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When you're looking to rent or buy a house or apartment, it helps to know the Louisville ZIP codes for all of the various neighborhoods. The following list of Louisville ZIP codes will help you find the neighborhoods you are interested in.

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Louisville ZIP Codes (Neighborhoods A-L)

  • Anchorage: 40223 - One of the things Anchorage is known for is The Village Anchor, a popular restaurant serving up brunch, Thanksgiving meals, and more. 
  • Belknap: 40205
  • Buechel: 40218
  • Butchertown: 40206, 40202 - An attractive neighborhood for young professionals and young families, Butchertown has cute funky shops and nightlife.
  • California: 40203
  • Clarksville: 47129 - In Indiana, not Kentucky, there are plenty of reasons to visit Clarksville. If it's summertime, Atlantis Water Park is an affordable and easy way to have fun splashing in the water.
  • Clifton: 40206 - Eclectic and trendy, Clifton has grown around Frankfort Avenue, which is populated with locally-owned shops. The Clifton neighborhood is home to plenty of restaurants, too.
  • Corydon: 47112
  • Crescent Hill: 40206 - With places like Blue Dog Bakery, Crescent Hill is a popular neighborhood and a destination for others outside of the area. Especially during Halloween, when the neighborhood goes all out with decorations.
  • Fairdale: 40118
  • Fern Creek: 40291 - Do you like sweets? Well, one of the best donut shops in Louisville can be found in Fern Creek: Sugar & Spice Donut Shop.
  • Floyds Knobs: 47119
  • Georgetown: 47122 - When the weather is nice, a trip Indiana is essential. Why? Georgetown Drive-In, of course! It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors in and around Louisville.
  • Germantown: 40204 - For a long time, the Germantown neighborhood of Louisville was known as a working-class neighborhood. Things have changed some recently, the neighborhood has attracted professionals and families. Learn more in the Germantown neighborhood profile.
  • Hikes Point: 40220
  • Jeffersonville: 47130 - Visiting Jeffersonville, Indiana? Check out Schimpff’s Confectionery. It is one of the oldest and best candy shops around. There is an old-time ice cream counter, too.
  • Jeffersontown (J-Town): 40299
  • Lyndon: 40222
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Louisville ZIP Codes (Neighborhoods M-Z)

  • Middletown: 40243
  • New Albany: 47150 - While located in Indiana, New Albany is right across the Ohio River from Louisville. Many live on one side of the river and commute to the other. For instance, some who work in Louisville prefer to live in New Albany as the home prices and rental costs tend to be much lower than they are on the Louisville side of the river.
  • NuLu (East Market District): 40202 - Full of art galleries, hip restaurants, and coffee shops, NuLu is a go-to spot for trendy Louisville crowds and boutique creative firms. It is a fantastic spot to people watch. Sound appealing? Grab a coffee and a seat at Please & Thank You on Market Street. It is one of the ​best coffee shops in Louisville and there are always visitors and regulars coming in and out.
  • Okolona: 40219
  • Old Louisville: 40203, 40208 - Worth the trip to see the stunning Victorian architecture alone, Old Louisville is historic and being rebuilt. The University of Louisville has a campus in Old Louisville, so there are many young adults about. Still, Old Louisville attracts families and professionals who are drawn to the historic architecture and close proximity to downtown.
  • Park DuValle: 40210
  • Park Hill: 40210
  • Parkland: 40211
  • Portland: 40212
  • Prospect: 40059
  • Pleasure Ridge Park (PRP): 40258
  • Russell: 40203, 40211, 40212
  • Schnitzelburg: 40217 - Sometimes the area is referred to as Germantown-Schnitzelburg. While the neighborhoods do have their own boundaries, there is overlap in demographics, interests, and businesses.
  • Shawnee: 40212
  • Shively: 40216
  • Smoketown: 40203
  • St. Matthews: 40207 - Once a suburb, St. Matthews is an area for shopping. There are malls, movie theaters, chain stores, and grocery stores. The only Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are located in St. Matthews. 
  • The Highlands: 40204, 40205 - The Highlands neighborhood is residential but is also home to “Restaurant Row,” a three-mile stretch of Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue, a strip of restaurants, bars, and shops in Louisville. Residents and visitors alike also enjoy Cherokee Park and the area hosting the annual Cherokee Triangle Art Fair. 
  • Valley Station: 40272
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