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    Los Angeles Skyline from West Hollywood

    Cityscape of the Los Angeles skyline at dusk, Los Angeles, California, United States of America, North America
    Chris Hepburn / Getty Images

    Despite its reputation for hazy skies, Los Angeles has many clear days, and these pictures are evidence of what a beautiful place it is.

    This picture of the Los Angeles skyline was taken at twilight from the roof deck at the Andaz West Hollywood. We'd love the rooftop swimming pool at the Andaz even if it didn't have this view. You can read our review to find out why.

    The tallest building on the Los Angeles skyline in this photo is the 73-stories-tall U.S. Bank Tower. It's also the tallest building in California and the tenth-tallest building in the United States.

    If you enjoy statistics and knowing how things stack up against each other, try this list of tallest buildings in Los Angeles.

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    Downtown Los Angeles Skyline and Freeways at Twilight

    Downtown LA Skyline from Mulholland Drive
    ©2008 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.

    This LA skyline photo was taken from the Mulholland Drive overlook with a telephoto lens. The cylindrical-shaped building in the foreground of the image is Capitol Records, built to look like - if you're old enough to remember it - a stack of old LPs. The freeway is US Hwy 101, which passes through Hollywood on its way to downtown Los Angeles.

    From this overlook, you can also see down into the Hollywood Bowl - and on a clear day, a whole lot more of the Los Angeles Basin. To find the overlook on a map, look for the spot where Highland Avenue crosses US 101. Mulholland starts its climb up into the Hollywood Hills above Los Angeles nearby.

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    Downtown Los Angeles Skyline at Night - Freeway Scene

    View of highway and city skyline at dusk, Los Angeles, California, USA
    Pete Saloutos / Getty Images

    This picture follows the freeway closer to downtown Los Angeles, giving a view that includes the curving entrance and exit bridges. All of those bridges make for some great interest, emphasizing all the busy traffic that LA is so well-known for. The U.S. Bank building occupies a prominent spot in almost any LA skyline picture these days, its tall, slender tower topped with a cylindrical section visible from almost any direction.

    This Los Angeles skyline photo was taken from the north, looking south.

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    Los Angeles Skyline Reflected in a Downtown Building

    Los Angeles Skyline Reflected
    ©2010 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.

    This reflection was captured from a room at the Omni Los Angeles hotel, the city skyline reflected from the side of Two California Plaza, the tallest building constructed in LA during the 1990s and now 72nd-tallest in the United States. Like the image that begins this gallery, it's taken from one of our favorite hotels. Find out why we like it so much.

    If you're after some great skyline photos, hotels are a good place to start looking for them, if they're tall enough to get you above all the visual obstructions. Find a reflective surface like this and you've got a double dose of skyline to take in.

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    Downtown LA and the Griffith Observatory

    Downtown Los Angeles and the Griffith Obesrvatory
    Wes Tennyson/Flickr/CC BY-NC 2.0

    The views of downtown LA from the Griffith Observatory are iconic, in part because it's one of the closes places to downtown with an unobstructed view and easily accessible to the public. We like this view which back off a bit further to include the also-iconic Griffith Observatory in the downtown skyline shot.

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    Downtown Skyline from Echo Park

    Downtown at sunset, seen from Lake Echo Park
    P. Eoche / Getty Images

    This is one of the most surprising views of the Los Angeles skyline to meus. The city has such a reputation for congestion and overbuilding and here you are - a view of the skyline with a tree-lined lake in the foreground. 

    Echo Park is about two miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. The lake was originally built in the 1860s as a drinking water reservoir. Nowadays, it's in a city park.