Logis Hotels in France

Logis hotels in France are well worth looking out for

Sarlat in the Dordogne
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Logis Hotels is an organization of 2,400 hotels, of which there are 2,265 in France, the country where the chain started. They started as smaller hotels, mostly akin to an American inn, which are almost always connected to a good restaurant. But it has grown from those humble beginnings and today there’s a special luxury category.

The Logis is a great option for those who want a true French lodging experience, but the assurance of certain standards. Logis' independently run inns average around 25 rooms, so they are on the smaller side without being as tiny as a chambre d'hôte. Many are a reminder of the coaching inns of the past, located on the main roads that carried people and goods from city to city throughout France.

In 2008, they changed the name from Logis de France to just plain Logis as they expanded into the rest of Europe. Everybody called them Logis anyway, so it’s no great deal.

We've stayed at many Logis, but one which is well worth booking in is the delightful Ferme de la Rançonnière near the D-Day Landing Beaches. If it's a historical war you're chasing, check out the William the Conqueror Trail through medieval Normandy.

Where and When Did the Organization Start?

The organization began in 1948 when three men from different backgrounds got together in the Auvergne wanting to help stop the depopulation of the French countryside after the way. They started the first Hotel Logis d’Auvergne and as its symbol used the cozy fireplace logo which the organization has carried to this day.

Choosing a Logis Hotel

Logis Hotels are tightly controlled and adhere to certain standards. Choose your hotel according to the classification, which features the now-famous fireplaces, running from one to three fireplaces.

Hotels are judged by a very long checklist of criteria, which includes the welcome, comfort facilities, services, decoration, tourist advice, environmental friendliness and more with these basic descriptions from Logis de France:

1 Fireplace: Excellent value for money in a hotel that has authentic charm, and simple but comfortable furnishings guaranteeing comfort and good cuisine.

2 Fireplaces: A high level of comfort offering additional facilities for the best price.

3 Fireplaces: Premier properties with a comprehensive range of facilities, extremely comfortable and offering attentive service.

Logis Theme Hotels

The Logis also has a theme and activity system for its hotels, covering everything you might be looking for, including:

Logis Charme with Charm and Character

Logis Nature-Silence for nature and tranquility

Logis Bacchus, or vineyard logis

Logis Famille, or family-friendly logis

Logis Etapes Affaires, or business stopover logis

Logis Neige, or snow sports logis

Logis Pêche, or fishing logis

Logis Randonnée, or hiking logis

Logis Vélo, or cycling logis

Logis Singular for exceptional experiences

Luxury Category

Logis d’Exeption is a new classification and if you’re looking for a simple, cozy fireplace style of hotel you won’t find it here. It’s a new departure and the hotels are very good indeed, with high-quality facilities and great locations.

There are 21 French hotels in this category scattered throughout France. To give you an idea of their standards, check out the Domaine du Château de Monrecour which joined the organization in 2015. Located in the Dordogne Valley the imposing château looks out over the river. It’s very comfortable with a gourmet restaurant and its own swimming pool.  

Or try Le Clos la Boëtie in the delightful town of Sarlat in the Dordogne, one of the most popular regions for visitors. Sarlat has one of the best open-air markets in this part of France. 

Logis for Foodies

Logis Hotels are the obvious lodging choice for foodies. Sometimes dinner for two can actually cost as much as the room (but it's almost always worth it). You will usually be asked if you want demi-pension or full-pension, which refers to the meals, but you can only get the full pension if you are staying more than one night. (Full pension is dinner, bed and breakfast and lunch.)

If you are fairly certain you will eat dinner there, go ahead and reserve the demi-pension (usually dinner and a breakfast of meats, cheeses, pastries, and coffee) which comes at a fixed price.

Classification of Restaurants

At all the logis you can expect a menu which offers specialties of the region, a local menu terroir, and often wines produced especially for the hotel.

The Logis restaurants are identified by ‘cooking pots’ and ‘Table Distinguée’ (fine dining).

1 Pot: Generous, hearty servings with traditional, regional recipes served in a friendly welcoming setting.

2 Pots: A comfortable restaurant and attentive service, with gourmet regional cooking.

3 Pots: An elegant restaurant with a particular emphasis on the culinary arts using the best quality products and offering excellent service.

Table Distinguée is the sign of Fine Dining. These restaurants have been specially selected by Logis culinary experts. They are distinguished by being known as a genuine gourmet destination and offer top quality cooking, facilities, service, and hospitality. They are all visited anonymously.

You can book through the comprehensive website

How to Get the Logis Guide

It's a great guide covering France and what's more, it's free. It's small and compact so easy to carry around.

  • Through the logishotels.com website (5€ P&P)
  • In all tourist offices in France and at the Fédération Internationale des Logis
  • In all local Logis organizations
  • In each Logis hotel

Edited by Mary Anne Evans