Lithuania in Spring: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

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Traditional Easter eggs are a sign of spring in Lithuania.

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The Baltic countries begin to waken from their wintertime slumber during the spring months of March, April, and May. Lithuania, as the southernmost of the three countries, may have slightly better temperatures than Latvia or Estonia, particularly when their capitals are taken into consideration. Vilnius, the capital, is inland, escaping the colder coastal climate seen by cities such as Klaipeda and Palanga, while Riga and Tallinn may still be in the grips of colder winds and chances of snow. Middle-to-late spring is an excellent time to visit Lithuania, particularly if you don’t mind a little rain and enjoy fewer crowds. Springtime events are sure to entertain visitors, whether you are seeking international film, dance, or folk song festivals or something bigger like the Kaziukas Fair that's filled with arts and crafts and local foods for sale.

Lithuania Weather in Spring

Each spring is different in Lithuania and the weather can be anything from warm to windy, rainy, or snowy. Early March is sometimes warm and usually brings the lowest chance of rain or snow. Winter may linger well into April, and in the middle of May summer usually starts. While March usually has about five hours of sun per day, April gets six and May receives approximately seven daily hours with sun. Rain typically happens for 10 days in March, nine days in April, and 12 in May.

Vilnius Average Temperatures:

  • March: 39 F (4 C) high; 27 F (-3 C) low
  • April: 54 F (12 C) high; 36 F (2 C) low
  • May: 64 F (18 C) high; 45 F (7 C) low

Klaipeda Average Temperatures:

  • March: 39 F (4 C) high; 30 F (-1 C) low
  • April: 50 F (10 C) high; 37 F (3 C) low
  • May: 61 F (16 C) high; 45 F (7 C) low

Kaunas Average Temperatures:

  • March: 40 F (4 C) high; 27 F (-3 C) low
  • April: 54 F (12 C) high; 36 F (2 C) low
  • May: 65 F (18 C ) high; 45 F (7 C) low

What to Pack

Forecasts can change very quickly in this region, and wind and rain can make even moderate temperatures unpleasant while sightseeing, so ​keep your personal tolerance for variations in weather conditions in mind. Lighter versions of gloves, hats, and scarves will be good additions to practical, layerable clothing and a rain jacket. In late spring, pack one pair of good walking shoes and another pair that will serve if the weather suddenly turns sour. If you decide to visit the coast or the Curonion Spit, keep in mind temperatures there are typically significantly cooler than in the capital or Kaunas, and the wind is also more of a factor than it is well inland. Lithuania tends to be a humid country no matter the season, so breathable clothing is the best option. Pack natural fibers or synthetics that are well-designed for airflow and temperature control.

Spring Events in Lithuania

From the country's largest event, the Kaziukas Fair—with numerous artisan vendors along with traditional foods and games—to festivals focused on film, dance, and international music, Lithuania offers plenty of fun ways that visitors can spend the spring.

  • Kaziukas Fair: The biggest event in the country happens on March 6-8, 2020, in celebration of St. Casimir’s Day (a patron saint). This fair fills the old town in Vilnius—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—with hundreds of arts and craft vendors from Lithuania and neighboring countries, along with entertainment and games. This gathering is ideal for picking up handmade souvenirs, watching traditional dances, listening to folk songs, or trying local food favorites.
  • St. Patrick’s Day: Though it is not a national holiday, the Irish spirit comes out at this large event in the Uzupis district of Vilnius which dyes the Vilnia River green and throws an outdoor party, typically on the Saturday closest to March 17. 
  • Vilnius Film Festival Kino Pavasaris: The 25th annual film festival—the country's biggest—takes place from March 19 through April 2, 2020, at various theaters. This two-week celebration of international cinema features films by Lithuanian directors and a focus on the Baltic and Scandinavian movie culture, allowing you to check out films you might not have the opportunity to see otherwise.
  • Uzupis' Independence Day: An artsy republic which declared independence from the rest of Lithuania, Uzupis celebrates its Independence Day on April 1, 2020, the only day tourists can get their passports stamped as they cross the bridge into the republic. When exploring old town Vilnius, check out the Uzupis Constitution (translated into numerous languages), covering everything from cats and dogs to happiness and love. 
  • Skamba Skamba Kankliai: Lithuania is a land of song, and this international folk song festival on May 26-31, 2020, has filled the air with the sound of haunting traditional melodies from the country and others since 1973. Enjoy the event's handicrafts market as well.
  • New Baltic Dance: One of the most popular dance events in the region, this international contemporary dance festival from May 2-22, 2020, features both beginning and more established dancers from numerous countries at venues around Vilnius.
  • Street Music Day: On May 23, 2020, starting at 10 a.m., thousands of amateurs and professional musicians play jazz, African beats, rock, and more on the streets of Vilnius and other cities and towns around the country.

Spring Travel Tips

  • Since the spring is low season, Lithuania will have fewer tourists and better prices.
  • The weather may be warming up and enticing more people to step outdoors, but keep in mind smoking is illegal in public places, bars, and restaurants—unless you're in a designated smoking area.
  • Take advantage of the days with a nice climate and visit some of Lithuania's outdoor food trucks and markets to try local delicacies such as cepelinai (potato and meat, cottage cheese, or mushroom dumplings). It's also a good time to see street art; Vilnius has various colorful murals.
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