Tours of Spain and Portugal from Lisbon

There's plenty more to see in Portugal than just Lisbon. Let local experts show you the best of the country. All of the guided tours on this page depart from Lisbon, lasting anywhere from half a day to eleven days long. Sample some of Portugal's many different types of wine, see the country's important religious sites and explore lesser-known Portuguese cities.

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Day Trips from Lisbon

Pena Palace

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There are several great day trips to take when in Lisbon. Probably the most popular tour is to Sintra, along with Cascais and the Estoril coast but you could spend a whole day in Sintra.

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Short Tours of Central Portugal from Lisbon

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Many of Portugal's best sights are a short drive from Lisbon. Sintra, Cascais, Fatima, and Obidos are all close to the capital. So there are unsurprisingly several short tours you can do to explore these places.

There are two two-day tours, one where you use your own accommodation in Lisbon and another where you stay the night in Fatima. Or explore further afield with a three-day tour.

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Visit Madrid and Andalusia from Portugal

Guided tours from Lisbon aren't restricted to trips around Portugal. There are now some tours that reach Spain. Either spend a few days in the Spanish capital, with a day in Toledo ​or take a longer tour and visit southern Spain's most famous cities too.

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Four-Day Portugal Tours from Lisbon

Sagres Beach

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There are two four-day tours from Lisbon for you to consider: Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, and Estoril Coast. This tour is great if you planned on taking guided tours while in Lisbon and a day trip to Sintra, Cascais, and Estoril.

You could book your own accommodation and guided tours while in Lisbon and then book one of the day trips to Sintra from above if you wanted more independence, but you probably couldn't top the value of this tour, especially the convenience and time saved by letting the pros do it for you! Four nights of accommodation in Lisbon is included in the price.

Southern Portugal and the Algarve Coast

This four-day tour goes a little further afield. The Algarve, Portugal's southern coast, has some of Europe's nicest beaches. It also has many interesting sites and history that aren't always explored. Why not take a few days while in Lisbon to go explore the Algarve, and places in between. Stops include Lagos, Sagres, Evora, Beja, and Setubal.

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Six-Day Trip to Northern Portugal, including Porto


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This tour is the greatest hits of northern Portugal. The region has it's own form of Fado (from Coimbra) and is home to Port, the famous fortified wine. Why not head north and discover your favorite type of Port by visiting Porto's port cellars and enjoying a tasting or two?

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Eleven-Day Tour of Portugal

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This tour is called the best of Portugal for a reason. It hits much of the north, and in addition to the cities covered in the above six-day trip, it also goes to the Douro Valley, home to the beautiful vineyards of the Douro wine and Port. It also takes you to all the popular towns in the Lisbon and you also make your way to the beautiful Algarve coast.

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Fifteen-Day Trip of Portugal and Spain

Park Guell

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This best of Portugal and Spain covers the central southern points of the Iberian Peninsula. It includes stops in Lisbon, Evora, Algarve Coast, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Madrid, Valencia and ending in Barcelona. You could easily extend your time in Lisbon or Barcelona, should you want to explore these wonderful cities more in-depth.