Los Angeles Weather and Climate

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    Los Angeles Climate and Average Weather

    Average climate in Los Angeles (English Units)

    Getting today's Los Angeles weather or a forecast for the upcoming week is easy, but if you want to know what the weather might months from now, averages and understanding the typical weather patterns may be more helpful.

    Do You Think Metric? Look below to find this chart in °C and cm.

    A Few Things You May Not Know About Los Angeles Weather

    Los Angeles covers almost 500 square miles, and conditions can be entirely different depending on where you are. It's a mostly flat city ringed by mountains. The temperatures shown here were measured in downtown. The daytime temperature at the beach will be 2 to 7°F cooler, with the most significant differences in July and August.

    Average rainfall is particularly deceiving in California. When the Pacific Ocean is warm, it can rain a lot. In other years, you'll hardly see a drop all winter. Also, a whole month's rainfall often comes in just a day or two.

    Have you heard of June Gloom? This isn't intuitive unless you live on the coast, but the driest month in LA (June) gets the least sun, as "June Gloom" descends, a weather pattern that occurs when a blanket of marine fog hovers over the coast. It can start as early as "May Gray", and sometimes lingering into "No Sky July". To find out more about and what causes June Gloom check out this guide.

    Any time of year and in any part of town, take a tip from the locals: Los Angeles is almost always chilly in the evening, especially near the ocean - and it's best to have an extra layer along just in case.

    About LA Smog: LA's reputation for smog started in the 1970s when the city indeed had some of the world's worst air. Nowadays, Los Angeles air is the best it's had in 20 years. That's not to say that LA skies are always clear as a bell. Some days, dense haze covers much of the city. Some of this is natural — the LA basin has been that way since before industrialization. If smog bothers you (burning nose, itchy throat), head for the beach, where the air is always better.

    Some locals claim that "earthquake weather" precedes a big quake. It's usually described as hot and dry. This myth didn't start in LA. Instead, it goes all the way back to ancient Greece. The truth is that earthquakes start miles underground and happen in any weather.

    Los Angeles Weather Records

    The highest recorded temperature in LA was 113°F on September 27, 2010.

    The lowest temperature was 24°F on December 22, 1944.

    In 1932, two inches of snow fell in downtown LA. It would have been fun to see it.

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    What to Wear, What to Pack for Your Los Angeles Trip

    This guide will help you figure out what you need to pack for your LA trip
    Tony & Wayne/Flickr/CC BY-NC 2.0

    What to Wear in LA

    You know how to match the temperature to your wardrobe selection, so this list focuses more on style and practical considerations you might not think of.

    People in Los Angeles tend to dress a bit better than in other parts of California. They're always trendy but also casual, and you can be, too.

    For a festive night out or a meal in a super-fancy restaurant, you may need dress clothes. Check with the places you're going to find out.

    What to Pack for LA

    These are a few things that are helpful to have along when going to Los Angeles:

    If your hair tends to frizz in humid places and you're staying near the beach, bring extra products to keep it tamed.

    You might need an umbrella or raincoat in winter. Rainfall varies a lot and averages are only an indicator. A quick check of the short-range forecast is the best way to know if you need them.

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    Los Angeles Weather and Climate (Metric Units)

    Average climate in Los Angeles (Metric Units)

    If you're more comfortable with Celsius and centimeters than Fahrenheit and inches and these graphs are just for you.

    Los Angeles Weather Records

    The highest recorded temperature in LA was 45°C on September 27, 2010.

    The lowest ​temperature was −4°C on December 22, 1944.

    In 1932, 5 cm of snow fell in downtown LA.