Los Angeles in March

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    Things to Do in Los Angeles in March

    Spring Flowers in the Getty Center Gardens
    Kitty DuKane/Flickr/CC BY-NC 2.0

    In March, the color in Los Angeles is pink. And the neighborhoods smell like flowers when the jasmine and backyard citrus trees bloom. It's a good time to visit because local attractions will be less crowded than they are when everyone's kids are out of school.

    You'll have about 12 hours of daylight per day to explore Los Angeles in March. It won't affect how long the sun will be up, but Daylight Savings time begins in March, which will push the clocks forward and make it seem like the sun is setting later. Many local attractions may change their hours when that happens.

    Los Angeles' Best March Events: Recommendations

    This is the short list of things I have done myself and recommend to my friends when they go to LA in March. 

    California Poppy SeasonYou'll have to go out of town to see the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve, but in the best years, it's well worth the drive. The seasonal display of the orange-colored California state flower is nearly impossible to believe unless you see it for yourself.

    Bloomin' Beautiful: More than 1,200 varieties of flowering camellia bushes make Huntington Gardens in Pasadena one of the best places in the country to see them. Bloom season runs from January to March.

    Things That Look Like Fun to Do in March

    I'm sharing my LA bucket list here, a selection of events and things to do that look like fun.

    LA Marathon:  This race is one of the country's top running events. Its route takes participants through a route that starts at Dodger Stadium and ends at the Santa Monica Pier. You may not want to run in it, but you should be aware of it because of road closures and filled-up hotels.

    Swallows Return to Mission San Juan CapistranoNo one is quite sure how they do it, but the plucky little birds come back to the old Spanish mission every year. And they always arrive on March 19, St. Joseph's Day.

    Classic Film FestivalThis fun film festival happens in late March or early April. It features screenings of classic films, shown in some of the city's finest old movie houses.

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    Things That Are Especially Fun in the Month of March

    Close up of Lily pads, Huntington Gardens
    Fotosearch / Getty Images

    For a week before the Oscars, Hollywood Boulevard will be completely closed from Highland past the Dolby Theatre all the way to North Orange Drive. Get this year's date at the Oscars website.

    Rain often starts tapering off by March. In the rare case that precipitation happens, try some of these Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Los Angeles.

    March through August is the season for something uniquely Southern California, the annual grunion run. During the full moon (or the new one), thousands of tiny, silver-colored fish come ashore in the middle of the night and spawn on the sand. See the schedule. At some Los Angeles beaches, "Grunion Greeters" are on hand to explain what's going on and help you get the most out of being there.

    In Los Angeles, you can see whales nearly year round: gray whales in winter and blue whales during the summer months. Find the best places to see them - and when each one is most likely to be seen. Find out about them in the guides to Los Angeles whale watching and Orange County whale watching.

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    More About Los Angeles in March

    Pack of Runners in the Los Angeles Marathon
    Joseph Sohm / Getty Images

    What to Expect from Los Angeles Weather in March

    March is a great time to visit LA - sometimes. In some years, it will be dry and sunny, but sometimes winter rains extend into March. Most of the time the temperature is comfortable and the all-day fog that plagues early summer is absent.

    • Average High Temperature: 69°F/21°C
    • Average Low Temperature: 51°F/11°C
    • Rain & Clouds Index: 2.52 inches (6.4 cm) rain, 72% sunshine

    Use the weather averages to get an idea of what things may be like, but it might be different when you visit. A winter day could even be so warm you'll wish you packed your shorts. And - of course - check the forecast, too.

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    What to Pack, What to Wear in March

    Venice Beach, Los Angeles
    Arpad Benedek / Getty Images

    Pack a mid-weight jacket, especially for evenings near the beach. Layered shirts and sweaters are your best fashion strategy.

    More Los Angeles by Month

    If you're just starting to plan your trip and deciding when to go, you may want to know what LA is like in other months.  You find that in these guides:

    If you go to Los Angeles in January or in February, you may have amazing weather, with clear skies and sunshine. Or not. It all depends on Mother Nature.

    March is the beginning of spring in LA, but you may also like Los Angeles in April or in May.

    Summer starts off with coastal fog and clouds that you may not expect. You can find our more about that in the guides to Los Angeles in June or Los Angeles in July. If you go to Los Angeles in August, the weather will be better (but also hotter).

    Fall is a good time to visit LA after the summer crowds go and while the weather is still good. Check you what you can do in Los Angeles in September or Los Angeles in October.

    The holidays can be fun, with lots of seasonal activities. Think about going to Los Angeles in November or Los Angeles in December