List of Volunteer Organizations for College Students

Master List of College Student Volunteer Organizations

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Looking for some volunteer opportunities? We are, too -- always -- and we're putting together a master list of volunteer opportunities especially suited to students. The list is evolving -- keep checking back for additions (or subtractions).

Partnership Volunteer Organizations

Organizations exist which can hook you up with the one right kind of volunteer project out of a zillion -- one that uses your specific special skills, or is the right thing in the right place.

Try these:

Volunteer Match – You may want to start here: Volunteer Match is an exceptional resource if you know you want to volunteer but need to find something in a speciic location (like near enough to work on weekends) or that precisely matches the skills you’ve got to give. Learn more:

IVPA -- International Volunteer Programs Association is " association of non-governmental organizations involved in international volunteer work and internship exchanges," according to the website. Great reviews for this international volunteering clearinghouse. Learn more:

Specific Charitable / Action Organizations

You're not interested in simply writing a check... but there just really aren't tons of opportunities for you to actually flex some muscle and make a difference.

Two that truly do give you that chance and have programs especially intended for students are Habitat for Humanity and United Way:

Habitat for Humanity – This dynamite organization offers folks worldwide a chance to own their own homes, built from the ground up with your help. Learn more:

    United Way has really put together some awesome opportunities lately, particularly in the storm-torn Gulf Coast of the US. Learn more:


    Voluntourism is just what it sounds like: a chance to combine tourism with a volunteering vacation. I-to-I is a great example of an voluntourism organization, as it’s meant just for college students: programs will feature destinations you’ll like, and your fellow volunteers will be folks with whom you’ve got something in common (your age, to start with – follow that with your ideals and mission, and you’re guaranteed to make some friends for life on a voluntourism trip). Learn more:

    ...And More Volunteer Opportunities

    We'll keep adding to this master list of volunteer opportunities especially for students... stay tuned, and enjoy the do-gooding in the meantime!