How Long is the Prospect Park loop?

A Guide to Running in Prospect Park

View of Prospect Park
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Brooklyn is a runner's city. It's home to the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon one of the largest half marathons in Brooklyn. If you want to experience running in Brooklyn, a great place to start is in Prospect Park. There is a large loop surrounding the park, which is quite popular with runners. How long is the Prospect Park loop?

If you're jogging, biking, or just walking through Prospect Park, and you want to know how far you're going, it's good to know that the park's full loop (along the park drive) is 3.35 miles. The distance around the perimeter of the park (along the bordering sidewalks) is 3.75 miles. There is a designated bike lane, so you won't have to worry about colliding with a cyclist. 

Looking for a Prospect Park running group? You might want to consider joining the Brooklyn Road Runners Club or the Prospect Park Track Club.

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