Louisville Native - Jennifer Lawrence!

Louisville's hometown favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence on red carpet.
Photo © Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

When was Jennifer Lawrence born?

Lawrence was born on August 15, 1990. 

Where was Jennifer Lawrence born?

In Louisville, Kentucky, of course! She is technically from Indian Hills, just outside of Louisville, a prosperous suburb. It is an area where many high-income families reside. She has two older brothers. Her parents are Gary Lawrence (he ran Lawrence & Associates construction while the kids were growing up) and Karen (Koch) Lawrence, a children's camp manager.

Although she now has a home in another city, and travels for work, she continues to support Louisville communities even when she is not present. For instance, Lawrence organized an early screening of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in Louisville to raise funds for Saint Mary's Center.

Does she go to places in Louisville?

Yes, but it's hard to know where she will be. Yet, she has repeatedly voiced how she hates diets and lives with at least a little chocolate, booze, and pizza. So maybe those are good places to start.

How was she discovered?

At a young age, Jennifer Lawrence became involved with local theatre. She knew early on that acting was the path she wanted to pursue. She headed to New York City to meet with talent agencies in the spring of 2004 and she graduated from high school early (she attended Ballard, a public school) to explore as many professional options as possible.

At 14 years old, during her 2004 NYC trip, Lawrence impressed agents with her auditions. She spent that summer in New York City, appearing in MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 and landing a role in the movie Devil You Know (2009). With her success growing, Lawrence moved to Los Angeles. Once in LA, she was cast in The Bill Engvall Show (2007), a TBS sitcom.

Has Lawrence won any awards?

Yes! Jennifer Lawrence is adored by fans and critics alike. She won an Academy Award in 2013 for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook and was nominated in 2011 for her role in Winter's Bone. Lawrence is also up for a 2014 Academy Award, this time for her supporting role in American Hustle.

In addition, Lawrence has been the recipient of many other awards. Acknowledgements bestowed on Jennifer Lawrence include the following prestigious awards: BAFTA Award, Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, Critic's Choice Movie Awards, Independent Spirit Award, Venice Film Festival Award, Palm Springs International Film Festival Award, Saturn Award. (Jennifer Lawrence has won a few of these awards more than once).

What television has Jennifer Lawrence done?

Well, Lawrence's first premier role was on the TBS show The Bill Engvall Show. On that TV program she played Engvall’s daughter, Lauren. The show was cancelled in 2009, it launched in 2007. Prior to The Bill Engvall Show show, Lawrence did work in guest and extra roles on several television shows, including Cold Case, Medium, and Monk. Lawrence has said the cancellation of the show was a blessing in disguise, it moved her out of a television contract and enabled her to pursue film work.

How do I contact Jennifer Lawrence?

Well, it is difficult to know how to contact a movie star. But it was said the address below would find her eventually. Good luck!

Jennifer Lawrence
PO Box 6509
Louisville, KY 40206