pre-boarding privileges, so you’ll get tucked into your private row ahead of the rest of the cabin; no doubt eliciting a few jealous stares.

The best part? You’ll get these bonus seats and amenities for anywhere between 159 to 229 euros per route. Considering how pricey tickets are these days, this new Sleeper Row offering is a definite deal steal in our book.

Truthfully, we’re not sure why this hasn’t been done before—it’s an "everybody wins" situation. Well, as long as you’re one of the first to snatch up the opportunity. There are only ever a maximum of three Sleeper Row bookings available for any given flight. Sounds like a good reason to skip the snooze button.