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Portland visitors will find a thriving theatre scene, with companies and venues downtown and in the nearby suburbs. Avant-garde performances, popular musicals, children's theater, and classic productions are all presented. 

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Artists Repertory Theatre

Artists Repertory Theatre
Jeff Hayes/Artists Repertory Theatre

Portland's Artists Repertory Theatre offers a year-round season with a focus on new works. Performances take place in their namesake building on two different stages, the Morrison Stage and the Alder Stage. Each season includes a Christmas holiday-themed production.

Box office: 1515 SW Morrison St.

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Portland Center Stage

Portland Center Stage
Portland Center Stage / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

Based at the historic Gerberding Theater at the Armory in Portland's Pearl District, the Portland Center Stage offers a mix of plays and musicals each season. From Shakespeare to Sedaris, PCT has been producing for 25 years. Season, mini package, and single show tickets are available.

Box Office: 128 NW 11th Avenue

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Northwest Children's Theater

Northwest Children's Theater
2017 David Kinder

Northwest Children's Theater presents classic children's stories and characters in clever new ways as either a play or a musical. Performances take place on either the Northwest Children's Theater or School in Portland's Nob Hill district.

Box Office: 1819 NW Everett St

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Lakewood Theatre Company

Lakewood Theatre Company
Lakewood Center for the Arts

Founded in 1952, the Lakewood Theatre Company entertains and illuminates audiences with new productions and old favorites. Based in their own venue at the Lakewood Center for the Arts in Lake Oswego, major productions take place on their main stage, while musical cabaret shows can be seen at their Side Door Stage.

Box Office: 368 S. State Street in Lake Oswego

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Broadway Rose Theatre Company

Broadway Rose Theatre Company
Broadway Rose Theatre Company

Broadway-style musical theatre and musical revues are the specialties of this Tigard-based company. Child-friendly and holiday productions are included in each season. The Broadway Rose Theatre Company performs at their New Stage theater, with summer productions at Deb Fennell Auditorium about 15 minutes south of downtown Portland. 

Box Office: 12850 SW Grant in Tigard

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Oregon Children's Theatre

James and the Giant Peach at Oregon Children's Theatre
Owen Carey /Oregon Children's Theatre

Oregon Children's Theatre (OCT) is is the region’s largest nonprofit performing arts company targeted to youths and works to instill the fun and wonder of live theatre in children through staged productions and outreach program. OCT is a resident company of the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, performing at venues including the Newmark Theatre and the Dolores Winningstad Theatre.

Oregon Children's Theatre Box Office: 1939 NE Sandy Boulevard

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Live Wire! Radio

Live Wire! Radio
Live Wire Radio

Live Wire! is a radio variety show heard weekly on Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB), as well as on many other NPR stations. When in Portland, you can be a part of the show's live audience, experiencing music, comedy, and more. The Live Wire! Radio show takes place at the Alberta Rose Theatre in NE Portland.

Box Office: 3000 NE Alberta St

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Miracle Theatre Group

Miracle Theatre in Portland, Oregon
Andrew Parodi/Wikimedia Commons

Miracle Theatre Group, also known as Milagro Theatre, performs works that explore issues relevant to Latino culture. Performances might be in English, in Spanish with English supertitles, or bilingual in both English and Spanish.

Box Office: 525 SE Stark St.

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Imago Theatre

Imago Theatre
Imago Theatre

This innovative Portland-based theatre company performs on their own local stage and tours internationally.

Box Office: 17 SE 8th Ave

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Bag & Baggage Productions

Bag & Baggage Productions
Bag & Baggage Productions

Founded in 2005, this Hillsboro theatre company interprets classic tales in new and compelling ways with a seasonal Summer Shakespeare production and annual Halloween production. They perform at The Venetian Theatre.

Box Office: 350 E Main St, Hillsboro, Oregon

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Portland Playhouse

Portland Playhouse
Portland Playhouse

Performing at the Portland Playhouse in East Portland, Portland Playhouse produces both original and popular plays and musicals.

Box Office: 602 NE Prescott Street

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Profile Theatre

Profile Theatre
Profile Theatre

Each Profile Theatre season focuses on the works of a single playwright like Lisa Kron and Anna Deavere Smith.

Box Office: 1515 SW Morrison St.

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Third Rail Repertory Theatre

Befitting their name, the Third Rail Repertory Theatre produces plays performed at Winningstad Theatre that explore hot-button topics and the controversial issues in America.  

Box Office: Imago Theater. ​17 SE 8th.

Box Office: 25 SW Salmon Street (2WTC) 

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