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The Food Truck Stop

Do you love food trucks but crave a sit-down restaurant experience? One Little Rock business, the Food Truck Stop, is trying to accommodate you. The concept is similiar to a mall food court for food trucks. The Food Truck Stop offers multiple food trucks, indoor seating, bathrooms and amenities such as flat-screened televisions and WiFi. The Food Truck Stop is heated and air-conditioned, and provides a way to enjoy food trucks without getting exposed to too many elements. It's a great lunch stop, and a unique downtown experience. They are trying to get some breakfast trucks on board too.

The location was originally a garage, but it now allows indoor seating for up to 75 people. It's more comfortable than it sounds, but definitely casual and it has a food court feel. When I visited, some of the food trucks were under awnings, but some are not. They had about half a dozen food trucks to chose from, with a wide variety of cuisine. Earlier in the week, their Facebook page proclaimed they had 8 food trucks present. Some of the best trucks in Little Rock have shown up: Lupita's, Southern Salt, and BlackHound BBQ.

Some local food trucks take only cash, but most of them also take credit. It shouldn't be a problem finding one to take your plastic if you don't carry cash.

The Food Truck Stop hopes to rotate the food trucks so you don't always see the same ones. We have a great food truck presence in the city, and it's nice we'll have a place to feature them all. We have had the Main Street Food Truck Festival and Food Truck Fridays downtown for a while, but this is a nice way to feature many trucks in the same spot everyday.  They announce the trucks of the day on their Facebook page. There is plenty of variety to keep the place fresh and new.

The Food Truck Stop is located on 801 South Chester in downtown Little Rock. It's open Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

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