Lori Brown

Lori Mac Brown, Ambassadress of the South- Southern Travel writer and personality

Lori's roots are planted firmly in Atlanta, but her wings take her anywhere there is heavenly pimento cheese. You'll hear her before you see her, usually chatting up a local. For Lori Mac, the soul of a destination exists in its people and food. 

A career in neuroscience, that involved weekly solo-travel, fed and further fueled her eventual evolution into travel journalism. 


A Southeast-focused freelance travel and food writer, Lori started her journey as a blogger focusing on Atlanta family events and activities. Now the Southeast Travel Expert for About.com, Lori has appeared as an expert on Fox 5's Good Day Atlanta and Belinda Skelton's Atlanta Living.

Lori serves as an influencer with affiliation to WSB-TV, America's No.1 ABC station. 

Her work has been featured in Atlanta Journal Constitution, Travel Channel, USA TODAY 10Best, WSBTV.com, WSBRadio.com, Vinings Lifestyle Magazine, Minitime and other publications. Her Atlanta events and tourism site, Atlanta With Kid, was featured in Family Fun Magazine as a "Go-To Guide for Atlanta." 


Armed with a Certification in Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring, CNIM, Lori explored the Southeast as a fringe benefit of her job, involving regular travel.

Lori Brown

The destination should never be the main attraction. Instead, it should be the environment to elicit wonder, giggles, reverence, perspective or give a lofty puff of air to lift your dreams. 

The South is such a place. Even the shrouds of our darker moments give lessons to a brighter future. We are more than celebrity-chef driven restaurants and carefully executed attractions. Properly experienced, the South exudes a charm that wraps you in a embracing hug and warms your belly like a sip of aged whiskey.

Join me on a journey to know and experience the authentic South!

-Lori Mac

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