Love Phoenix or Hate Phoenix? Readers Share Their Opinions of Living in Greater Phoenix

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    Love Phoenix? Hate Phoenix?

    Love Phoenix Hate Phoenix
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    A few years ago I opened up a discussion, inviting locals to share their feelings about living in the Greater Phoenix area. Some people might think that because I spend my days writing about Phoenix that I must totally love it here. True, I do choose to live here, but it is far from perfect. When you find that perfect place, don't tell anyone -- everyone will move there and ruin it! I share my pluses and minuses here:

    The following responses were submitted between 2010 and 2014. The most recent comments appear first; you might want to start at the end and work your way to the front! You'll notice some similarities and common threads. For example, crime, lack of culture. I'm not sure that the facts back up some of those comments, but the part of Greater Phoenix in which people live, and where they came from, certainly might reflect in their opinions, both positive and negative. 

    I am no longer accepting submissions on this topic. I may have done some minor editing if the response wandered off topic, but I did not correct spelling or grammar errors.

    Note: I received one comment from a lady who wrote, "After reading these reviews, I want to stab myself in the face." Please remember, that there is a lot of negativity online. It's a place where people can rant anonymously, and they do. While there are many positive comments here, but for many it is easier to be passionate about hating. I wouldn't make any life decisions based on any comments you read here. You don't know anything about the people commenting, or whether you would feel the same way.

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    14 years in phoenix

    I don't want to make comments about people because there is nice and rude people everywhere you go. About the place. Too hot and boring. I'm not talking about Florida or Texas heat I'm talking about middle east heat. Extreme heat for 7 months of the year. Its just too long. And its boring, there is nothing to do. For real! I lived in 17 states and 5 countries. So far this is the worse metropolitan area. My favorite in my experience. San Francisco. San Diego. Costa Rica and Sarasota, Florida.
    — mel

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    hate arizona

    Too hot , stupid people , ugly scenery and lousy drivers . Nothing to do , roads go to nowhere and hunting and fishing is a bad joke . How I miss the friendly people of the Midwest and all it beauty . If I wasn't stuck here with a wife that refuses to move I would be gone and much happier . Maybe I should leave her but am just too old to start over . Death cannot come soon enough .
    — ron6666666666666

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    Love/Hate Indeed

    The facts are all here the good and bad I think everyone is telling the truth from their perspective. The one thing I would like to point out being from the most culturally diverse melting pot in the country, Asheville NC is that Phoenix and AZ in general is very CLEAN! When i go back to the east anywhere from NYC to Atl everything seems so dirty with trash and cig buts everywhere. The west has a much cleaner feeling. Also I feel people in AZ are much more mature, I think living in a place where you have to survive the climate toughens you up and you see things for what they are. My friends back home and I'm almost 40 haven't changed a bit yes Asheville is beautiful and culture is deep, but when you share it with a bunch of immature drunks that act like they are constantly on an acid trips is not good for my spiritual growth. Phoenix is sprawled with a lack of holistic lifestyle but I love being able to enjoy Sedona, Prescott, Jerome and GC so much to do if your an adventurer me.
    — Southerner

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    Just Say No to PHX

    I moved here a year ago for work. Ive been open and tried SO hard to love it. The scenery is beautiful. Ive kayaked, hiked, and explored canyons! BUT ive seen now want to go HOME! People here have no cultural compared to other cities. There is no "heart" of town! Everything is dry and sprawled out. I have met a lot of "strange" corporate type transplants who moved here for work and are equally a little lost. Not much of a music scene if your dont like pop or indie. Ive lived in Florida, California, and Missouri and trust me PHX had VERY dry not earthy people along with their climate and unsistainable lifestyles. Concrete jungle with sprawling neighborhoods of cheap new homes being built...and if you are not latino you are the minority.
    — Lola

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    Phoenix and Good Health Don't Mix

    Whether it's air and water pollution, the quality and scarcity of doctors, the intellectual environment, or any kind of real cultural life, this ranks at the bottom for my wife and me. We moved here on a corporate transfer and can't wait to leave.
    — Henchard

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    Living in Phoenix

    Arizona is hands down the best state to live in. I've lived in the mid-west and it's way too cold for most of the year. Love the desert and the mountains and the glorious sunshine!

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    People here are trying WAY too hard

    It's funny this is on here because I just moved here from L.A about 8 months ago and was thinking the same thing kind of. lol It's ironic because a lot of people in Scottsdale have an attitude, but don't have the credentials to back it. There are a lot of wannabes in L.A too, don't get me wrong, but you also have a lot of people in the entertainment industry, so you do have a lot of ACTUAL success there. The funny thing is that in L.A, the people tend to be a lot more easygoing and laid back. The attitude here is so much worse and for no good reason. It's like they're overcompensating for the fact that they're seriously lacking. It kind of makes me laugh in a way because I mean, here in Scottsdale - WHO are these people again? one.
    — ImissCali

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    Phoenix is HOT and the people are ANGRY

    It's a hostile city with drunk, drugged, and aggressive drivers. Did I mention HOT? The heat is miserable.
    — Ed

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    Phoenix is too ** Right Wing **

    After living here in Scottsdale for 27 years…YES, 27 years of this miserable summer heat, it's about time I move back to home state of SoCal. Oh, how Imiss the cooler climes. Yes, I overstayed (to say the least) due to marriage constrictions. Arizona's climate has changed dramatically. When first moved here, first time, back in the '70s, I can remember when the month of March was actually cold. Not anymore. The heat has taken a toll on this state, not to mention the politics of this state. Very Bad. If you are a diehard Republican, then this is the state for you. If not, get the hell out of dodge. You won't be welcomed.
    — Tina

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    love/hate - soo close!

    After reading, I noticed love=natural environment hate=people and I agree w/u all, but not all of us are racist bigots, u included it you are still here. I'm from Carlsbad CA so how can I see this desert as better than that? cheaper... yes, but the consensus is correct about ignorance in general. I live in lower Alabama, so I no the south is no better, but they keep their ignorance to themselves (not polite). That's about the only difference. I was even told in AL that I could not have a drivers lic bcs my birth cert. looked to much like POTUS! even though I possessed a Class A Alabama teaching cert! I'm white, and the reverse of discrimination was experience there. Here, I'm accepted, as long as I don't open my mouth! I'm too liberal for both of them! I want to go back home, but I can't afford it. So, I'll keep doing the right thing, calling out publicly those that are the ones everyone that hates AZ pointed out, and voting Democratic! Alas- too poor to leave, yet! I'll keep praying;
    — surfer stuck on a catus

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    People in Scottsdale are phony wannabes

    Recently, I had the misfortune of moving to Arizona for reasons beyond my control. I’ve lived all throughout southern California, and now I live in Scottsdale. I despise this place more than the Ebola virus. It’s as though the sun has literally sucked their personalities dry to match the (lack of) vegetation. The people here are self-impressed a-holes who think they’re above everyone else for reasons unbeknownst to me – tons of wannabes, phonies who are so quick to pass judgment on anyone and everyone who is “different.” By “different,” I mean anyone who doesn’t completely and utterly suck. There is zero diversity here, which is a shame. People who are free-spirited and liberal-minded are as rare as a UFO sighting, and if I have to deal with one more jackass in this town, I’m seriously going to slap somebody. I’ve never understood why the people in Scottsdale are so dry, uptight, and disdainful. Just because there is wealth here, they think they’re entitled to look down their noses.
    — J.J

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    hate it here

    wish i was dead every day living here. about sums it up.
    — phoenix sucks

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    explore the state

    For all of the complainers, you haven't explored the state. I can literally and without question go skiing or snowboarding all day in Flagstaff and then drive two hours back to the valley and swim in my outdoor pool! This state has so much to offer it is amazing. The opportunities for outdoor activities in never ending. If you are an aviation enthusiast the weather here is as perfect as you will ever get for flying nearly any and every day of the year. You can purchase a pass for 50 bucks per car load and visit the Grand Canyon as often as you like for a year. Yes, one of the greatest natural wonders on the planet is only three hours from Phoenix. Hiking, biking, cycling, camping, the list goes on and on. Do you like riding motorcycles? 8 months out of the year you can ride all over the state in beautiful weather 99 percent of the time. Is Arizona a desert? You bet. But if you like boating try Lake Havasu and the Colorado River. Its beautiful. I wear shorts every day.
    — dubbs900

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    Still the 20th century here

    Lived here for ten years and know this city inside and out. Every place I've visited was paradise in comparison. Here is an example of the typical kind of mentality you will encounter in this cultureless wasteland: "some kind of idiot?? whoever wrote the complaint about Phoenix must have been living in a slum warehouse and didn't see 95% of the city, much less all the beautiful areas surrounding the city, not to mention the rest of this beautiful state. AZ has so many choices you just have to look around to find some of them. The poor pathetic idiot who wrote the complaint just missed out. Oh well, we already have too many people here who don't make the effort to appreciate the area. Let some of them move away." Most people in Phoenix sound like an angry drunk college students.
    — FreeAtLast

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    I am moving to Pheonix Arizona

    I am moving from Seattle to pheonix and yes I am a liberal and what attracted me to the pheonix area is the fact that most people are transplants and I think I would love the fact that buying a home in Arizona is reasonable and the cost of living is afforadable. The fact that people stay in their homes to me is normal. Isn't that what people buy a home for the privacy! Where I am moving from which is considered a liberal state has had it's problems like the fact the police are way too over the top abusive has anyone been watching the news lately. It seems to me that the complainers should leave the state they hate! How do dogs do in Arizona! I am more concerned about my dogs surviving then the people in Arizona. So far, no one has really made too much sense as to the real problems. I think when people don't understand the meaning of privacy there is a problem. People here are too nosey and don't mind their own business. I need to move somewhere where people know about diversity.
    — Washington

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    love/hate relationship

    Phoenix has grown physically but managed to remain a mental midget. My question is why? It's almost like they're trying to reinvent the wheel. Also too spread out to be practical...and learn from your own mistakes, never mind others mistakes. We have a vested interest in this place and so we care. Other than that,we love it here...maybe summers too! Good place to raise family etc. With all the feasibility studies that have been done for numerous projects,over the years is anything going to be feasible? Light rail took forever, and we don't think they got it quite right even so. Now we're going to see how the sky train works in conjunction with it. It is all a long time coming, but better late than never. Oh, by the way what's the deal with all those new but empty buses. Somebody is obviously missing the point...they look like state of the art vehicles and deserve to be full. Are the locals so glued to their cars even in these challenging times? I don't get it.
    — arun

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    You have no idea what you are talking about or you just like to whine and moan for attention. PHOENIX IS NOT HUMID, THE HEAT IS DRY. Why dont you all go away if you dont like it.. Go back to where you came from and let us live in peace. There is nothing worse than a whiny little punk complaining about the heat. Please go away all of you
    — RJ

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    I hate Phoenix

    I moved from Orange County, CA in 1994 I tired of it now. The heat is miserably hot it will surprise you ever year like it does me how hot it gets at 4:30am it's 95 by 7am it's 102. Just enough humidity so you can't cool off. Cars get so hot inside they don't cool off with the AC blowing hard until you get a block away from home. You can withstand the heat until about June then depending on the weather it gets up to 115 by July 4th it's unbearable you have to do everything at night. The dust is so bad here everything gets covered with it in your house. Didn't see a temp under 100 until 11/2 last year. By every July 4th it's really hot and humid. I went to south Florida in August it was great you guys with your humidity is nothing like Phoenix. Every year at least 1 kid and pets die left in cars parked in the summer. People die hiking at the city parks also a couple a year. Also if you live on the west side and drive E the sun in in your eyes everyday. I wanted to also say rain is a few days a year now 10 years ago it would be hot until July then we would get Monsoons and it rained at least every 3 days until August then September it would dry out. We are lucky to get one good rain a summer now. Not sure whats going on with the weather but its getting hotter longer even hitting 100 in November now. Also no one every comes outside all you do here is sit inside your house and watch TV. We all have hugh big screens with 150ch of dish network. This type of behavior I noticed is even in the winter as well. The west side is really bad all you hear is Harley racing down the streets and the thump of sub woofers in junky 90's Honda with a fart sounding exhaust going by about every 15 minutes. Most of the west side is rented out so you get nothing but trouble. I had to move east after I was woke up with a drive by shooting into a rental house that was selling drugs.
    — Kelly

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    Ruder than Paris, People here So mean...

    Well, the only reason I am here, is because of family..I moved out here 'for a better-life' my dad says, from Cleveland, at age 13. At age 19, as soon as I grad'd HS I moved the HELL out to Seattle. 4 yrs later, I was Forced to move back, financially and family health concerns (Im super close to my immediate family.) then after only 8 months back - I couldnt take it another day - picked up and moved to San Diego, but a death in family, ONCE Again, brought me back to this HELL. I've decided, I need to BE HAPPY NOW, Life is too short, and while I Adore and love my family, I cannot stand the rude ppl here, (hold the door for someone,as a courtesy here and they look at you like you're from Mars) (Let someone in, in traffic--no wave of 'thanks' they Feel 'entitled' to it) I'd MUCH rather deal with the earthquakes and May-gray/June Gloom of Los Angeles, where I have already made a goal of being back there nxt yr at this time. Cool weather, and YES, Nicer ppl than here. PPL here so mean-HEAT

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    I love phoenix

    I moved here three years ago from the deep south. I absolutely love it here. I have no close family back in the south, and I don't think I would go back if I did. I have lived in Chicago and Atlanta, but Phoenix feels like I have come home.
    — Lovin phoenix

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    I hate phoenix

    Phoenix is ugly, brown, desolote, no scenery, a diry hell hole. I'm getting out of here, it's down right depressing.
    — Susan 

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    A Better Perspective

    I love Phoenix. I live part-time in Phoenix and part-time in Denver. I feel that Phoenix is the closest city that reminds me of the Denver area just warmer. I hate the traffic in both cities. Phoenix drivers are worse. Being a Democrat in a conservative state like Colorado makes Arizona look mild. I think Denver has more culture than Phoenix, Phoenix has more places to eat and shop. Sports teams are about the same. Arizona State University is amazing place. My son graduated from there. CU is a stuck up community in a free flying area. Where the Phoenix area has upper scale Scottsdale the Denver area has Cherry Creek and Hilltop. Denver has the Ride, but we lack a neighborhood trolley and are just now getting a light rail train through town. In Denver I hate the months between Nov-Feb. It usually doesn't get up past 60 and snows. In Phoenix its June - Sept. Too hot. What I enjoy about the Phoenix area is that you can get outside for longer periods. More bugs in CO.

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    Matter of Perspective

    I've read a lot of people on here complaining or praising the same things. Whether or not Phoenix is a great place is a matter of perspective. If you are the type of person who can't stand the bustling pulse of places like New York or Chicago or hate shoveling snow, then you might like it here. If you can't stand the thought of living in a place where state gun laws are so loose a person can legally carry a concealed handgun into any establishment in the city, including bars, then Phoenix might not be the place for you. The culture of the community will lend to your opinion of any city, and seems to often be overlooked in threads like this. Arizona, at its core, is a RED state. If you are of like mind, then Phoenix would naturally be more appealing to you. Hardcore conservatives would never praise San Francisco for their progressive ways, there for, if you are a more liberal minded person, you may find that Phoenix's priorities are not aligned to your own. Keep in mind, Joe Arpaio ha
    — Adam

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    used too

    we moved here in 1960. it was a nice place to raise a family. how things have changed and not for the better.
    — darrell

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    Love it, want it

    I think the desert is a place that you love or hate despite anything else. I lived in teh desert of CA for a year 30 years ago and just adored it. After going to Phoenix on business and vacation I fell in love with it and the saguaros - they are gorgeous. I am also a golfer so was impressed with the variety of courses. I am from Chciago and love the Chicagoans. I lived in Florida for several years so truly understand the transient nature of a place where snowbirds flock as well as vacationers. I currently live in Seattle and while it is beautiful, the people are not. Read up on Seattle Freeze and you will understand. It has taken me 5 years to get acclimated the passive aggressiveness and now I am doing the same thing. Need to get back to who I am and in a gorgeous place like Phoenix. Love the desert and sunsets.

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    Like A Bad Vacation

    Been here for many years. It's akin to a bad vacation that never ends. It's a very transient place, no one seems to be able to do anything really well, a poor work ethic, superficiality and on an on. The illegal issue takes center stage all the time and it's a very red state--lots of tea baggers call it home here. It's hotter than heck 4 months per year and the winters are cool, not like Florida at all. Jobs are not great pay wise or benefit wise. It's pretty much a melting pot of sub-mediocrity.
    — Nicky

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    Hate it

    People are small minded bigots. Drivers from he'll. Food sucks and is expensive. PeOple are phony. No comparison to new y,ork. Like moving from heaven to he'll. Will leave this he'll hole very soon.
    — Marjo107

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    Phoenix Is Great... From October to May!

    Phoenix is AWESOME, from October to May. It's the June to September that makes you question why the heck you live there. Pros: Biltmore, Central PHX, Camelback Corridor, Arcadia Cons: Everything else around it. Great place to live as a single person, but once you start a family you want the hell out!
    — Realist

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    It's Those Darned Canadians

    All of the contributors so far have overlooked a serious blight on the greater Phoenix area. Yes, there is crime, low education, foreclosures, dust and fires of hell heat but the real scourge of the desert are Canadians. Jan Brewer should take a far tougher stance on Canadian immigration than on Mexican. Vast numbers of homes are being bought up by those predatory lumberjacks and Ski-dooers. Bad Drivers in Phoenix? It's Canadians who are raised riding snowmobiles and skiing behind methed up caribou who are the real danger on Arizona roads. Rudeness? All Canadians do is drink beer and fart. Really loud, awful farts. Even the women. No culture? It's those bland Canadians whose first phase of their alien occupation was to impose a hockey team on Phoenix. It's not even a good hockey team. The Canadian National women's team could skate circles around the Coyotes. Boredom, Social isolation? It's those bland Canucks. All the talented or funny Canadians like Mike Myers go to L.A.
    — The Dog

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    Thoughts from a Los Angeleno

    I just recently moved to Arizona from California. Specifically from LA, CA to Glendale, AZ (there is a Glendale in CA). And so far I've been here a month. Moved here specifically for a job. I'm single guy, no kids, never been married. Pros: My salary went UP, cost of living went DOWN; traffic disappear (now granted I drive west away from Phoenix to work) but in general, I have not experienced anywhere NEAR the traffic jam nightmares of Los Angeles. Beautiful weather (though I came in October so I prepared for the brutal summers). And nice roads, open spaces. Cons: Well...not really but it does feel a bit isolating. Not a negative just used to more people. As for nightlifte, I know of Scottsdale and Tempe (AS Univ) and downtown Phoenix. Not too much diversity (I'm Hispanic). Other than that I look forward to visiting the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Flagstaff and Tucson.

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    in phoenix over 47yrs now born here. and i have seen it go from a nice place to live to one that is over stuffed with people legal and illegal crime has exploded meth labs and drop houses are everywhere now the place is no congested with polution and traffic it takes forever to get a road built or even repaired around here and the state can't even balance it budget but they sure are good at spending our hard earn taxes dollar on nonesense like a light rail or yet another sports stadium most people can't afford to ever use... og and for some reason it's now 90 degrees on halloween instead of 78 degrees like it used to be 20 yrs ago! it hardly ever rains here and when it does alot of people drive like idots out in it.. it used to be a great place then the population exploded and now it's starting to feel like hell on earth at times. why won't i leave it's simple i was here first born here as far as i'm concerned everyone else here thats causing the problems can please leave
    — George S

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    Miserable people

    To all the anti social freaks out their that say there is nothing to do out here, you are all lazy and truly don't like the heat. So why did you even move here. I've lived here for almost a year, came from Chicago... Obviously lol, and I love it out here! You can't shovel sunshine, maybe if you had a better additude, or outlook on life it wouldn't be so hard to meet people. The only complaint that I might have is the thievery, there is so much of that out here, so take extra caution and lock your stuff up! Otherwise, the females are bad, pretty much all dtf, you can do something outside everyday if you choose to, its all about staying hydrated and I'm not talking about drinking carbonated garbage, lots of water. The heat is a mind over matter thing. Mills ave is a great place for the blue collar regular, people tend to be a bit snobby when partying in scottsdale, but that is what money brings to most people... Both have great night lives, but I prefer mills ave...
    — Chi Town

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    It gets hotter every year

    This place is an oven and the air is filthy. No trees, every plant and animal has spikes, thorns, or venom and is trying to kill you. Mammals are not supposed to be here. For 6 months of the year you will have a perpetual layer of sweat on you if you just go outside. Its the first place I have been where the sun is your enemy and you dont look forward to a sunny day cause its miserable.
    — ItsHot

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    I like Oregon better, sorry, but I do.

    As a native and life long resident of Oregon, I'm finding my new life in Phoenix to resemble The Twilight Zone. The water here resembles warm swimming pool water with a side of dirt, the coffee is a joke and I miss rain, moss and mud. There I said it, I miss mud, naturally occurring mud. Why live here? A job transfer brought us here and hopefully one that will take us out. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful here, the cacti are amazing and the Mexican food is the best I've had this side of Mexico but I miss my family, my friends, the ability to buy a real cup of coffee at any time without driving 10 miles, ice cold, lovely water from the tap, hipsters, hippies, good beer, trees, lakes and rivers and the ocean.
    — OregonCoffeeMomma

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    Phoenix , the other hell

    Here's my pro/con list, I'll start with the Cons: Summers are brutally hot, horrible job market, foreclosures everywhere, urban sprawl at its worst, vacant strip malls, chain restaurants, lame Mexican restaurants, red light cameras, snowbirds, Scottsdale Range Rover drivers and fake people, high ratio of strip clubs/check cashing/pawn shops, powerful HOAs, no rain, haboobs, high % of Republicans and Tea Party gun lovers, high crime rates, Jan Brewer, tendency to blame all ills and budget deficits on Mexicans, cookie cutter McMansion subdivisions, high % of SUV/offroad vehicles for work commuting, spraying water fountains into the air (in the desert??WTF???), flooding grass yards in the desert (another WTF???) and did I say it's too freaking hot? PROS: Short drive to get away from Phoenix (go to California of Flagstaff), plenty of water intensive golf courses to play in the 110+ degree heat, can't swing a dead cat without hitting a publicly funded baseball stadium.
    — ouch, the truth hurts

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    Phoenix is AWESOME

    If you love scorching hot weather, I mean really HOT, like when you go outside and immediately feel the heat sting your neck, you'll love it here! If you love the way human flesh smells after people come in from a walk home in the middle of the afternoon, You're gonna LOVE it here... If you like dust storms that are the latest wave of occurrences happening due to the yearly increase in summer tempratures YOU are gonna LOVE it here!! If you like staying inside you're poorly air-conditioned home all day everyday to work out and watch tv and do inside the house things because it's too hot outside to survive, THEN you will absolutely love it here... if you're a loner and don't like to mingle, you'll LOVE it here, people stay inside their houses either because it's too hot to go out or they're loser loners... If you like how the sun makes everyone seem older because of skin damage caused by the sun, you will like it here, everyone looks dry and old and they smell like dried dirty clothes.
    — B-Rock-Adocious

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    still debating

    I have recently moved here from NY due to the weather and my medical condtions. What causes my conflictions is the different stories I hear from everyone. Although I live in north phoenix in a gated community, I have heard that I could have done better because of the high crime rate in phoenix. That didn't sit well with me especially after having asked my realtor about this area before I purchased my property. I will give it a chance and see what the market does within my first year. It is different being away from your comfort zone.
    — Native ny ker

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    I've been here for about 5 years now, and I LOVE IT!! I live in Old Town Scottsdale, and there are TONS of things to do and see, and keep yourself cool. There are some parts of Phoenix that look kinda rough, but EVERY city has that!! I'm single, but I see a lot of nice places to raise a family here, such as Gilbert or Chandler. And we have all 4 professional sports here, so there's Always a game going on. I've been to many places, and I may not have been born here, but THIS is my home :) If ya Can't take the Heat, then Get Outta the Kitchen!
    — sciscoe

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    An honest response

    Every city has the good things and bad things about a it. As for myself, I love phoenix. I have lived here for 4 years. Before I moved here I was living in Chicago for about 7 years and New York City for 5 years. No wonder people come here from all over. Phoenix has great weather for nine months out of the year, the sunsets are to die for, affordable living, traffic is not to bad. Lots to do and places to go. Its funny that people complain that there is nothing to do here, it was also funny to here that from people in chicago and new york when I was living there.I think some people that say that stuff are really boring people and that is why they also complain about not having any friends. I mean what does phoenix not have that Chicago or New York has. Unless your into Broadway.
    — mr. truth

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    Just got here

    I find it impossible to meet people here. I live in Scottsdale and the people are either young and phony or cool but snow birds so they leave. Everyone that lives here hate the snowbirds and the transplants but this town would die without their money. Also, BORING no culture. I feel like I live in Bagdhad
    — hate it

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    Moving there!

    I visited Phoenix to see my good high school friend and fell in love. Although I will desperately miss the meadows and forests of my native NJ I will NOT miss being below poverty level with a salary of 30,000. I am so tired of being poor. I grew up here and I cannot wait to get away from the drama that is NJ. Also there are no people of my "color" here (I am Caucasian) or age! I am 27 and have to hang out with 22 yr olds because everyone my age moved away or got married. I will gladly trade months of being snowed in for months of dry heat. There is nothing to do here unless you go to NYC, Philly or AC. In Scottsdale there is a great nightlife plus you can hike and there are lakes and forests not too far to drive to. I found the people diverse, intelligent and friendly!
    — Paradis384

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    In Response to Jimmy

    You seem to forget that all Americans, outside the Native population, are transplants. The whole idea of America is the freedom for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Who are you to say in what way and in what place a person ought to live their life and pursue happiness? The one thing most commonly missing from any unhappy situation is a very simple consideration for others. Simple decency and acceptance go a long way. I hope you're a poor example of what to expect from the "rightful" citizens of Arizona.

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    Good and bad

    The problem with Phoenix is its full of transplants from other parts of the country who were unhappy with their lives, and decided to seek the greener grass of Phoenix. This makes for a population full of pretentious, unhappy, low-skilled population. Of course this is a generalization, but you will definitely run into many of these types if you spend any time whatsoever in Phoenix. The city is also big, hot, crowded, run-down (in older parts), and soulless. The good things about Phoenix are the winter weather, scenery, access to outdoor activities, and other amenities that most big cities offer. If you are thinking about moving to Phoenix, just realize the grass is probably not greener on the other side. Maybe you should actually try being happy with your current situation instead of chasing something else.
    — Jimmy

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    Snow Birds

    The only thing I hated about phoenix was the Snow Birds, They cant drive in clear good weather I hate to see how they drive in snow. prices go up when their here and they congest the roads and stores and cant even go out to eat or see a movie there are enough residents to keep the overly populated city to go on with out there money and obnoxious behavior.

  • 46 of 100

    Loved Living There!

    A friend of mine who is in the auto business has a pet phrase "there's an ass for every seat" that fits most of the writers here. Phoenix fits some and not others. I lived there for several years, then went to Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Louisville, Richmond, Indianapolis, and now Wilmington, NC. Each city is lovely in its own right, has issues, weather that is different, financial considerations and so forth. Embrace what you have, love where you live, or find the right place for you. Phoenix was a great fit for us, as was the entire mountain west. We loved the open space, newer areas, well maintained roads and easy navigation in a new city. To those who bash it, your new city awaits you, but I bet it is you who needs to change, not your city.
    — Flinchy

  • 47 of 100

    An honest response

    I have lived in New York City, Chicago and Detroit. I love Phoenix and think it is the best big city in the U.S. I mean sure Phoenix is not perfect but it is getting there. I think when people come here they expect to have everything NY, CHI, and LA have but Phoenix has most of that stuff and plus it is much much cheaper to live here. Reasons are: 1. Obviously the weather. I will take dry heat over Humidity any day. 2. Cost of living is cheap 3. The people are really nice ( It has gotten a lot more democratic than it used to be and will someday become a blue state) 4. A lot to do (To those who say it is boring and there is nothing to do here are couch potatoes.) 5.Beautiful sunsets 6. Great roads 7. Traffic is not that bad compared to other big cities 8. All major sports teams 9. Everything is modern and not old and rusty I will sum it up and say to those of you who like LA, NY, or Chicago and like the rude people, high cost of living, miserable weather, and congested cities. Leave
    — mr. truth

  • 48 of 100

    Phoenix Sucks!!!

    I have to step in an defend Ron from all the idiots who are attacking him for hating Phoenix. That is most likely because those attacking him are the kind of human garbage who make Phoenix and the valley a bad place to live. Most of these selfish people are idiots who came out here for the weather. I've lived here for 26 years and have learned that most of the people here in general are just selfish messed up people and it especially shows on the roads. Over the course of the last 26 years I've witnessed this trend growning worse and worse when I'm on any of the surface streets or valley freeways. It gets worse when you add the snow birds who migrate out here each winter as they add an extra element of danger on the roads. Phoenix and all the cities of the valley suck as they are just too full of white trash, selfish people and human garbage. If you can move out to Carefree, Cave Creek or further north, you will encounter a greater occurrance of decent people.
    — Dennis

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    IF you like this HELL's sand box, well then I say more power to ya!! This hellish sandbox full of moronic idiots who have not a brain cell to spare can savor the demon breath of this city and fade away with it as it gets swallowed up by the devil himself!! You can tell the immediate IQ of a city by the way it people are on the roads. Here in the Phoenix metro area, the majority of people drive without care and act very selfish on our roads. Now, if they had a cell in their brains to spare, I'm sure they would begin to realize that they have been being self-centered morons and work on cleaning up their act. I will say that there IS beauty in this city... but it is all of the Moronic people here that ruin its spirit. And then we have the people whom are out to prove what they think is right and try to convince all of their friends and family to move here. Well, don't you think we have enough MORONS here??? 
    — Ron

  • 50 of 100

    The worst city (or cities) in America.

    I've lived in Arizona for the past eight months, and have slowly come to realize that Phoenix is about as lovable as a tumble weed. It's thee most boring place I've ever seen. The only good that I have seen in Phoenix has been bands that make their way through the valley; not the ones that live here. The music scene is about half a decade in the past. The downtown experience is horrible. People are too connected to their childhood friends to make new ones; the groups are too tightly woven to accept a new acquaintance. And not the least of these, I am so sick of the B.S. twenty year old or older fashion around here. Just let this American Eagle jacket, Hollister t-shirt, Abercrombie Boot cut Jeans & sandals crap die out already! Every single person my age is either hidden somewhere or married! Worst experience of my life. If you ever consider moving to Phoenix, only do so when you're one-hundred years old. Because apparently that's what everyone else is doing. That and buying new cars..
    — Johnny

  • 51 of 100

    Another 'hate'

    I do not hate Phoenix. I can't help thinking it should have never grown from a small town into a huge city. It would be lovely to pass by, or to spend a week in the heat and dust, and scorpions, and old religious people with ungodly number of guns. Now we have little enclaves of Academia and healthcare and some heavily HB-visas industries plus spouses and children of the above living in heat, dust, guns, and grumpy old people, trying to recreate vibrant city or suburban lives of the places far away. Culinary events are descent, though it is mostly drinking events (2 wine makers to 1 restaurants), spas are good. Schools are bad. Social safety network is close to nonexistent. And let's not forget Coccidioidomycosis. I know several people who got sick within the first year after moving, two had very bad cases.
    — Annie

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    5 reaons why I hate AZ

    1- I hate the amount of fraud that occurs in this state. People here are always trying to run a scam and get over on you. 2- People here are rude and mean. Common courtesy is unheard of here, especially while driving. 3- Speaking of driving, people here can't. After the age of 85 people should turn over their drivers license. 4- AZ has some of the craziest laws and processes of any state i've lived in, once again to weasel money out I'd it's residents. 5- last but not least, the cost of things here are ridiculous.$200 for failure to use a blinker when changing lanes? Close to $500 to register a new car for a year? Highway robbery!
    — Stephie

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    As a former Phoenix resident 1968 - 1983

    ...I can say that I'm always amused when people say there's nothing to do in the Phoenix area. I don't want to be unkind here, so I'll just say if you honestly are bored in The Valley, the problem might be with yourself. Change is good. Things are different in Phoenix, so maybe letting go of rigid ideas of what can be fun is a first step. Phoenix is in a that means it's laid back, spread out, casual, and downtown isn't the focus it is in cold weather cities. I wish Phoenix' downtown was move vibrant too, but there's so much to do with 360+ days of sunshine, Scottsdale, Tempe, NE Phoenix and even downtown have a multitude of cultural, sporting and recreational options. In the dead of summer, you're 90 minutes from pine trees, hiking, all kinds of outdoor options. I graduated from ASU, then moved to LA for my career, now I live in Denver. I've loved all three places because I realized how much FUN IT IS to adapt to new environments. Enjoy your warm winter ahead

  • 54 of 100

    On My Way

    I know many feel everyone in Phoenix or surrounding are transplants, but.. I currently live in Michigan and I just cannot tolerate the pain fall and winter bring after I have had my multi level neck surgery, I tell people, winter hurts! Although I do enjoy the beauty of the seasons, I do know I will truly enjoy the beauty of the mountains and climate, heat I know will be tough, but the humidity here in the summer is awful! I need dry heat! I look forward to meeting new people there and bringing some light there with me!
    — CindySue

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    Pretty nervy

    I was born and raised here, but I've traveled all over the country. I've been in Detroit in the winter, and to those who told me they wouldn't live in this heat I said "At least I don't have to shovel my way through the heat!". Scenery in the midwest that I've seen i.e. Chicago, Detroit, etc. is old, run down, lots of it condemned. To those who complain that there is no "nature" here, let me help you out--get on the freeway and head north. And to all those who say they can't wait to leave here, I agree.....I can't wait for you to leave either!
    — Idiotsmust leav

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    looking for fellow liberals!

    i've been here a while and I agree, it's much too conservative and hard to make friends. so, I propose we find each other and start having some fun. I know there are progressives in AZ. Where are you?

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    I Hate Phoenix

    Its the most boring, unfriendly, hot, spread out place I have ever lived in.
    — hgfire238

  • 58 of 100

    Recently Moved to Phoenix!

    Moved here from Georgia during the summer and yes the heat is quite different from the humid heat of Georgia. I can't wait for fall so I can go hiking and enjoy the beautiful desert.Since I don't know anyone I'll join a hiking club or two. I do like the fact that AZ does not have alot of bugs compared to GA. I enjoy the Phoenix Library on Central Ave. but I must say it's the noisiest library I've every been in, the adults are practicly worse than the kids/teens; I'm sure I'm not the only person that has noticed this, the library attendants and security say nothing to the people being disruptive until a few minutes have gone by or a patron goes to the desk and say something.
    — Terri

  • 59 of 100

    Happy here?

    People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. ~Abraham Lincoln First of all, I'm still reeling over "Guest Pamela"s response - the woman hates racism AND interracial dating. How does that work? I love living in AZ - I moved away for 16 years, but I came back 6 years ago. The one thing I can think of that would make it better is for all the whiners to leave!

  • 60 of 100

    Things I hate about Phoenix AZ

    I hate the over population, traffic, heat, racism and the interracial dating.
    — Pamela

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    I love it, too!

    I have been living in Phoenix for about 7 months, and I love it. Sure, it gets hot here in the summer, but every place I've lived has had its unique qualities that make it what it is. Phoenix and Arizona is no different. There is so much history here, and the desert is just beautiful. The people I've met here are very friendly and helpful. Would I recommend Phoenix to my friends? Absolutely.
    — Millie

  • 62 of 100

    Love it, but too conservative

    I just moved here. I love it here, but it so hard to get to know people if you aren't working...with all the walls we have around our homes. The other negative is both the churches and politics is far too conservative.
    — Margaret

  • 63 of 100

    Like every city - there's good and bad

    Lively local music scene in multiple genres - good. Obscene heat that gets very annoying - bad. Casino's and off track betting for entertainment - good. No craps tables - who makes these crazy laws. Unending eat out choices - good. Unending traffic - bad.
    — Gaston

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    College kid

    I moved to AZ from India as a child and I absolutely love Phoenix! I've traveled a lot outside the state, but nothing compares to the weather; the constant sunshine is an instant mood-lifter anyday, the metropolis and surroundings offer a lot of options for entertainment. My personal favorites include the waterparks, golf courses, hiking trails on south mountain, parks, malls, and community rec centers. From my experience, comparatively Arizonans are pretty laid back, a lot are obscenely obese from lack of exercise, and the rest look like Barbie/Ken (and are similarly idle-brained). If there is one thing I hate about AZ, it's the people. The majority are very narrow- and close-minded. The k12 education system offers little for students with incredible potential. If you don't have young kids, and are looking for a place with low taxes and cost of living, AZ is right for you. And there are no bugs and rarely any sort of natural disasters in Phoenix so it's a lovely place to wake up to every morning :)
    — Student

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    Californians are to blame

    I think Californians are to blame for the gradual demise of our state. They ruined their state and decide to come invade ours! The cookie cutter neighborhoods are the result of former Californians who moved here and realized they can sell their home in CA and get a brand new home here plus have enough $ left over for their Hummers and vacation homes!
    — Casey

  • 66 of 100

    Not a Fan

    Foolishly followed my husband here and gave up a great job/life back home in the midwest. I think this is a great place for people who like dry heat and desert views. As for me, I prefer giant shade trees, rivers and lakes and so I miss home, family, friends and my job that I sacrificed for my husband's "promotion." It has helped me see all the things I used to enjoy, but take for granted, like drinking clean tap water and the feeling of soft grass under my feet. I'm hoping to get home soon - this move was a huge mistake. After reading some of the comments on how much people like living here, I don't mean to slam your state, I just wish I could appreciate it the way you do. Unfortunately, I just see a city that grew way too fast and is too commercial with very few outdoors activities. If you are stuck here like me, you may find a reprieve in going to Flagstaff or Sedona whenever possible, as you can find some nature there.
    — AliOhio

  • 67 of 100

    Hate AZ

    We moved here from Seattle over 3 yrs ago to get away from the rain. Little did we realize that there isn't anything to do here but eat. We did join a bowling league, but other than that we can't find anything else to do. There is no downtown with stuff to do. Every once in a while there are street fairs to go to. We will just have to get out and explore some more.
    — Brenda

  • 68 of 100

    No place on earth like it

    I lived in PHX for 12 years but was transferred to Seattle 8 years ago for a job. The rain here has been difficult. I experience this ache in my heart when I remember Arizona. I love the outdoors, the dry heat of the desert. I cannot see how people can say there is no color. There is amazing color in Arizona. It is soft, subtle color and it is everywhere. Artists have loved it for centuries. Arizona's landscape is ancient, odd, amazing, and unique. It is unlike anywhere else on earth. Watching the sunset over the Superstition mountains is burned in my memory. It has a magic to it that is only for certain people but if you love it, it's true love. Phoenix is not a great city. There were nasty conservative people who are uneducated and hateful but I ignored them and met wonderful people from all sides of the political fence. The job situation was TOUGH if you aren't highly trained. I traveled extensively in Arizona and wrote so boredom wasn't an issue. I'm moving back this year.

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    I love it!

    I just move here from the East Coast. I find everyone much more friendly and outgoing. I have had more conversations with complete strangers welcoming me to the area in the last month than I did in the 8 years I live in the Virginia suburbs if D.C. My salary is very comparable. Yes, the taxes here are higher, but the cost of housing is lower so I guess it has evened out for us. I don't think I will ever go East again. Phoenix is now home!
    — Susan

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    Don't really like it

    I lived in Phoenix for 3 years and hated it. It's boring really, not the kind of culture and nightlife any other major city has, people are too laid back and stupid, way too hot in the summer, too dry and dusty, and too much crime. Can't wait to get out. I really hate it!
    — Aaron

  • 71 of 100

    Mixed feelings- Attn International Folks

    I've been in phx metro area for over 8 years. My job was great and that was the only thing that I had going for me that i liked here. The weather is truly a non issue especially if you have a nice car with a/c. The good parts are the weather 10 months of the year. The bad parts is: THERE is nothing to do. Worst is weekdays/weeknights, there is absolutely nothing to do except maybe go to the movies. If you have a small family, stay away. The people here from my international perspective are not very smart. I am a physician and you would be hard pressed to find people who are smart enough or can hold an intellectual conversation. The other professionals you meet are either folks in the mid fifties or young folks who are not very social. There is no urban culture. There is no diversity. The views are on the conservative side which usually translates into people with strong religious beliefs. Their is no green mountains or outdoors, so forget camping.
    — phoenix resident

  • 72 of 100


    The only reason I'm here is because I don't have the money to leave, I was lied to as to the weather only 2 mos. of heat what a lie this was, and it's so boring here takes hours to go anywhere special.
    — Sophia

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    Arizona is expensive

    People should come and try Arizona for themselves. You may have good luck here especially if you have a good job and no money problems. It is expensive to live here. We have plenty of things to do if you have more than one car and a place in the high country to get away when the weather gets to be 90 plus degrees. If not get a place with a pool with water sprinklers to help cool off in the hot desert sun. It is the desert and it gets extremely hot most of the year. Many people go to the malls to keep cool. If not your a/c bill will be enormous! The school system is not the best. Its one of the worst in the country. Lots of dropouts. Plus the teachers are not paid accordingly. Generally, the pay scale is not good for most professionals. The average pay scale is $12/hr and lower for non-professional workers. Arizona is a non-union state and can fire at will, which means your employer can fire you without a reason. Extremely conservative politically. Basically a welfare state literally. You cannot trust anyone. Most people are looking to use you financially if you are not careful. Check and double check service repair people and anyone you want to fix your house etc. because many of these people will scam you left and right. No kidding. Happened to me several times. Health care is expensive too. Make sure you come here with a job with good benefits if possible. If not, you may have to get assistance like many people here. There is high unemployment in this state. So good luck and best wishes to all. Another advice, try and make sure you have money to last for about a year before you do relocate finding a job may not be that easy. Good luck! Oh, if you do not drive, do not come to Arizona, the public transportation is not good, mainly students and bums take the bus. My observation is the population is mainly Caucasian, Hispanic, Native Americans and small percentage of African Americans and others. There is some diversity but not that significant. The food is okay, not the greatest.
    — Janene

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    Move Back?

    I was born in Phoenix, but into a military family, so did not live there until I was in the military myself. AZ is my mom's home, and she loves it dearly. I live in Mississippi now, considering moving back to AZ. I find that people who say they hate a place will usually hate anywhere they live. It's not the is the person. MS has wonderful aspects, but I miss the desert air, the sunsets and (most of all)...the lack of tiny biting bugs! I love the diversity of AZ, the ability to be in the desert and in the mountains the same day. For those living in AZ, can anything beat the smell of greasewood in the morning, or after a rain? I'm grateful we live in a country where we can choose where to live, and have so much to choose from! Also, I consider myself a native and welcome anyone from the rest of the country who falls in love with AZ. Whether to live or just to visit, enjoy all AZ has to offer!
    — mcdavidst

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     sorry if some of you can't stand the people here,but 98%of phoenix's population is from somewhere else.if it's so bad why did you come here anyway.if you can't stand the heat leave.were the desert not snow capped alaska wouldn't take much to figure that one out.our population is so big because most everyone is from somewhere else.i personally liked it before it was was definitely friendlier with alot less crime.the 98% non natives need to go back to wherever they came from.and then maybe us 2% could have our city back.
    — cc

  • 76 of 100

    i love it

    i dont understand how people can say there is nothing to do here, if that is how they feel then they simply havent looked, there is a great place for making friends and there are literally hundreds of local groups with all different interests that anyone can join, and that lists all kinds of cultural events and dozens of museums not to mention many arcades with go-carts and bumper boats, then on top of all that each community has a rec center offering many interesting and fun classes and activities for little cost and some for no cost. yes it does get hot here but its the desert what did you expect? but absolutely everywhere is air conditioned, besides I'll take the heat over snow any day. and being a desert there isn't as much green scenery but at least the highways are nicely decorated and made to be pretty as with most of the neighborhoods.
    — fromyoohtophoenix

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    Love it!

    My husband and I are from Salt Lake City. We are planning to move to Phoenix within the year. We can't wait to get away from the cold and snow and in a lot of cases, the predominant religion. Diversity will be a nice change for us and we are looking forward to all the activities that Phoenix has to offer. All we need are jobs and to sell our home. We are hoping to be AZ residents within a year! See you there!
    — Cathy

  • 78 of 100

    I love it

    Maybe I love it because I don't live there? But, living in New York all my life you sure do like the clear, dry, warm days the wonderful sunsets, And all the things to do! I travel there 2-3 times a year and have never had any issue with traffic! the roads are wonderfully taken care of. Do you know what pot holes are? try driving over them at 60 mph.. does wonders to your car. I believe the people out there are like people everywhere, there are good and bad, it’s up to us to hang with the good ones. Everyone I’ve met out there have been wonderful good people. I'm planning to move here all I need is to find work~~ goodbye NY.. and the highest taxes in the world!
    — IPUD

  • 79 of 100


    I was born and raised in Arizona, and I hated it. I couldn't wait to get the hell out. I moved to a small town, Valentine Nebraska, and all I can say is I cannot wait to move back. The true reason I hated Phoenix is because I never got out and experienced living in other places...and when I finally did I HATED IT ALL! There wasn't anything to do, now I brag to everyone about how great Phoenix really is, and how there is so much diversity. I tell them how I miss being stuck in traffic, and I miss seeing construction work everywhere I go. I NEVER want to leave Phoenix again.
    — Alyssa93

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    The suburbs are not Phoenix

    I live in an historic district and find that my daily experience is quite different than what the haters here describe. I don't know what they're looking for in a city, but they may be victims of simply moving to the wrong part of town. Where I live, there are miles of houses from downtown Phoenix all the way to Dunlap Ave. that are completely different from each other. In my neighborhood, there are white, purple, blue, red, brick, green, and multi-colored houses. There is a ton of great independent small businesses that I can access by bike, foot, or rail -- and most of them aren't in ugly strip malls. Additionally, there is cultural, racial, sexual and religious diversity. The people I meet in downtown/Midtown are generally open minded, educated, well-traveled and, importantly, tolerant of each other. It doesn't sound like most of the haters here are even talking about Phoenix -- but, rather, the suburbs of Phoenix.
    — ropyro

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    please go home!!!

    I'm a native Phoenician and all I have to say is if you don't like it here, please go back to whatever hell hole you came from. The natives love our place spread out, quiet, Christian, cheaper and more polite. We love industry and small business, not liberal gobbly gook. You can tell a stranger when they mispronounce Tucson and Prescott. As for the comments about rude people, that's true only because those rude people tend to be from California, Mexico, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc. We don't need your kind here. Same thing goes with the bad drivers.
    — native

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    Hate AZ With A Passion!

    I am a disabled nurse. I was educated and lived in Illinois for 46 years. I came here for health reasons for myself and my child, a disabled adult son. It has proved to be the worst mistake of my life. Access to competent healthcare is rare. Do not get sick here! Good luck if you need an emergency room, 6-12hr waits. This is the worst run state. The government could care less about intelligent design or public services. The Phoenix metropolitain area is a mess. Much is new here, but unorganized. They had the opportunity to study every city on Earth and get it right, but they blew it. I traveled here often, staying in resorts where everyone spoke English and there was customer service. I "Thought " AZ wa a great place o Live, turns out it is a great place to vacation and leave! Do not ever et sick or have long term illness or disability in AZ. I would never send my children to school here. I have never been around so many stupid people with such low standards. I miss Wheaton, Ill.
    — Donna L.

  • 83 of 100

    Couldn't get out fast enough

    I lived in Tempe/Phoenix area, worked there and detested it. Nothing but a vast waste land of strip malls, apt. complexes and uninspiring neighborhoods. The summers are ungodly. People walked around like zombies and the drivers were the worst I've ever encountered and I've lived in quite a few places. Everyone drove like they were on a perpetual vacation (stopping at green lights was a common practice). I know there are many transplants there, and transients so I'm guessing this is the reason no one seemed to give a s*** about anyone else. It's true that blue skies and sunshine prevail but every day just seemed to blend into another. Most people I encountered said they loved Phoenix. Well, you can have it. I got out and will never set foot into that hell hole again.
    — Linda F.

  • 84 of 100

    Phoenix Drivers

    My husband and I just returned from a six day visit to Phoenix, during which time we drove pretty much all over the metro area. The person on this posting who was so enraged about Phoenix drivers must have spent his life to date in Mayberry USA. Try driving in Atlanta, Miami or just about anywhere in Texas and watch your life flash in front of your eyes every five minutes. We found the road system around Phoenix well-kept, well-marked and easy to navigate. There was the normal distribution of bad drivers but nothing remotely similar to the savage hordes I've seen elsewhere.
    — Mandy Cat

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    Love it

    wow, i read a everyones response and im many people said that there is nothing to do and i totally dissagre.Others said that if you don't have friends you'll feel lonely,well duh.If you don't have friends of course you'll be lonely. All i have to say is that I LOVE IT HERE.
    — dany

  • 86 of 100

    Wonderful Place to Live

    I moved to AZ in 2006 from WV, and I Love it here. I would not trade it for any other city in the USA to live. I love the nice winters, I do not mind the heat because I hate the freezing cold and ice, and snow. There is so much to do here, and most of the malls are Great too, The city also pays more money and there are lots of jobs here also. All cities have there good and bad areas to live, but you have to do your research and find the safest location within the city to live. All I hear people saying from WV is: "It is too Hot in AZ, it is brown and ugly, no green", well I disagree with all those people, because they are afraid of positive change, and they would rather stay in their current bad situation than to relocate to a better location. Crime: Well crime is everywhere, even in small states/cities like Charleston,WV. Visit for 4 days in June and was 5 murders, with very small population too. If people are smart, they would move to AZ, Phoenix,Chandler, etc..and Have a Good Life

  • 87 of 100

    best place I've lived

    I've lived in 19 cities all over the world and this is the only place I've ever wanted to stay. The Phoenix metro area in particular and Arizona in general have a great deal to offer. Lots to do, great weather (most of the time), low cost of living compared to both coasts and comparitively low crime rate (I moved here from Philly). I feel really lucky to live and work here.

  • 88 of 100

    HATE IT!!!

    Maybe it's because i come from NY, i find AZ to be boring. If you go to take the kids to the park, the swings are burning hot, so are the slides and everything else. Why dont they put water sprinklers in all the parks for the kids or shade the parks? There's not much to do but hike, play golf and go to the casino....BORING!!!
    — Ida

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    Love AZ

    I've lived many places in the U.S.& fell in love with AZ when I came here to work in 2005. People who think Phoenix is too hot in summer, try driving up to Flag or Page for a weekend. I love the sunsets here, the diversity of people & cultures, the desert wide-open space, herds of elk spotted up near Payson, going for a swim in February, the botanical garden, the Heard - too many things to list.
    — camille

  • 90 of 100

    some kind of idiot??

    whoever wrote the complaint about Phoenix must have been living in a slum warehouse and didn't see 95% of the city, much less all the beautiful areas surrounding the city, not to mention the rest of this beautiful state. AZ has so many choices you just have to look around to find some of them. The poor pathetic idiot who wrote the complaint just missed out. Oh well, we already have too many people here who don't make the effort to appreciate the area. Let some of them move away.
    — mike

  • 91 of 100

    Limited cultural atmosphere

    Living in Phoenix takes fortitude. It's HOT, dusty, and cowhide and cow skulls have limited artistic value. Check out Fahamu Pecou and Conduit Gallery in Dallas for art. If you don't have great friends it can be a very lonely place.
    — yahagain

  • 92 of 100

    Love it

    I have lived in Phoenix area since 1978. I love it here. Have lived in the northwest and in the midwest. No matter how hot it gets you never have to shovel it. Also, we have real supermarkets & stores that are wide enough for the cart and me. No, not as many museums as NYC but I am not spending $1,800 for a studio apartment.
    — Jan

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    A mixed bag for AZ

    What I love: 1. The desert is gorgeous! 2. The hiking 3. Glorious winters 4. Affordable living 5. So much to do without leaving the state! 6. Abundant sunshine 7. Easy drive to CA, NV What I hate: 1. Illegal immigration 2. Drugs, gangs, crime, human smuggling, etc. 3. Monsoon and the summer in general 4. Pollution 5. Unfriendly people 6. The drivers!

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    Phoenix; love it or leave it

    I was raised here + lived alot of places - but I always return like a homing pigeon. Never found a perfect place anywhere, even here. So...that's what vacations are for!
    — zip

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    Phoenix Area Love or Hate

    We've lived here for the past 3 1/2 years on the west side... we love the beautiful sky, no humidity, hiking in the winter, low crime (i'm from Detroit, this is low crime) and how I can ride my motorcycle basically year round. We hate the drivers (they apparently don't teach people here the left lanes are for FASTER vehicles, GET OVER), the summers can get ridiculous with the heat but overall are okay, I hate having to flood my yard with water to have a decent, livable backyard, HOA's blow, theres nowhere to swim or fish, hunting tags are more convoluted than the liberal politicians and people who move here and ruin the laws. We hate how you have to drive EVERYWHERE, nothing is within walking distance, the downtowns here have to be among the worst in the world. Good mix of people, some jerks and some nice people, some old people and some hot young people, families and hermits. So my overall opinion is, this area is nice to visit, even live for a short time, but isn't where I'll live.
    — toothless

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    I dislike Phoenix

    I dislike Phoenix. Everyone lives behind their walls and you never get to be friendly.You could die and not be found for a month
    — mady 144

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    5 Reasons Why I hate and Love Arizona

    I moved here from NY. I work in Phoenix & live in Glendale. I love Arizona. loves and hates: The Sun, heat & the beautiful sky. I hate cold weather & snow. The mountainous scenery, waking up to the birds chirping & quietness as opposed to loud garbage trucks, sirens, screaming people and loud cars & trucks. Arizona streets do not have trash all over the place, no potholes, no parking tickets or confusing "no parking" signs. No tolls. Very nice & quiet neighborhoods. My children can play in the neighborhood without my worrying. People are so culturally diverse. I have met many people that have migrated here from other states and that's what make it so interesting. The people are nice and you can strike up a conversation with anyone. Large percentage of mixed marriages! Cost of living is lower because...The Pay SUCKS! This "Right-to-work" State-they can fire you if they just don't like you & you can't fight it-that's crazy! Restaurants are not open all night. Car Registration is high.

    [Comment from Judy Hedding, Phoenix: this is a common misconception about Right-to-Work.]

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    Liking it so far....

    I've moved here 5 months ago from southern NJ and so far, I'm liking it alot. The landscape is beautiful, the laid back attitude is nice, people seem very friendly, love all the sunshine and the nights are just perfect. Even the traffic isn't nearly as bad as back East. I also like that the food is cheaper and the overall cost of living as well. I don't like how dusty it is here and I live north of Phoenix so I'm not loving my HOA. And there are some foods I can't get here and I'm really missing them. Otherwise, so far so good... I like it.

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    hate and love

    i hate the heat; i hate that everyone lives behind walls;i love the winter and allits activities;i love some of the shops; the abundance of different kinds of ethnic foods.
    — mady 144

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    Phoenix is a Hole

    i was forced to live in Phoenix for nine months, and the place is a hole, and not just because it is located in a valley. It is hot, dusty, boring, too reliant on cars, ugly due to the never ending strip malls, crime infested apartment complexes, horrible uninspiring architecture and cookie cutter homes that continue to depreciate by the minute, colourless landscaping, a complete lack of urban culture and big city feel because it is just one super suburb from one end to the other, the people are rude, and Arizona has been named the least educated state in the US, and the third most dangerous. Most of that crime occurs in Phoenix. I will never go back.
    — Sarah