Local Arkansas Farms: Eat Small and Local

Blackberry picking
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Spring and summer are the best times for eating in Arkansas.  Local farmers markets and even some local groceries are filled with Arkansas produce and it's some of the best tasting produce you'll ever eat. Arkansas is an agricultural state and we have many small falls that are producing excellent produce in Arkansas.  Buying from small local farms allows you to eat in season.  Eating in season usually means more flavorful foods.  Just think about tomatoes fresh off the vine versus tomatoes in December. Vegetables usually have more nutrients when eaten in season. It also helps support small local farms which helps sustain Arkansas farmers.  Arkansas black apples, heritage tomatoes, muscadine grapes, strawberries, watermelon are among Arkansas' specialty produce.

The following are some of the bigger and more popular local farms where you can find produce that you can either pick yourself or purchase.  You can find a lot of these at a local farmers market.

Holland Bottom Farms

One of the most popular central Arkansas farms, especially for strawberries, is Holland Bottom Farms.  Their berries and other produce are sold pre-picked at Holland Bottom Farm Produce Stand.  They also have blueberries, blackberries, onions, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet corn, peppers, purple hull peas and okra, depending on the season.  The strawberry season is just a few weeks and they are pretty busy during that season.  Cabot is known for their great strawberries.

Holland Bottom Farms is located in on 1255 Bill Foster Memorial Hwy (Ark State 321) in Cabot, AR 72023.

North Pulaski Farms

North Pulaski Farms makes appearances at the Bernice Gardens, but you can also join their CSA or order online.  They have all kinds of produce from lettuces and kale to beans and berries.  They are located in Pulaski County, but their produce is mainly available for pickup in the city.  Their CSA is a great bargain.

BoBrook Farms

BoBrook Farms is a winery and a pick your own blueberries and blackberries.  It's right down the road from Pinnacle Mountain State Park. They also sell honey, jelly and wine.  Located at 13810 Combee Lane in Roland.

The Cabot Patch

Cabot is the best place in the state to get strawberries, and the Cabot Patch is the place to pick them.  They also have watermelon and other produce.  Located at 500 Mt Carmel Road in Cabot.

Mountain Home Berry Farm

Mountain Home Berry Farm has berries, but also jam, salsa, pickles, chow chow and honey.  You can but their products at Harps Food Store in Mountain Home.  They also have a country store where you can buy asparagus, radishes and more, depending on the season.  The store is located at 693 County Road 57 in Mountain Home.

Barnhill Orchards

Barnhill Orchards produce is available at some of the local farmer's markets, but you can also visit the farm.  They have greens, tomatoes, corn, squash and more depending on the season.  The produce is all hand picked.  The farm is at at the corner of Highway 89 and Sandhill Road, near Cabot.

Weal and Woe Farm

Weal and Woe Farm in Conway has vegetables, herbs and flowers.  They mostly sell at farmers markets throughout central Arkansas.  They are located in Houston, Arkansas and you can follow their crops and locations on Facebook.

Cox Berry Farm

Cox Berry Farm does grow berries, but they also grow peaches, squash, tomatoes, apples, pumpkins and more.  Some of the produce is pre-picked and some you pick your sellf.  They are one of the few places in Arkansas that have apples. Located in Clarksville at 1081 HWY 818 in Clarksville.

Maison Terre  Natural Products

Not a farm, but Maison Terre grows herbals and spice blends in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  They design and mix the blends themselves.  Since herbal products are not as perishable, you can buy online for delivery.

Farm Girl Meats

Not produce, but if you want humanely produced meats, Farm Girl Meats is the best place.  Farm Girl treats its livestock humanely and with a light hand.  Their website has lots of photos of the animals enjoying the farm.  Their products are available at some of the local farmers markets or you can purchase for pickup.

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