The 11 Longest Roller Coasters in the World

The World's Longest Roller Coasters

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Roller coasters are known for their speed and height, but what about their length? It's somewhat ironic that coaster lovers will often stand for hours in line (not to mention travel great distances) just to spend a minute or two (if that) screaming like ninnies aboard thrill machines. Sometimes, dazed riders will depart a roller coaster wondering what just happened. But a select few coasters reward the anticipation with extra-long rides.

Before we get to the top 11 longest coasters, let's pause to consider an unusual ride. For years, the mighty Colossus thrilled visitors at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The classic wooden, twin-track, racing coaster even scored a cameo in the original Vacation film. Magic Mountain stood in for Wally's World, and Colossus was referred to as the Screaming Mimi.

The park closed the ride in 2014, then transformed and reopened it in 2015 as Twisted Colossus. In its original form, it had two, side-by-side tracks, each measuring 4,325 feet. As Twisted Colossus, the wood-steel hybrid ride no longer races since it has a single steel track. The reborn ride stole some length from the closed track and reemerged as a 4,990-foot monster. That's not enough to put it into the top 11—or even the top 20—for long coasters. But at nearly 5,000 feet and lasting over three-and-a-half minutes, it is quite long. Its evolution into an, um, colossally long coaster was interesting. 

If it's speed you're after, check out the world's fastest coasters. For amazing views and thrilling drops, read about the world's tallest coasters.

OK, on to the looooong rides.

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Number 11: Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point - 5,740 Feet

Steel Vengeance coaster at Cedar Point
Cedar Fair Entertainment Company

Like Colossus, Mean Streak at Cedar Point, was a wooden coaster that had badly deteriorated over the years and was notorious for its rough rides. And like the Magic Mountain coaster, it was converted into a wood-steel hybrid ride (in 2018) It reemerged as Steel Vengeance and features a re-profiled 90-degree first drop starting at a hearty 200 feet in the air. Although it hits a robust 74 mph, it is e a wonderful and butter-smooth ride.

  • StyleWood-steel hybrid ride
  • Duration: 2:43
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Number 10: Desperado at Buffalo Bill’s Casino-Resort - 5,843 Feet

Desperado roller coaster in Primm, Nevada
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

What is a roller coaster doing in the middle of nowhere? And why is it in the middle of a casino? Desperado begins inside Buffalo Bill's Casino in Nevada on the California state line. The train goes through the casino’s roof, climbs 209 feet, and drops 225 feet (which makes it one of the tallest as well as one of the longest coasters in the world) into an underground tunnel. It then meanders around 5,843 feet of track and continues to deliver pops of airtime. 

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Unranked: Vertigorama at Parque de la Ciudad - 5,958 Feet

​One of the oddest entries on the list of the world's ten longest coasters, Vertigorama is really two coasters. With two separate tracks, each spanning 5,958 feet, the ride actually boasts a total length of nearly 11,800 feet. That's a lot of track! It is unranked, however, because the ride is standing, but not currently operating. Even odder: Although Vertigorama was built in 1983 and appears to have been completed, it has never opened. To make matters even stranger, none of the coasters at Parque de la Ciudad in Buenos Aires, Argentina are operating, although the city-owned park's smaller rides are open.

  • Style: Twin track steel coaster
  • DurationUnknown
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Number 9: Incredicoaster at Disney California Adventure - 6,072 Feet

Incredicoaster at Disney California Adventure

Disney isn't typically known for record-holding coasters, but the Incredicoaster, all 1.15 miles of it, is quite long. And although it looks like an old woodie, it's actually a souped-up magnetically launched coaster that goes from 0 to 55 mph in 4 seconds and includes a dramatic loop high above the faux vintage boardwalk and midway. Before it was renamed Incredicoaster in 2018 with the re-themed land, Pixar Pier, the coaster was known as "California Screamin'."

  • Style: Launched steel coaster
  • Duration: 2:36
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Number 8: Voyage at Holiday World - 6,442 Feet

Voyage roller coaster

Arthur Levine

Often voted at or near the top of fans' favorite wooden coaster lists, The Voyage, one of the featured attractions at Holiday World in Indiana, holds the record for the most airtime (24.2 seconds) of any wood coaster. It also features a number of underground tunnels and reaches an impressive height of 163 feet and speed of 67.4 mph (making it one of the world's tallest and ​fastest wood coasters).

  • Style: Wood coaster (with a steel structure)
  • Duration: 2:45
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Number 7: Formula Rossa at Ferrari World - 6,562 Feet

Formula Rossa coaster
Ferrari World

Befitting its race-car theme, Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi accelerates from 0 to 100 km (62 miles) in 2 seconds. More fittingly, it reaches a peak speed of 149 mph, which makes it the world's fastest roller coaster. With all of that speed, Formula Rossa needs a lot of track to burn off its pent-up energy. It's no surprise then that it is among the world's longest coasters. Formula Rossa starts inside the indoor theme park, accelerates through the dome, travels outside the park, and returns to the loading station inside the building. The train's cars look like flashy red Formula One Ferraris.

  • Style: Hydraulic launch coaster manufactured by Intamin AG of Switzerland
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Number 6: Millennium Force at Cedar Point - 6,595 Feet

Millennium Force by night.
Connie Ma/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Impressive on many levels, Millennium Force reaches a staggering height and speed of 310 feet and 93 mph, respectively. Cedar Point's ride is so intense that some passengers experienced a brief moment of "grayout" at the bottom of the first drop. And it is so fast, Millennium Force covers its 6,595 feet of track in a mere 2:20. Other great Cedar Point coasters include ​Maverick and Top Thrill Dragster.

  • Style: Steel out and back terra-coaster
  • Duration: 2:20
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Number 5: Fury 325 at Carowinds - 6,602 Feet

Fury roller coaster
Courtesy of Carowinds

When it debuted in 2015, Fury 325 laid claim as the world's tallest (at—yup—325 feet) Giga-Coaster. All of that height generates some serious pent-up energy, which has to be dissipated somewhere. That somewhere is along its 6,602 feet of track.

  • Style: Out and back Giga-Coaster​​
  • Duration: 3:25
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Number 4: Fujiyama at Fuji-Q Highland - 6,709 Feet

James Nash/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Like many thrill machines that make the cut for the world's top-10 largest coasters, the massive Fujiyama is represented on other record-holder lists. The Japanese monster is also among the world's tallest (259 feet) and fastest (80.8 mph) coasters. Fujiyama has an impressive running time of 3:36. That's a ​long time to endure such intense thrills.

  • Style: Steel Hypercoaster
  • Duration: 3:36
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Number 3: The Beast at Kings Island - 7,359 Feet

The Beast roller coaster
Jeremy Thompson/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

To keep the momentum going over the course of its long 7,359-foot race through the Ohio woods at Kings Island, the legendary Beast has two lift hills. After the second lift hill, it drops 141 feet, which is a long way down for a woodie. At nearly 65 mph, it also is one of the world's fastest wooden coasters—although The Beast is often heavily braked and may not reach its intended top speed. Kings Island also has a superb hypercoaster, ​Diamondback.

  • Style: Wood coaster
  • Duration: 4:10
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Number 2: The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley - 7,442 Feet

Lightwater Valley
Jeremy Thompson/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Like The Beast, The Ultimate also features two lift hills, and it spends a lot of time racing through grassy and wooded areas at the UK park. At 5:36 minutes, it may hold the coaster record for the longest duration.

  • Style: Steel terrain coaster
  • Duration: 5:36
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Number 1: Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spa Land - 8,133 Feet

Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spaland, Japan
Holiday Point/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Steel Dragon 2000 is the only coaster in the world to break the 8,000-foot length threshold. It is noted for other world-class specifications as well. Four minutes may not seem like much, but it can be an eternity on a coaster—particularly one that rises a staggering 318 feet and reaches a mind-numbing speed of 95 mph (the most for any non-launched coaster).

  • Style: Steel out and back terra-coaster
  • Duration: 4:00
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Unranked: Falcon’s Flight at Six Flags Qiddiya – About 13,200 Feet

Falcon's Flight Six Flags Qiddiya


Whoo baby! With around 2.5 miles of track, Falcon’s Flight, which is scheduled to open in 2023 along with Six Flags Qiddiya in Saudi Arabia, will be one crazy-long coaster–more than 50% longer than the current length champ, Steel Dragon 2000. It will also be the world’s fastest coaster (about 155 mph) and have the longest drop (at 525 feet). Six Flags Qiddiya will be part of an enormous destination project to be built near Riyadh, that will span about 130 square miles and include sports arenas, race tracks, outdoor and adventure activities, and historical, cultural, and educational activities and events.

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