Little Rock Marriage Propsals

Places to Propose Marriage in Little Rock

Your proposal should be unique to you. Try to find something or someplace that has to mean to you as a couple. Here are some ideas to help you start thinking.

The About Guide to Wedding Planning has a list of dos and don'ts for your proposal. Check those out too.

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    A horse-drawn carriage might be hard to hide from your significant other, but you could book the ride for a special occasion (like Valentine's Day) and just have the proposal be a surprise. Downtown rides start at $80. They even have wedding packages available. It would be a proposal that wouldn't soon be forgotten.

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    The Old Mill is a well-known backdrop for romantic photos, but it can also be a great proposal place. The only downside is that it can sometimes be crowded (especially on spring weekends). It's a very beautiful backdrop for your special day.  Just try to avoid Saturday, unless you want a crowd of witnesses.

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    Downtown Hotels (plus a few extra)

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    A special weekend getaway to a luxurious hotel is a great way to get your future spouse warmed up to the idea of marriage. The Capital Hotel is probably the poshest place downtown, but there are others too.

    If you're looking for more of a getaway, the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs is a very romantic hotel. Also, try the Crescent in Eureka Springs. Both have all kinds of romantic spots for you to share a private proposal moment.

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    Thorncrown Chapel

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    Thorncrown Chapel is in Eureka Springs, which is quite a drive from Little Rock, but it is a gorgeous place. It is made of Arkansas wood and over 6,000 square feet of glass. It is over 48 feet tall and has 425. The space is designed to bring the outdoors in, so visitors feel like they're in the woods even though the are in the chapel.

    Thorncrown Chapel also appears on the Top Wedding Destinations list because your can have your ceremony there too.

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    Magic Springs

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    I saw a proposal guide that said that on a roller coaster was a fun place to propose for an adrenaline junkie. Arkansas doesn't have that many roller coasters, but the ones we do have that are noteworthy are in Magic Springs. The Arkansas Twister would probably be your best bet for a proposal ride. It'd be pretty daring (and quick) to propose on the X-Coaster or the Gauntlet.

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    Garvan Gardens or Wildwood

    The gardens at Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs are almost perfect. Strolling in them with your significant other would be the perfect backdrop for your proposal. You can have your ceremony there too.

    In Little Rock, we have Wildwood Botanical Gardens. They're a little smaller, but still nice, especially in spring.

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    A busy spring break Saturday might not be the best time to spring a romantic question at the zoo, but most of the time, you can find a quiet place to be alone. If she loves animals or zoos, this would be great. The zoo might even help you out if you call them in advance by arranging something special (like proposing during a show or keeper chat).

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    Parks and Hiking

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    Little Rock has all kinds of awesome city parks for the couple that loves the outdoors. Two Rivers Park and Riverfront Park are two really nice ones that would make for romantic proposal spots.

    We also have a lot of state parks in Arkansas. Pinnacle Mountain is close to Little Rock and hiking to the top to propose could be romantic for the right couple.

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    A Hot Air Balloon Ride

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    Proposing on a hot air balloon sounds like something from a Julia Roberts' movie. This is a local Little Rock company that takes people on scenic hot air balloon rides. They have ridden with champagne toasts. It's about $600 for a 2 person ride.