What do I do if I lose my Mexico tourist card?

Question: What do I do if I lose my Mexico tourist card?

As a tourist in Mexico, you must have a valid tourist card (FMT). You will be asked to hand in this tourist card upon departure from the country and if you don't have it, you will be fined. Here's how to get a replacement tourist card.

Answer: According to the Mexican National Institute of Immigration (INM), you should file a police report to document the loss or theft of your tourist card, then head to the nearest INM office with your passport or other identification, police report and travel documents. You will be asked to fill in a form, then you will have to go to the bank to make your payment for the replacement of your tourist card, and return to the INM office with proof of payment to complete the process and receive your replacement tourist card.

If your time in Mexico is short you may decide that the time involved in completing this process eats too much into your precious vacation time. In that case you may decide to wait until you're leaving the country and pay a fine at the airport for failure to present a tourist card (around $40 USD).

Getting a replacement for your tourist card can be a real hassle! Save yourself the trouble and take good care of it. Make a copy of your tourist card, and carry it with a copy of your passport. Keep the original folded into your passport in a safe place (like your hotel safe).

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